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Kai Konola, Executive Vice President, Weather Business Area and member of Vaisala's Management Group has decided to leave Vaisala.


Advanced forecast reveals improvements to wind conditions along the West Coast while a majority of the country remains below average


Vaisala's Triton Validated in Largest-Ever Comparison Study


Today Vaisala announces its commitment to becoming a 100% renewable energy powered company by 2020.


Customer shipping begins for unique in-oil condition monitoring probe that provides critical early warning information to track transformer faults.


Pattern Development's 122 MW marquee solar project, Conejo, receives financing and begins construction in Chile, leveraging due diligence work supported by Vaisala


After the record low wind anomalies that challenged many project operators in the United States in the beginning of the year, wind energy performance is expected to remain below normal in most regions into the final quarter of 2015.


Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, played a critical role in supporting SunEdison Inc., and its power-plant holding company, TerraForm Power Inc., in the $2.4 billion purchase of First Wind Holdings Inc. in late 2014.


Vaisala has released six new models in the GMW80 CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Humidity Transmitter series.


Vaisala is pleased to announce the release of Thunderstorm Manager, a cutting-edge professional application for tracking approaching storms and warning of imminent threats from lightning, for any location on Earth.


When the Chilean volcano, Calbuco, erupted on April 22nd, Vaisala's GLD360, the world's most accurate and truly global lightning detection system was there to record this magnificent event.


Vaisala 2014 solar study reveals role of extreme weather patterns in growing East-West productivity divide


Vaisala has signed a USD 5.8 million contract with the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) to deliver Vaisala Sigmet Digital Receiver and Signal Processors, RVP901.


Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, will celebrate forty years of aviation innovations with customers at World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Congress in Madrid, Spain this week.


The Board of Directors of Vaisala Corporation has decided to use the authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 26 March, 2014 for transferring the Company's series A treasury shares.


Vaisala's directed share issue without consideration for payment of year 2012 share-based incentive


Vaisala and Masdar partner to enable free access to investment-critical wind resource data of the United Arab Emirates


Hannu Katajamäki, Executive Vice President, Services and member of Vaisala's Management Group is leaving Vaisala as of April 1, 2015.


Vaisala's new business structure and completion of co-operation negotiations


The 2014 Mexico Wind Performance Map, released today by Vaisala, delivers positive news for much of southern Mexico where above normal wind speeds boosted performance at many of the country's operating wind projects.


Vaisala's Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter MHT410 continuously monitors changes in high-voltage transformer insulating oil.


Vaisala is providing measurement systems and services to Finnish wind power company, Puhuri Oy, which operates three wind projects and is developing several more in Finland.


Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has won a five-year contract to supply real-time lightning data to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Vaisala is planning to restructure its business in order to strengthen the capability to implement its strategy and to increase agility.


Vaisala, a global leader in innovative weather solutions for road maintenance and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has released the RoadDSS Road Condition App for the Apple IPad.


The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter Series GMW80 for demand-controlled ventilation has been released.


Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has been selected by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to coordinate a $2.5 million project to improve wind energy forecasting in complex landscapes and terrain.


Vaisala monitors lightning activity around the world, and today has released the Top 10 lightning flash days in 2014 as detected by its National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 network.


Global wind developer takes advantage of rapidly deployable remote sensing equipment to expand project pipeline in South Africa


Vaisala has signed a contract to deliver six weather radars to its long-term customer in Asia Pacific. The contract includes Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radars WRK200 equipped with klystron transmitter technology, installation services and training.


Vaisala has recently completed the first full-scale installation of 12 next generation RWS200 Road Weather Stations in the United Kingdom.


Global forecasting and assessment firm secures 30MW solar certification project wind, following successful entry into Brazilian auction process by EPE


The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority's CAR120 regulation places strict requirements on airport operators with regard to their automated weather reporting. By installing Vaisala's AviMet® AWOS, customers gain a fully CAR120-compliant solution ...


Vaisala will be at Meteorological Technology World Expo (MTWE2014), Brussels, Belgium between 21.10.-23.10. Vaisala will showcase a wide range of weather solutions and products for airports, roads, defense and meteorological applications.


Vaisala introduces the newest addition to its line of data loggers for continuous monitoring - the Mid-Range (MR) logger.


Solar Performance Maps show high variability throughout June, July, and August based on 15+ year records and illustrate associated impact on project profitability


Vaisala introduces the newest addition to its line of data loggers for continuous monitoring - the Mid-Range (MR) logger.


Vaisala has been recognized as a leader for the depth and quality of climate change data it has disclosed to investors and the global marketplace through CDP, the international NGO that drives sustainable economies.


Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has signed a contract with Vaisala for the delivery of Vaisala Present Weather Sensors at a value of MEUR 3.2. The new contract is for 3 years with an option for extension by two years until the end of June 2019.


Vaisala is one of the leaders in the field of environmental measurements. The company is a partner in the Finnish Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment (MMEA) research program...


Vaisala's Boulder office is supporting field campaigns beginning this month in Colorado that will probe the factors leading to unhealthy air quality conditions and improve the ability to diagnose air quality conditions from space.


Vaisala is sponsoring the World Gliding Championships organized in Räyskälä, Finland from 22 June to 5 July 2014. The competition brings together 112 pilots from 25 countries.


Vaisala is looking for profitable growth over the next five-year strategy period. The focus growth areas include the company's industrial businesses; targeted industrial applications and life science.


Vaisala is launching an entirely new Road Weather Station known as the RWS200. Combined with our RoadDSS(TM) Software suite, Vaisala is able to offer a revolutionary total intelligent Road Weather Information System called iRWIS.


