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Nitrogen-strengthened stainless steels can provide many benefits, says Jeff Kirchner, COO of High Performance Alloys


The store makes creating a quote easy. Here are the steps in creating your item. Select the Alloy that you are interested in either through an Alloy page specific to that grade in the store, or from central page where any Alloy we carry can be selected.


Customer service is important. We know, we have to buy products too. We have all experienced bad customer service and we know it is to be avoided. At High Performance Alloys, the service comes before the sale, with the sale and after the sale.


Material definition - Nitrogen strengthened stainless steel series


Research and Development Facility Expanding Production


Starting a company is difficult, but starting a company in the middle of a trying economic recession is just crazy. That bit of crazy made the small company of High Performance Alloys a stable leader in the industry for the past 30 years.


Nitronic 60 is an austentitic variant of stainless steel that is celebrated in military avionics for its oxidation and wear-resistance.


Award by the State of Indiana from the SBDC. Recognized as a company experiencing good growth.


Company provides high-tech alloys for aircraft, space shuttle

Waterjet purchased 05/10/2010

New waterjet to help you with your cutting needs. We will specialize in semi finished 2D parts with tight tolerances and superior edge quality. We will be able to cut sheet from 0.018” up to 4” plate.


Ownership change in company structure.


Russ & Cella Kirchner announce retirement at High Performance Alloys. Since inception in 1984, Russ Kirchner Jr. has led this company to the beat of his own drum.


High Performance Alloys, Inc. received its ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Registration


High Performance Alloys, Inc. received its ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of Registration on November 25, 2008


The addition of a 750 Ton Erie Press will allow forgings as large as 16” wide. This press will be used for reductions on ingot and billet. As always, our focus will be quick turn around, and small to medium quantities.


First New Year in our sales & administration facility. We moved our plate, sheet and wire products to Windfall in 2006. This will allow further expansion of our manufacturing capacity in Tipton, where our forging and machining operations are located.