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Micromeritics’ Instrument Grant Committee has recently selected its latest grant recipient. A 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer has been awarded to the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


In addition to offering speed, accuracy, and a wide measurement range, mercury porosimetry also permits the calculation of numerous sample properties such as pore size distributions, total pore volume


Micromeritics 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer is a fully automated, three-station instrument capable of high-performance physisorption, mesopore, micropore


The yield strength of a powdered material can be defined as the stress or force required to fracture a pre-compacted consolidated mass of material to initialize flow. Therefore, when determining flowability characteristics,


Micromeritics Announces the Acquisition of PoroTechnology,a Company Dedicated to MICP Analysis of Shale and Rock Samples - 11/07/2013


The NanoPlus determines particle size in the range of 0.1 nm to 12.30 µm with sample suspension concentrations from 0.00001% to 40% and zeta potential of sample suspensions in the -500 mV to +500 mV range with concentrations from 0.001% to 40%.


Micromeritics’ new innovative MicroActive data analysis software allows users to interactively evaluate isotherm data from Micromeritics’ ASAP, TriStar, and Gemini gas adsorption instruments.


A fully automated, six-analysis station adsorption instrument, the Micromeritics ChemiSorb HTP is a superior analytical tool optimized for the measurement of chemical adsorption isotherms.


Dr. Zhong Hua of Micromeritics Shanghai Presents Scientific Lecture at the School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University -


The Beijing Powder Technology Association and China Powder Have Recognized Micromeritics’ ASAP 2020 HD with the 2011 – 2012 Excellent Product Award


Micromeritics’ Grant Selection Committee has selected the recipient of its grant award for the fourth quarter of 2010.


Micromeritics will be participating in the technical program at the First United Arab Emirates Conference on Pure and Applied Chemistry (ECPAC11) to be held March 1 – 3, 2011 at the American University of Sharjah, UAE.


Micromeritics has recently added Twitter to its social media communications effort. Followers of Micromeritics on Twitter will regularly receive information of interest to the materials characterization scientific community.


Anthony Thornton, Micromeritics Director of Product Integrity and Performance, was recently elected to serve a three-year term on the ASTM International board of directors.


Micromeritics maintains its scientific commitment to innovation in the area of gas adsorption technologies by introducing a series of six new NLDFT models.