Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

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Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of its new line of TVT Series videoscopes to provide high-quality remote visual inspections for quality control.


A new $495.00 Micro Drill Analyzing Microscope from Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, NY, inspects the geometry, finish, and accuracy of new and re-sharpened miniature carbide drills as small as 1/8” diameter.


Priced at $625.00, the new LuxPro LED fiberoptic illuminator offers payback in less than two years compared to quartz halogen EKE fiberoptic illuminators,


The new borescopes offer 17,000-element optical fiber imaging bundle to provide superior images and feature objective end tips that can be deflected + 120° in either two-way/four-way articulation


The new borescope offers high-resolution 17,000 optical fiber imaging bundle with capability of twisting bundle via a 90° mirror tip that allows 360° view of interior.


SnakeEye III TM a lightweight, modular and portable remote video inspection system is added to Titan's Envision line.


Titan introduces a new model TC-II Cathetometer, a precision optical instrument to measure vertical displacement in aeas that are inaccessible.