MDS Mercury™ 5800 Offers Highly Secure, Highly Flexible and Standards-Based Networking for Industrial-Grade Communications in the Global 5800MHz Frequency Band.


GE's Multilin Distribution Automation Controllers Enable Utilities to Optimize Voltage Levels, Reduce Power Losses and Outage Duration.


Address at Municipal Smart Grid Summit Outlines a Complete Smart Grid Solution Offered in a Low Risk, High Value Structure with Low Capital Requirements.


GE is using its expertise and passion for grid modernization to promote the development of a smart grid pilot network in Northern Ireland.


Featuring both public and private wireless options, GE's MDS WiYZ provides versatile, cost-effective, standards-based data acquisition combined with IP/Ethernet and serial communication.


GE's Multilin Stator and Field Ground Protection modules provide advanced generator protection, minimizing total generator life-cycle costs and increasing overall system availability.


The Grid IQ Transformer Analytics Service uncovers potential problems and helps proactively reduce unplanned outages by identifying transformer failure conditions before conventional alarms are raised.


The Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution assigns physical resources to support a service request, enabling network operators to increase ‘first-time turn up’ of service, reduce cost of installation failures and improve quality of service.


GE's targeted DGA solution provides a cost-effective method to monitor more transformer assets - decreasing the change of unplanned outages and improving network reliability.


The ROI handbook is designed to help network operators make fact-based decisions about investments in network infrastructure management solutions, gain buy-in and support their business objectives based on a quantifiable return-on-investment (ROI).


WattStation is an easy-to-use electric vehicle charger that will help utilities manage electricity demand and expand consumer access to electric vehicle charging stations.