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The quality assurance guide showcases some of the specialized testing features nyb can offer.


NYB is proud to announce Fan-to-Size (F2S) Online. This new fan selection program allows customers the ability to select nyb fans without the need to download software. In addition, users can use their tablets to operate F2S Online.


nyb has implemented a new Limited No Fault Warranty for 20 HP and lower motors, purchased and supplied by nyb. This policy covers all claims excluding gross negligence or physical damage to the motor not as a direct result of a manufacturing defect.


Nyb is pleased to announce the addition of the ECF Plug Fan. This new product utilizes nyb’s ECF-9 airfoil wheel to enhance the Plug Fan’s flexibility, making it easier to select the correct Plug Fan for specific application requirements.


Nyb is pleased to announce two additions to the Plug Fan line; the Size 54 and 60. Both are available in Class II and Class III configurations and significantly increase the Plug Fan’s flow capacities up to 125,000 CFM.


The new Compact Pressure Blower line utilizes a rugged steel wheel and is suitable for clear air and a variety of material handling applications.

New Laboratory 09/25/2014

nyb has expanded its laboratory air and sound test capabilities substantially.


The New York Blower Company has just developed an “Open Frontplate” wheel design to add to the Pressure Blower product line.

FA/EZ Plenum fans 08/04/2014

The New York Blower Company is proud to announce the release of the FA/EZ Plenum Fan. These two compact, unhoused fans are available with a choice of four different airfoil wheel designs to optimize operations for sound and efficiency.


The New York Blower Company is proud to announce the integration of the General Industrial Arrangement 4 AH/AM product line into the Series 20 and Series 30 product lines.


The New York Blower Company announces the release of the Backward Curved (BC) Pressure Blower. Utilizing a high efficiency, backward inclined wheel, this fan is capable of air flows to 80,000 CFM, pressures to 110”, and mechanical efficiencies to 84%.


Nyb is pleased to announce the availability of Arrangement 4 GI Fans.


NYB announces the addition of Arrangement 9 Pressure Blowers.


NYB announces the addition of Size 80 and 89 AcF/PLR fans.