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National Precision Bearing, NPB, a leading supplier and distributor for airframe control bearings, spherical bearings, rod end bearings, miniature bearings and commercial industrial bearings announces the opening of a new ISO Class 6 cleanroom facility.


National Precision Bearing, NPB, announces expansion of inventory in stainless steel bearings for corrosive and food handling environments.


Green Technology in Aerospace Bearings = Reduced Fuel Consumption, Longer Maintenance Cycles, Increased Reliability and Reduction of Pollutants


A Teflon (Du Pont trademarked product) liner in a spherical bearing or rod end is a component that allows the unit to be "self-lubricating".


The next time you take a commercial flight consider the many thousands of components that went into making each of the systems that ensures a safe and comfortable flight.


Having the foresight to use currently available materials in innovative ways has changed product designs throughout history.


We are using this issue of the NPB E-newsletter to familiarize you with all the services offered by Mechatronics, Inc. as a company.


In this issue of NPB’s e-News we are presenting an article on a specific design feature of industrial spherical bearings. This article introduces the common feature of cracked races from both the assembly and application perspective.


We have enhanced our website with interchange tables and engineering information that you will find useful when needle bearings are needed.


This month we point out important specific details about bearings. Details you might have wondered about and details critical for bearings sold to the U S Government.


It takes a lot of expertise to select a full bearing or even the particular retainer within that bearing for best product performance. Find out why a distributor can often be of more assistance than a bearing factory engineer.


There is so much to consider beyond the cost of a single bearing. In this month's newsletter, we give you details of what affects your true costs and how you can prolong the life of your bearings.


We are offering a wide selection of needle bearings for your applications.


Most people are shocked to find out the length of standard bearing lead times. There are a number of reasons for long bearing lead times, but the main ones can be summarized by four primary factors.


We have taken steps to remain your reliable partner in this challenging economic climate. Read further about one of our more unique product lines - precision thin section bearings.

Hybrid Bearings 05/01/2009

In this issue we have included an article explaining the very critical role of fit in preventing bearing failure.

Bearing Evolution! 04/01/2009

This issue of the National Precision newsletter brings you both a bit of history and a cautionary tale. We are working hard to both serve all your bearing needs and appreciate the warmer days of summer.


These are challenging times for American business. We have taken the position of investing in technology and expertise that may make your job easier in the near future.


Welcome to the first issue of National eNews, a quarterly email communication to our customers. .