Sunnex, Inc.

News articles and press releases for Sunnex, Inc.:


Sunnex, an international provider of medical lighting, has introduced new LED bed lights for hospitals called NightStar™ and LM LED. Their high light output along with low heat emissions improves energy savings while reducing liability risks.


Sunnex, a leading manufacturer of anti-vibration and leveling products increase their scope of business offerings to include customized design, material development, prototyping and production of anti-vibration solutions.


Sunnex announces a new energy efficient green product with high light output. The new LED “Cool Touch” light has a high-end LED element with an exceptional lens that will provide better illumination than a regular 20 W halogen light.


Sunnex, Inc. has announced that its HS Series halogen task lamps will be used by the United States Army to provide task lighting in HMMWVs and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.