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General Monitors announces that its most popular advanced gas and flame detectors now meet the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) for Det Norske Veritas’ (DNV) Offshore Standards as well as DNV·GL Type Approval.


General Monitors provides comprehensive gas and flame monitoring to prevent accidental explosions and fires at remote liquefied natural gas (LNG) production sites.


The Combustible Gas Detectors product lines available from General Monitors accurately sense potentially explosive hydrocarbon gas and alert crews in time to complete orderly shutdowns of drilling rigs.


The state-of-the-art Gassonic Observer-i Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector sets a new global industry standard in highly reliable ultrasonic gas leak detection with unprecedented suppression of false alarms.


With the protection of people and equipment in hazardous industries as its mission, General Monitors has joined the Field Device Tool (FDT) Group.


The advanced Gassonic Observer-H Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector from General Monitors has obtained approval through the Bureau Veritas Marine Division under the rules for the classification for steel ships.


The TS4000H Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector from General Monitors is now IECEx approved, informing customers the TS4000H has been independently evaluated and found to be compliant with international safety standards for explosive environments.


The advanced Model IR400 Point IR Combustible Gas Detector features an industry-leading three-second T90 response time to the presence of combustible hydrocarbon-based gases.


The popular Multi-Spectrum Infrared (MSIR) FL4000H flame detector has been certified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Global Group to the EN 54-10 standard of the European Construction Products Directive (CPD).


The TS4000H Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector from General Monitors delivers accurate ammonia detection and protection, offering reliable monitoring for a variety of applications.


The new Gassonic Observer-H features HART communications, Modbus with single and block transfer modes, Emerson AMS Intelligent Device Manager support, and event logging.


The rugged Model IR700 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Point Detector, offering reliable gas detection performance with low maintenance, requires no routine calibration and provides complete control room status and control capability for ppm level monitoring.


The versatile PA4000 Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor provides precise, high-performance gas monitoring while eliminating interference from water vapors.


The advanced IR400 Combustible Gas Detector sets a new industry standard as the first combustible point infrared (IR) ethylene monitor to achieve dual FM and CSA performance verification, meeting FM 6310, FM 6320 and CSA C22.2 requirements.


Reliable monitoring for small hydrogen leaks in a variety of industrial and commercial facility environments is now available with the TS4000H Intelligent Hydrogen Gas Detector, which accurately detects hydrogen at 0-500 ppm levels.


The Second Sight TC Remote Gas Detection System uses high resolution infrared imaging to add another layer of safety to the detection of combustible and toxic gases in petrochemical production, refining, storage, and distribution operations.


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