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Tekscan’s TireScan System has been named Product of the Year in the “Contact Sensors” category by Control Engineering Polska, a technical journal in Poland. The journal compares and analyzes various technologies to determine the Product of the Year.


Three interface pressure measurement tools will be analyzed; load cells, pressure indicating films and pressure sensors. Their strengths and limitations will be discussed, as well as the influence each has when evaluating various automotive applications.


Boston, MA Tekscan has announced the release of their latest sensor offering – the FlexiForce® Enhanced Stability Series 301 (ESS301).


FlexiForce® A201 sensors are designed into a hand rehabilitation device for rheumatic patients. This device aims to help increase patients' hand strength, endurance, and agility.


Tekscan introduces two new software add-ons: Pressure Mapping Software Development Kit (SDK) and Data Reader Toolkit (DRT). These allow users to access and manipulate Tekscan software functions, allowing more control over acquisition and analysis.


In January, The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice released a study by Dr. Robert Kerstein and Dr. John Radke entitled "Clinician Accuracy When Subjectively Interpreting Articulating Paper Markings"*.


Tekscan technology can be seen at conferences/tradeshows and seminars across the globe as well as online via a live or previously recorded webinar. Training is offered at Tekscan for existing customers.


The purpose of this study was to determine whether subjective interpretation of paper markings is a reliable method for identifying the relative occlusal force content of tooth contacts.


Read how FlexiForce Sensor help assess the accuracy of the Head Impact Telemetry system, the standard test of measurement for on-field head impacts for youth and collegiate football.


After looking to develop a more efficient product for its pharmaceutical customers, Bonfiglioli Engineering, of Ferrara, Italy, found a solution by integrating Tekscan tactile pressure sensing technology into their product.


T-Scan was recently reviewed by a panel of dentists and received 4.5 stars out of 5 and the Editors Choice Award.


This new white paper demonstrates the benefits of designing thin, flexible force sensors into medical device designs. The data produced helps doctors and surgeons: eliminate guesswork, create consistency, and improve patient outcomes.


Napedy I Sterowanie, a technical journal in Poland has named Tekscan's High Speed I-Scan System Product of the Year in the "Measurement Device, Sensors" category.


FlexiForce® sensors integrated into medical devices used during robotic surgery provide surgeons with enhanced tactile feedback, in turn enabling them to perform more precise and less invasive surgeries.


Tekscan's BPMS was used in a low speed crash test to determine if rear-facing seats in an automobile are safer than those facing the front. The sensor is placed in between host Jem Stansfield and the car seat to measure the pressure during a crash.


“Comparison of Interface Pressure Measurement Options” examines three pressure sensing technologies and their influence on real world applications. These measurements provide engineers with valuable data to enhance product quality, design, & efficiency.


Tekscan introduces the Wireless ELF 2 System, a user-friendly wireless load measurement system. This system allows customers greater freedom and flexibility in using force and pressure sensors in their product research, quality assurance, and testing.


Speech pathologists track the progression of speech therapy by incorporating FlexiForce sensors into their pressure measurement device.


The FlexiForce® QuickStart Board is a finished single voltage source circuit designed for OEMs to quickly drop into a prototype, or even easily design into a product to obtain force measurements.


Tekscan®, Inc. has earned a ranking on the 2011 Inc. 5000, the business magazine’s annual listing of the fastest-growing private companies in America.


What is the most important attribute of a force sensor in designing a drug delivery system? According to medical device design engineers, accuracy and ease of integration are top considerations in selecting a force sensor to integrate into a product.


Wirelessly Measure Tactile Grip Pressure and Force to Improve Product Design, Ergonomics and Athletic Performance


Tekscan announces the release of the TV8408 and TVR8408 TireScan™ Systems, which now make it possible to capture and analyze even larger tire footprint pressure patterns of rolling tires than was ever possible.


The FlexiForce® Starter Kit contains all the necessary components to build any of our three recommended circuits, as well as a guide on how to build the circuits, and two sample FlexiForce tactile force sensors.


Tekscan, Inc. is pleased to announce a new addition to its standard FlexiForce® product line. The A401 FlexiForce sensor has a 1” diameter sensing area, offering users even more flexibility in obtaining force measurements.


Tekscan's High-Speed I-Scan® Pressure and Force Measurement System will be featured in six episodes of Spike TV's hit series, Deadliest Warrior™, because of its ability to measure and record high impact forces at speeds of up to 20 kHz.


South Boston sensor manufacturer Tekscan, Inc. is honored to announce that its newest sensor product, the High-Temp FlexiForce® sensor, has been chosen among thousands of products as product of the year by Electronic Products editors.


Measure Interface Pressure in Environments as hot as 200 degrees C (400 degrees F)!


Schering Plough and Tekscan partner to develop a revolutionary new kiosk designed to assess your feet and recommend the optimal Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic for consumers looking to add more cushioning and support to their footwear.


Tekscan introduces its new F-Scan XL sensor for use with large feet with a sensing region equivalent to a men's US shoe size 24E, and as many as 1,848 sensing elements per foot.


The itinerary for those attending MDM Minneapolis in October has just become more focused thanks to, which has recognized Tekscan, Inc. with the Best of MDM Minneapolis award.


Tekscan's High-Speed Pressure and force measurement system used to measure punching and kicking forces on Spike TV's hit series Deadliest Warrior.


“Force Sensors for Design,” a new white paper by Tekscan, Inc., combines an educational background about force sensing technologies with real-life examples of customers who have benefited from thin and flexible, but accurate, sensing technology.


Tekscan, Inc. (Boston, MA) is offering a 20% discount to customers who purchase the Digital Analysis System for Prescale™ between April 1 and June 30, 2009. The system, valued at $4,995 is available during this time period for $3,995.


Tekscan, Inc., leading manufacturer of force and pressure measurement sensors, is pleased to announce the release of the new High-Temp FlexiForce® Sensor (Model # HT201), measuring forces in environments as hot as 200° Celsius (400° Fahrenheit).


Tekscan, Inc. (Boston, MA) is offering one free digital tactile pressure analysis to customers who purchase their first roll of Prescale Prescale Pressure Indicating Film.


Tekscan, Inc. (Boston, MA), leading manufacturer of real-time pressure mapping systems and force sensors, is pleased to announce a new addition to its product line: the Fuji Digital Analysis System for Prescale.


Tekscans' Grip tactile pressure and force measurement system now offers an easier connection and faster scanning rates


Tekscan, Inc. announces a redesign of their pressure mapping and force measurement systems that now connect via USB, have higher sampling speeds, and can collect in-shoe, barefoot, prosthetic, and seat data with the convenience of one set of electronics.


Leading pressure sensor manufacturer adds pressure indicating film to its product line. The addition of this film complements the existing product range by offering customers an even wider variety of pressure measurement options.


Uneven sealing pressures along the peripheries of packages can now be detected and eliminated.


The I-Scan Handheld is a low-cost lightweight pocket PC system that offers a quick interface to pressure measurements on site or on the field and assembly line


Award-winning Wireless ELF load measurement system named one of Sensors Magazine's Top 50 Products of 2006.