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The PICO Pµlse non-contact jet valve and PICO Toµch controller with intuitive touch screen interface offer greater dispensing capabilities for superior process control.


Unique Quick Release technology allows full change outs of wetted parts within seconds, reducing downtime for greater productivity.


The digital and mobile app versions provide convenient navigation, search functionality, and quote requests


Combine Precise Dispensing with Fast and Easy Programming


New PRO Series delivers complete, vision-guided automated dispensing solution


Innovative flex material prevents air entrapment in pulse pressure dispensing to reduce product waste


Conveniently Program Radial Spray and Radial Spinner Systems


Learn about the complete line of fluid dispensing tools and equipment at Booth #2021


New partnership significantly expands local sales and support For Nordson EFD’s genuine precision fluid dispensing equipment


The company will be demonstrating its latest technologies and product lines at INTERNEPCON JAPAN 2012, which will be held in Tokyo on January 18-20.


Nordson EFD fluid dispensing equipment will be demonstrated at Southern Manufacturing 2012.


Latest technologies will be displayed at NEPCON South China trade show


New Corporate Identity Reflects Global Reach and Financial Strength of Parent Company


Nordson EFD has won the coveted “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” for 2010 for the Optimum Cartridge System. Founded by the curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Good Design Award is the most prestigious Awards program for innovative industrial design.


The new ValveMate™ 7100 and ValveMate™ 7140 dispense valve controllers use Nordson EFD’s latest dispensing technology to apply accurate amounts of the fluids used to assemble many of today’s advanced products.


Nordson EFD has won three awards recognizing them for environmental management, innovative fluid dispensing technology, and advertising credibility.


The purpose of the program is to recognize those employers who create positive work environments and provide good benefits, training, and advancement opportunities to their employees.


Nordson EFD won in the “Operational Excellence/Continuous Improvement” category for consolidating four separate buildings into a state-of-the-art, 116,000 sq. ft. facility and using LEAN in manufacturing processes.


The 3-part system includes cartridges to contain adhesive, innovative self-sealing cartridge pistons, and a fast cost-effective piston inserter.


Surface Mount Technology magazine recognizes innovative product by naming Nordson EFD winner in “Dispensing Equipment” category.


The new Backpack™ Valve Actuator makes it possible to cycle select Nordson EFD valves 2 – 3 times faster than previously possible.


Nordson EFD has established a new sales office in Tokyo to provide factory-direct sales and technical support to the Japanese manufacturing and adhesive packaging communities on both domestic and global levels.


EFD earned the Best Technical Product for Photovoltaic Module Assembly at the 2009 InterSolar Exhibition in Munich


The new pastes, which were developed in anticipation of European Union (EU) legislation limiting the use of halides, won the prestigious award for being the Best New Product in the “Solder Materials” category.


The new site will provide Russia’s growing manufacturing community with complete access to the latest EFD product information and technical data to help them increase productivity and reduce production costs


The new 781RC MicroMark® Recirculating Spray System to help manufacturers in a wide variety of industries eliminate the costly maintenance and downtime associated with conventional marking systems.


The new online catalog featuring the latest dispensing systems for applying accurate, repeatable amounts of adhesives, lubricants and other fluids used in virtually every product assembly process.




New 20-page brochure features EFD's complete line of precision dispensing equipment for increasing output and reducing production costs through consistent application of adhesives, sealants, lubricants, solder pastes and other assembly fluids.


EFD's MM781-SYS MicroMark precision spray marking system features a nozzle with a 0.028" (0.7mm) orifice and adjustable needle stroke for applying neat, consistent spots and stripes 0.20" to 1.20" (5mm to 30.4mm) in diameter without overspray or clogging.


EFD's 741V Series valve systems apply low viscosity assembly fluids (accelerators, marking inks, silicone oils, solvents, and UV adhesives) with accurate, extremely close repeat deposit control.


EFD's new ProcessMate™ 6500 Temperature Control Unit eliminates temperature fluctuations that can cause variations in shot size, viscosity and pot life when dispensing solder pastes, adhesives and other assembly fluids.


EFD's Ultra TT Automation Series can now be programmed with a Bluetooth-capable PDA. The Ultra TT system is an easy-to-use, easy-to-program integrated dispense and positioning system for applying adhesives, solvents, UV-cure and other assembly fluids.


EFD's new 754V-SS valve is a precision dispense valve with an aseptic design that reduces the risk of contamination in sterile fluid filling processes.


EFD introduces SN89/SB10.5/CU0.5 a new high-temperature lead-free solder paste formulation with a solidus temperature of 242ºC, 22°C delta above SAC.


EFD’s new 702M-SS miniature dispense valve provides uniform, drip-free application of dyes, UV-cure lacquers, adhesives and other fluids used in disc coating and bonding processes.


EFD's Ultra™ 2800 Dispensing System uses positive displacement technology to produce consistent, volumetric shots of epoxies, adhesives and many other assembly fluids—regardless of changes in fluid volume, viscosity or temperature.


EFD Solder Paste Group was honored at Circuits Assembly Magazine’s Service Excellence Awards 2005 ceremony at the APEX show for providing the highest level of customer service and support in the category of “materials supplier” in electronics assembly.


EFD Solder Paste Group has introduced a new colorless no-clean flux that leaves a totally clear residue for a perfect cosmetic joint finish. Printed or dispensed solder paste deposits retain shape through the reflow cycle without slumping or bridging.


EFD's Ultra™ 1400 dispenser provides a cost-effective way to fill or “pot” switches, capacitors and other recessed components with the same amount of epoxy every time, without rework or repetitive hand motions.


"How to Increase Output, Reduce Production Costs, and Improve Your Competitive Edge" explains how XYZ dispensing systems can increase output and accuracy in tabletop assembly processes without making a big investment in capital equipment.


"Reducing Hand Fatigue and Variability in Benchtop Assembly Processes," explains how to apply controlled amounts of adhesives, lubricants and other assembly fluids without hand fatigue.


EFD's new Ultra™ 2400 Workstation is a precision dispensing system that applies accurate, consistent amounts (dots and beads) of adhesives, lubricants, silicones, epoxies and other fluids used in benchtop assembly processes.


EFD offers an extensive selection of uniquely designed components to optimize the dispensing results of specific assembly fluids.