News articles and press releases for Hoffman:


The planned acquisition will further enhance Pentair’s brand of Hoffman equipment protection solutions by providing best-in-class tools to design and select the right electrical protection solutions for their applications.


Consolidation of brands simplifies cooling system selection and design; Former McLean-branded products will remain available and fully supported under Hoffman brand


Pentair Equipment Protection announces its Hoffman® Enclosures have received first place in the Industrial Enclosures category for the 2013 Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards. This is the 13th consecutive year Hoffman has accepted this honor.


This heavy-duty, secure tablet protection solution provides industrial-strength shielding and security for iPad 2 and 3 devices used in demanding environments, such as manufacturing plants.


Pentair Technical Products announces the Hoffman® brand rugged Type 4X hinged-cover polycarbonate enclosures with stainless steel latches.


Pentair Technical Products announces the new fully-featured Hoffman™ brand MAXRACK high-density rack, designed to offer high static load capacity while providing thermal and cable management capabilities in a single solution.


The combiner box provides a simple solution for combining electrical inputs for photovoltaic applications into a single output, while offering robust protection against harsh environmental conditions and sufficient flexibility.


ZONEX hinge-cover and screw-cover enclosures are designed for use in applications where “increased safety” protection (Ex e), as defined by the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, is acceptable to safely house electrical components in Zone 1 and Zone 2 rated areas.


The small and medium sized wall-mount enclosures are available in a full range of popular sizes and offer one of the highest customer values of any enclosure in the Mexico market.


Pentair Technical Products announces their expanded Hoffman brand line of PROTEK™ Wall-Mount enclosures. PROTEK Series enclosures are designed to provide protection, support, thermal management and easy access to rack-mounted.


Pentair Technical Products announces the addition of four new 18-in. deep models to their Hoffman Two-Door, Floor-Mount Type 4 Enclosures, Bulletin Number A4L3.


Pentair Technical Products, Hoffman announces their new Spanish website,, which features translated sales and support literature, offering Latin American markets native language availability of Hoffman’s content resources.


Pentair Technical Products, Hoffman announces a new warehouse and distribution center in Reynosa, Mexico to provide improved customer service and rapid response to local product demands.


Pentair Technical Products announces an enhanced single-handle design for Hoffman PROLINE® Overlapping Doors. The overlapping doors feature a master door to ensure a dust-tight seal with a three-point roller latch system.


Pentair Technical Products introduces the Hoffman WEATHERFLO® HD VFD solution for ensuring sustained operation of heavy-duty variable frequency drives (VFDs) in demanding outdoor environments


Pentair Technical Products, Inc. announces the Hoffman QUICK TRAY PRO™ line of cable tray featuring enhanced aesthetics, numerous size offerings and diverse accessories.


Box built to new industry standards at higher voltage suits solar application requirements, meeting customer requests and increasing system efficiency.


Pentair Technical Products introduces the Hoffman brand PROLINE® Containment System, designed to segregate cold (intake) and hot (exhaust) air.


Pentair Technical Products announces more than 175 new models of Hoffman brand filter fans are available to suit the broadest range of electronics cooling applications.


Pentair Technical Products announces an Overview & Design of Data Center Cabinets white paper which can now be requested from the Hoffman web site.


Pentair Technical Products announces the Hoffman brand SYSPEND® Sanitary HMI System for enclosing, protecting and suspending lightweight HMI devices up to a maximum load of 90 lbs.


Pentair Technical Products announces the new Hoffman brand PANELITE™ family of enclosure lights, including compact LED and fluorescent versions in versatile and easy-to-install packages.


Pentair Technical Products announces the Hoffman brand FUSION G7™ Global Wall-Mount Enclosures.


Pentair Technical Products announces Hoffman brand PROLINE® FLOTEK™ TD (Top Duct) Server Cabinets. The FLOTEK TD Server Cabinet features a top duct chimney to direct hot exhaust air from the cabinet to the plenum or drop ceiling.


Hoffman announces that, to better serve customers worldwide with globally consistent products and local manufacturing and service, the company is now operating as Pentair Technical Products.


Hoffman announces the SYSPEND™ 281-MAX HMI Suspension System for supporting and/or repositioning Human-Machine Interface (HMI) enclosures and devices up to a maximum load capacity of 281 lbs.


Hoffman announces its electrical enclosures—globally manufactured and distributed worldwide—are now available to India’s manufacturing industry.


Hoffman announces its new Specifier’s Guide, Volume 22, a comprehensive resource for Hoffman’s 11,000-plus products and accessories, and technical information.


Hoffman announces SYSPEND™ Vertical Motion Arms for Human-Machine Interface (HMI) enclosures and devices.


Hoffman announces the CLIMAGUARD™ Outdoor Heat Exchanger for versatile and reliable closed-loop cooling.


Hoffman introduces Utility Junction (UJ) Sectionalizing Enclosures, designed to provide aboveground housing for sectionalizing, tapping or terminating underground distribution systems while resisting challenging outdoor conditions.


Hoffman announces the H2OMIT™ Thermoelectric Dehumidifier and UL 4X Listed Vent Drain, designed to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from damage caused by condensation.


Hoffman announces the T1FLO™ Type 1 Vented Indoor Enclosure, an innovative thermal management solution that provides a built-in fan and filter to keep heat-sensitive drives and controls cool and protected.


Hoffman announces its expanded line of CLEAN TRAY™ UL Type 1 Stainless Steel Cable Tray for power and data cable management in sanitary food and beverage processing and packaging environments.


Hoffman introduces the ACCESSPLUS® II Type 1 Wall-Mount Cabinet, a double-hinged cabinet that pairs security and accessibility to provide sophisticated cable management for networking applications.


Hoffman announces its Utility Junction (UJ) Sectionalizing Enclosures have been granted Full Acceptance by the Rural Utility Services (RUS) Technical Committee.


Hoffman announces that it now offers the 60-mm Busbar System by Wöhner.


Hoffman announces Careers in Craftsmanship, a program for accelerated training of skilled craftspeople in metal fabrication.


Hoffman announces PROTEK® Wall-Mount Packages, a convenient, ready-to-use DataCom solution with integrated thermal management.


Hoffman introduces the new Type 4X Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Enclosure painted with a white polyester powder finish inside and out to reduce solar radiation absorption and keep internal components cooler.


Hoffman announces ATEX-certified ZONEX™ Enclosures*, designed for use in potentially hazardous locations where allowable protection methods include increased safety per ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.


Hoffman announces POLYPRO® Type4X Polyester Enclosures for housing electrical and electronic controls in harshenvironments.


Hoffman introduces the new EZ FORM™ PullBox, with a unique, flat design that consumes minimal space for easy storagein the warehouse and on service trucks, where space is at a premium.


Hoffman introduces the new CABLETEK™ Management System, a versatile, uniquely designed system that provides support for cable bundles and individual cables in standard 19” data racks and simplifies moves, adds and changes (MACs).


Responding to the industry trends of energy and cost efficient drives becoming increasingly available, Hoffman offers WEATHERFLO® 3R Enclosures.