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This webinar will introduce the reasons why these textural and related properties are of interest, how to get the best quality data from a measurement and what the results mean.”


Dr. Matthias Thommes, will introduce and discuss important aspects of the new IUPAC Technical report: "Physisorption of Gases, with Special Reference to the Evaluation of Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution".


Quantachrome’s patented NOVAtouch series offers a full line of high-quality, high-performance gas sorption analyzers, with eight fully automatic models to meet the needs of any research or quality assurance laboratory.


Porometer 3G Series/Through-Pore Size Analyzers.


Quantachrome Instruments announces the release of the new NOVAtouch™ surface area and pore size analyzer


Quantachrome instruments announces the release of VersaWin™ gas sorption analysis software.


Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to announce that its Autosorb iQ surface area and pore size analyzers have been chosen to equip the new NIST FACT laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.


Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to announce that its Autosorb iQ surface area and pore size analyzers have been chosen to equip the new NIST (National Institute of Standards) FACT (Facility for Adsorbent Characterization and Testing) ..


Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to announce the appointment Dr. Matthias Thommes (Quantachrome’s Director of Applied Science) to the position of Principle Scientific Advisor to NIST’s (National Institute of Standards) FACT.


Quantachrome Instruments introduces the newest evolution of its four station gas sorption analyzer, the Quadrasorb evo™.


This degasser is used to dry (Xeri is derived from the Greek word “xeros” meaning “dry”), samples prior to surface area and pore size analysis by gas sorption.


Quantachrome Instruments (Boynton Beach, FL) is pleased to announce the opening of Quantachrome India in Mumbai, India.


Quantachrome Instruments will be showing its latest generation porous materials characterization instruments at Pittcon® 2013, the annual conference and exposition focused on laboratory science, to be held in Philadelphia, March 17 – 21, 2013.


Quantachrome Instruments (Quantachrome Corporation, Florida, USA) has established a Japanese Corporation, Quantachrome Instruments Japan G.K. (hereafter Quantachrome Japan).


Quantachrome Instruments has just released its new temperature controlling device for thermostatting gas sorption experiments.


Quantachrome Instruments (USA), the University of San Luis and CONICET (both Argentina) have signed a tri-lateral agreement to formalize collaboration and cooperation..


Quantachrome Instruments’ new iSorb-HP, an automated bench-top device, measures high pressure adsorption, absorption and desorption of gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane on solid samples.


This Webinar is the second in a series addressing the proper analysis of physisorption isotherms in order to obtain an accurate and comprehensive surface and pore size/volume characterization of nanoporous materials.


In response to a sharp increase in business and number of employees over the last 5 years, and to ensure manufacturing capacity for anticipated growth over the next five years and beyond,


Quantachrome Instruments’ new Aquadyne DVS-1 is the single sample version of the original dual sample Aquadyne DVS gravimetric water vapor sorption instrument.


an economical and compact temperature controller for gas sorption instruments and gas pycnometers.


Quantachrome's Drs Matthias Thommes & Katie Cychosz, contributed their expertise in porous materials characterization to development of a novel micro-mesoporous carbon material, described as exfoliated graphene oxide.