KNF Neuberger, Inc.

News articles and press releases for KNF Neuberger, Inc.:


KNF Neuberger announces the launch of its RC 900 Rotary Evaporator, designed to simplify rotary evaporation and enhance safety in the lab.


KNF NFB 100 liquid pump features two heads driven by one motor, resulting in smoother flow. Or, deliver two different liquids simultaneously. Both modes offer cost-savings. Flow rates to 2.6 L/min at 14.5 psig; adjust to requirements with BLDC motor.


KNF OEM Liquid and Gas Micro Pumps Reliably Transfer Aggressive and Abrasive Inks without Degradation or Wear


KNF Neuberger announces the launch of SIMDOS 02 fine dosing/metering pump, which delivers 0.03 – 999 ml dosing volumes, and a flow rate ranging from 0.03 – 20 ml/min.


KNF Neuberger announces the availability of NF1.300 and NF1.600 liquid pumps for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D and Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D hazardous locations.


KNF Neuberger announces its NMP09 micro diaphragm gas sampling pumps now feature enhanced flow repeatability for predictable flow at controlled speeds, and superior leak tightness.


KNF Neuberger announces the launch of its NF2.35 liquid micro diaphragm pump, delivering 235 PSIG continuously and maintenance-free throughout its entire lifetime.


KNF Neuberger OEM self-priming micro-diaphragm liquid transfer pumps offer design engineers a unique combination of performance and application flexibility in a remarkably small package – as small as 1.5” in length.


KNF Neuberger SC920 and SC950 vacuum pump systems provide unique innovation in controller-managed vacuum systems via Bluetooth-enabled wireless operation.


The newly expanded USA headquarters facility and manufacturing plant for KNF Neuberger, Inc. introduces key industry innovations in design and production enabling highly streamlined and efficient parts storage, material flow, and product assembly.


SRI Quality System Registrar is pleased to announce that it has recently awarded an ISO 9001:2008 Management System certificate to KNF Neuberger, Inc.


August 7, 2007 marks a momentous day in the history of KNF Neuberger, Inc. as it builds its one-millionth pump – the N813.4.


SFC Ernesto Santiago,the husband of one of our employees, Maritza, presented a flag to KNF Inc., in thanks for the support given his family by the employees of KNF while he was in Iraq.