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Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has just released to production the Model 4332 triaxial accelerometer. This sensor features damped MEMS sensing technology, an amplified output and is packaged in a rugged aluminum housing.


Eureka Environmental manufactures multi-parameter instruments for in-situ analyses of natural waters worldwide.


Operating in shear mode and free of internal performance-limiting adhesives, the Model 7502A sets the standard for stable thermal performance from -73°C to +260°C.


MEAS was awarded the R&D Technology Certification along with three million RMB of funding from the Shenzhen government to be used by Measurement Specialties, (China), Ltd. for research and development programs.


his probe contains a NTC thermistor soldered to an industry standard 2.5mm connector. It features a fast time response and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.


Specifically designed for machine monitoring applications, this rugged, low-cost device features a stainless steel housing and an integral cable with molded strain relief.


Bookings and unaudited net sales for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011 were approximately $81.8 million and $76.8 million, respectively.sales increased $17.0 million or 28% for the three months ended March 31, 2011 compared to same period last year.


Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has completed its design for the new Model 130 in-line charge converter. This device converts the high impedance charge output from an accelerometer to a low impedance voltage output.


Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS), an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, introduces its new model D5100, a true wet-wet differential industrial pressure transducer.


he Model 161 series is a 4-channel signal conditioning amplifier designed to be used with piezoelectric accelerometers (IEPE or Charge) and most other piezoelectric based transducers.


Measurement Specialties Releases World's Thinnest High-Resolution Altimeter and Barometer Modules


Measurement Specialties has acquired Pressure Systems (PSI) from Esterline Technologies Corporation and is relocating this business group to MEAS corporate facilities in Hampton, VA


Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS), has achieved AS9100B Management System certification in its Shenzhen, China plant for the manufacture of position sensors designed in our Hampton, Virginia engineering center


Installation instructions are now available for Measurement Specialties Roadtrax® BL traffic sensor.


Using Nickel RTD sensing technology, MEAS engineers have designed a unique alternative to competitive designs that withstands very harsh environmental influences such as dust and aggressive fluids.


Hampton, VA, November 3, 2010 – Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS), a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems, announced today that it will receive a "Tell Award" from Switzerland's Ambassador to the US.


The ZX-ZTR LVDTs are well suited for use in nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, nuclear lab testing, space and rocket applications, silicon wafer fabrication equipment, particle accelerators, and cryogenic medicine.


The new, detailed operating manual for the Model 832 triaxial accelerometer is a "must-have" reference for those whose daily vocabulary includes such words as shock, vibration, harshness, frequency response and dynamic instrumentation.


Measurement Specialties (MEAS) designs and manufactures sensors that measure pressure, force/torque, position, vibration, piezo film, temperature, humidity, optical and even multi-sensor modules...


Measurement Specialties (MEAS) designs and manufactures sensors that measure pressure/force, position, vibration, temperature, humidity, torque, fluid properties and perimeter/penetration


Measurement Specialties (NASDAQ: MEAS), has just released for production the MS5801-01BA and MS5802-01BA which are intended for high-precision barometric compensation and altimeters.