Vaisala's Board of Directors has confirmed the 2014-2018 strategy. Vaisala's goal of profitable growth will be achieved through the implementation of the strategic themes: creation of customer value, reliability, and simplification.


The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP231 has been released.


Vaisala will be contributing humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide measurement instruments to the new children's hospital to be constructed in Helsinki, Finland in 2017.


Vaisala has been selected as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador(TM).


Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has partnered with Weather Fusion LLC, to be the exclusive provider of its STRIKEnet Lightning Verification reports and lightning services to the U.S. insurance industry.


Vaisala has signed a contract to deliver radiosondes to its long-term customer. The deliveries start at the end of 2014 and will be completed during the summer of 2018. The value of the deal is EUR 11.0 million.


Driving safely in the winter is not only about road maintenance services and the condition of the road, but also the driver plays an important role in safety.


Geolocation Technology Vaisala releases the Advanced Total Lightning sensor, the latest in Precision Lightning Geolocation Technology


Idaho Transportation Department and Vaisala recognized for exemplary highway program


Vaisala has signed a contract to deliver seven dual polarization weather radars to Turkey.


The GMW90 is the ultimate tool for HVAC professionals looking for an easy to use, hassle-free solution to carbon dioxide measurements.


BEAR Scotland and Vaisala, working in partnership have won the Excellence Award for Highways Industry Product of the Year, presented by Highways Magazine on October 10, 2013 at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.


Vaisala has signed a EUR 3.65 million deal with the National Roads Authority (NRA) of Ireland.


Sampsa Lahtinen, M.Sc. (El. Eng.), has been appointed Executive Vice President of Vaisala's Controlled Environment business area and a member of Vaisala Management Group as of October 22, 2013.


The new Vaisala Radiosonde RS41, the heart of Vaisala's 4th Generation Soundings, will be launched today at Meteorological Technology World Expo (MTWE2013) in Brussels.


The new Vaisala Radiosonde RS41, the heart of Vaisala's 4th Generation Soundings, will be launched today at Meteorological Technology World Expo (MTWE2013) in Brussels.


Vaisala changes its business outlook for 2013 and lowers the outlook for both net sales and operating profit. The company now estimates its net sales to be in the range of EUR 270-286 million.


In 1973, Vaisala introduced HUMICAP®, the world's first thin-film capacitive humidity sensor. Since then, Vaisala has become the market leader in relative humidity measurements...


Vaisala is pleased to announce the release of its WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700, which now includes an option for full-body heating of the unit, making it a top choice for monitoring wind conditions in extremely cold climates.


Vaisala, a global leader in atmospheric observation, announces the acquisition of Second Wind Systems Inc. Second Wind is a global leader in remote sensing technology and data services for the wind energy industry.


Vaisala has signed a contract to deliver four dual-polarized weather radars to the Philippines. The contract with the National Meteorological Service of the Philippines includes the weather radars, spare parts and related services.


Vaisala's U.S. National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) has been operational for over 30 years, and has the longest archive of lightning data.


Vaisala's celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the U.S. National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN) is concluding with the announcement of the top five greatest moments in its history.


Vaisala's educational seminar series continues with a free seminar for life science industry professionals.


Vaisala organizes a series of educational webinars about the various aspects of lightning as a phenomenon and the intricacies of its detection.


- Vaisala is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of the U.S. National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN), the most accurate, reliable and scientifically validated lightning detection network in the United States.


Vaisala has today signed a contract to sell its non-weather road transportation product lines to M.H.Corbin, Inc., USA.


Vaisala's online Annual Report is available at


Vaisala introduces a new family of humidity and temperature transmitters for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry.


Vaisala, global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has opened an online store for customers in North America. The store carries a selection of Vaisala's industrial instruments, ranging from hand-held meters to configurable transmitters.


Vaisala announces the 2011 schedule for its series of free seminars and webinars, having added a new cGMP training day to the perennially sold out Humidity 201 seminars.


The new Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters HMT120 and HMT130 are designed specifically for cleanroom environments for the Life Science industries.


Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP110 is small and compact, easy to install, maintain and change. The probe covers the full humidity range in temperatures from -40C to + 80C.


Vaisala to supply next generation dropsondes for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in USA


The Vaisala HUMICAP® Moisture and Temperature Transmitter for Oil MMT162. This new transmitteris a compact and economical solution for reliable continuous measurement of moisture in oil.


Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330, MMT330, and PTU300 and DRYCAP Dewpoint Transmitter Series DMT340 are now available with Ethernet connectivity through wireless or wired networks.


Vaisala's DRYCAP® Dewpoint Transmitter DMT152 is designed for harsh industrial environments requiring measurement in dry conditions to -112 °F. Ideal for desiccant air dryers, glove boxes, dry chamber applications, SF6 gas in switchgears and inert gases.


Vaisala Returns On Web (ROW) is a system for easy shipping of units to calibration or service. The system processes your service order step-by-step and produces all required shipping documents and instructions needed. See the ROW video for information.


Vaisala is offering Humidity Measurement Educational Seminars in eleven cities around the country during 2008.


Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 offers new features including a data logging option, the next generation Vaisala HUMICAP® 180R sensor and a USB connection cable and a new display with a white background light.


Vaisala PTB330 - A new generation barometer designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement. The PTB330 can be used for aviation, professional meteorology, and for demanding industrial pressure measurement applications.


The new Vaisala SPECTRACAP® Oxygen Transmitter OMT355 with Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology for monitoring oxygen in industrial process gases.