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Digi-Key announces they have surpassed shipping its 50 millionth package in the history of the company.


Seeed regularly adds new products based on customer submitted and internal designs.


Harwin is a manufacturer of standard interconnect components with a reputation for high quality and exceptional customer service.


The flagship product of Accelerated Designs is Ultra Librarian, which is used to create and export symbols and footprints in a format that is compatible with nearly any EDA tool depending on one’s license.


For over 40 years the company has been serving and enabling design engineers and the maker community well before “makers” was a key industry term. The company continues to adapt to the evolving needs of engineers...


Judges will be looking for designs that demonstrate the advantages wireless charging systems offer, such as convenience, the ability to develop a waterproof charging system, or the elimination of failure-prone charging contacts.


The ACKme Networks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy modules enable significantly faster time-to-revenue for customers, lower overall design cost, extreme flexibility, and a range of technology choices to suite any application requirement.


The kit features two XBee Grove Development Boards - an innovative new board for XBee modules that incorporates the universal 4 pin connector used by Grove sensors, two XBee RF modules and micro-USB cables.


Digi-Key, the primary sponsor of the contest, supplied $10,000 worth of Silicon Labs components to each winner.


Advantech Corporation develops and manufactures industrial computing and automation solutions.


XBee modules enable faster time-to-market, lower costs, design flexibility, excellent range and superior data rates for those seeking to incorporate wireless capabilities into a whole new range of products and solutions.