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A manufacturer of mud pumps used in oil and gas exploration was experiencing wear issues on the steel internal cavities of their centrifugal mud pumps.


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From our humble beginnings in a garage in 1952, General Magnaplate has grown into a company with three plants in North America and licensees across the globe. Our founder, Dr. Charles P. Covino, had great pride in America and its spirit of invention.


General Magnaplate is pleased to announce that our licensee Aluminum Surface Technologies in Burlington, Ontario, Canada recently added TUFRAM® to their coating capabilities.


General Magnaplate California installed 668 solar panels on the roof of our plant in Ventura in December 2011. So far, we have been able to cut our electricity expense in half, and provide power back to the grid on low usage days and weekends.


General Magnaplate has a long history in the U.S. space program. We're celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, which coincides with the April launch of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, which will dock with the International Space Station.


General Magnaplate’s new MAGnanoSHIELD® coating technology provides antimicrobial protection for metal parts while delivering a low coefficient of friction, water-resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, and release properties.


General Magnaplate’s new 10K series of high-performance coatings has been developed to deliver outstanding release properties to ferrous and non-ferrous parts exposed to continuous temperatures of up to 900°F, or intermittent temperatures of 1000°F.


General Magnaplate has announced the launch of Magnamax-HT™, a new solid lubricant coating that offers low friction properties to metal parts for lubricity and release at temperatures up to 550°C.


General Magnaplate Texas has extended its Nedox® capacity with new, larger stainless steel and polypropylene tanks which can handle parts up to 20' in length. The facility has also purchased a new crane with a capacity of up to 8000 pounds.


General Magnaplate is proud to announce that its New Jersey facility has achieved Nadcap accreditation.


General Magnaplate is pleased to announce two additions to our LECTROFLUOR® series of coatings – LECTROFLUOR 605 and 609. These new coatings withstand harsh cleaning agents and lower expenditures by reducing downtime for part replacement.


General Magnaplate Corporation has awarded a license to Precision Surface Technologies (PST) of Grimsby, ON, for its DYNALOY® enhanced proprietary chrome process. DYNALOY® protects base metals against wear, galling, friction and corrosion.


TUFRAM 641 is a new coating developed by General Magnaplate to increase the cleanability of aluminum parts while also creating a steel-hard surface that increases durability and protects against corrosion.


General Magnaplate has developed a range of metal coatings designed to increase the performance and lifespan of food processing equipment by adding hardness to the parts to protect them against wear, abrasion, corrosion, friction and galling.