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Whether it's the quad-color “QC” or the tri-color “TC”, both models will now offer four different flash patterns. This will allow the “TC” a total of 12 flash/color combinations and the “QC” model 16 flash/color combinations.


Federal Signal SelecTone® systems cover the full range of industrial communications applications; start and dismissal, emergency evacuations, process control signaling, voice messages and public address.


The Electrical Products Group of Federal Signal Corporation was honored with a 2006 TED Best of the Best Marketing Award.


Federal Signal has launched a new vehicular back-up alarm, The Evacuator, featuring state-of-the-art technology and components.


Introducing the most recent outdoor warning system innovation by Federal Signal -- the Eclipse8 Electro-Mechanical Siren.


Indoor safety is a major concern for all industrial and commercial businesses. To meet this concern, Federal Signal is pleased to introduce its new indoor mass notification system, the UltraVoiceTM Indoor Controller