Keystone Electronics Corp.

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Keystone Electronics Corp. has released the 2nd edition of it’s original M60 full line Catalog of interconnect components and electronic hardware, Catalog M60.2


Troy David's appointment marks a new era for this major manufacturer of interconnect components and electronic hardware.


New products launched by Keystone Electronics for 2010


A new, miniature lithium button cell retainer suited for high density PCB packaging has expanded Keystone Electronics Corp’s selection of surface mount battery retainers for SMT applications.


A new series of insulated low profile Coin Cell Retainers, suited for high density PCB packaging is the latest Keystone Electronics Corp’s innovation for surface and thru hole mount battery retainers.


The call for secure retention of #2450 Lithium Coin Cells with low profile holders has been met by Keystone Electronics Corp. Importantly, the holders may be used with most vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assemblies.


New battery holders are supplied with a durable Heat Resistant, UL 94V-0 rated nylon housing ideal for all soldering and reflow operations.


New surface mountable series of holders are manufactured to assure secure positioning during reflow soldering.


Catalog M55 and any product supplements (except where noted) meet the RoHS guidelines for electronic components, and hardware. This complies with the requirements of the EU directive for banned substances.


Lightweight and durable, these high strength holders incorporate heat resistant Nylon Housings and Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts.


Keystone’s popular series of female, quick-fit, PCB terminals provide vertical, horizontal or bottom entry connections with male types, sturdy, Tin Nickel-Plated terminals are designed to maintain solid integrity under repeated,multiple mating cycles.