OEM motion control designers will be interested in Lowell Corporation's extensive experience in modifying its off-the-shelf ratchet arms, handles, and ratchet and roller clutches to meet specific control requirements.


Worcester, MA November 15, 2013 . . . To make it easier for techs to apply and remove pushing power in tight spots, Porter-Ferguson introduces its SM14T-KIT Tight Spot Kit


WEST BOYLSTON, MA October 23, 2012 . . . Lowell Corporation now offers a full line of ratchet wrenches and accessories for tightening nuts on transmission towers.


WEST BOYLSTON, MA September 12, 2013 . . . Porter-Ferguson offers a complete line of rugged accessories for use with 3/8" chain that can make set-ups and changes faster in any pulling system.


West Boylston, MA August 8, 2013 . . . When a hydrant has to be opened in a hurry, Lowell's three rugged, ratcheting hydrant wrenches make the job faster and easier.


Portable Pull Kits from Porter-Ferguson make it easy for auto body repair operations to turn a 4-ton or 10-ton jack assembly into a multi-directional pulling assembly.


When you're in the field and need to open a valve, it's frustrating when your valve key can't engage a badly worn or corroded nut.


Unlike chains, Soft Pull Straps from Porter-Ferguson can handle a variety of pulling jobs without marring, galling, or damaging the work surface.


West Boylston, MA April 23, 2013 . . . The new 8C ratcheting socket wrench from Lowell Corporation features four sockets that can handle the four most common nut sizes found in utility and construction work.


Lowell Corporation's 511X Ratchet Socket Wrench Kit with extended sockets makes it easier to tighten difficult-to-reach nuts found in pipeline and construction work as well as inplant maintenance, repair, operation and production.


WEST BOYLSTON, MA January 24, 2013 . . . Porter-Ferguson hydraulic rams can generate instant power in any position and are built for maximum flexibility and trouble-free operation.


West Boylston, MA December 27, 2012 . . . The new Model 101 stainless steel ratchet arm from Lowell Corporation is designed to make machinery adjustment faster, easier, and safer in workplaces where equipment is exposed to harsh conditions.


Ratcheting Crank Handles from Lowell Corporation offer an attractive alternative to handwheels and similar devices for set-up and adjustment of packaging, converting, and printing machinery.


WEST BOYLSTON, MA November 27, 2012 . . . The Straightwell Tool System from Porter-Ferguson can help body repair techs repair damaged areas in a fraction of the time that conventional techniques would require.


WORCESTER, MA November 7, 2012 . . . Lowell Corporation has introduced the Triple Square Transmission Impact Socket, a tool for impact wrenches that combines three square transmission hardware openings into one device.


WEST BOYLSTON, MA September 6, 2012 . . . Porter-Ferguson’s Weld & Work™ Multi-Angle Swiveling Clamp makes it easy for auto body technicians to clamp or hold difficult pulls - even those previously thought impossible.


Utility, construction, and maintenance workers who need to tighten nuts on transmission towers will benefit from using Lowell Corporation’s new 100T Series Triple Square Transmission Tower Wrenches in several ways.


WEST BOYLSTON, MA April 12, 2012 . . . Porter-Ferguson Speed-Midget 4-ton auto body repair sets offer big reliability, speed, and versatility, as well as accurate application of power where it is needed. Sets range from basic to comprehensive.


the 101 XRS is designed to make it easier for utility workers to open the pentagon security nuts and adjust the 3/4" hexagon tie-down nuts used on pad mount transformers.


Slide Hammer Pull Adapter gives an auto body repair technician more precise control over pulling operations than is possible with standard tightening pull rings


Lowell introduces the Triple Square Impact Socket, a tool for impact wrenches that combines three square socket openings into one device.


New SureTork® wrench ensures proper torque settings during pipeline repair and installation.


Worcester, MA February 24, 2011 . . . Ratchet clutches from Lowell Corporation offer users several options in controlling motion: one-way left, one-way right, freewheeling, and fully locked.


Lowell Corporation's ratchet arms can make pipe welding easier and more precise in oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance.


Worcester, MA September 1, 2010 . . . Lowell Corporation’s new Valve Key Sockets can help utility workers solve the problem of valve nuts that have become rounded or corroded.


Worcester, MA August 24, 2010 . . . Lowell Corporation's Model T-T torque wrenches can help plumbers get a perfect seal every time when installing No-Hub couplings.


Two new dual end ratchet wrenches from Lowell Corporation give high line utility workers multiple options in a single tool for greater flexibility.


Lowell Corporation's new 2010 catalog, details the company's line of ratcheting hand tools and motion control components. Also featuring machine components to be specified by OEM designers or retrofit by plant engineering and maintenance personnel.


T-Torker torque wrench kit gives plumbers and utility workers greater flexibility in working with US-style No-Hub couplings


Lowell Corporation has introduced a new line of low cost double socket ratchet wrenches for workers in the water, wastewater, pipeline and underground electrical utilities.


WORCESTER, MA December 15, 2009 . . . Lowell Corporation’s ratcheting crank handles offer an alternative to handwheels and other devices for machine control in both OEM and retrofit applications.


The 511X Wrench Kit from Lowell Corporation extends the reach of workers giving them greater freedom and leverage in tight spots while reducing the risk of injuries. Greater productivity and safety result.


The Simplex and Warnock strap wrenches from Lowell Corporation loosen and tighten oddly-shaped and/or frozen fittings, machine and vehicle oil filters, small handwheels, PVC pipe, knurled fasteners and knobs, and turned shafts.


Lowell can provide custom solutions for a variety of industrial, utility, and military applications that require easy and reliable mechanical adjustments.