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WIth this new app you can get mobile access to up-to-date and comprehensive information about your installed Endress+Hauser instruments - wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Endress+Hauser introduces the Proline Promass 100 transmitter. The Promass 100 can be combined with industry-specific sensors, materials and finishes so it can be used in food, beverage, life sciences, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.


Endress+Hauser announces the Deltabar FMD72 Electronic Differential Pressure measurement system. The FMD72 uses two pressure sensor modules connected electronically to a single transmitter—thus eliminating the need for impulse lines or capillaries.


The Prosonic B 200 measures the flow and methane content of biogas, providing complete reliability in process control, emissions reporting and energy balancing for anaerobic digestors and other biogas producing processes.


Whether for monitoring and controlling compressed air networks, for cost allocation, leak detection or use in energy management systems, the t-mass 150 flowmeter can reliably measure the smallest gas quantities even with very low operating pressures.


Instruments that aren’t part of a regular calibration program run the risk of operating out of tolerance. Small deviations can add up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the materials, throughput and production schedule.


Endress+Hauser introduced a family of temperature products in 1993. To meet the 40% increase in demand for its temperature instrumentation in North America, Endress+Hauser officially opened a new temperature production faciltiy in Greenwood, Indiana.


Simultaneous measurement of mass, density, temperature and viscosity with Coriolis and Electromagetic flowmetersThe world's first flowmeters for the EtherNet/IP network: Coriolis and Electromagnetic