News articles and press releases for WAGO:


New slim EPSITRON® ECO power supplies are EN 60335-1 compliant and incredibly versatile. DIN-35 rail and chassis-mount options and a small profile make the ECO the ideal choice for installation in ultra-compact control cabinets.


WAGO's 787-28xx Series next-generation DC/DC Converters pack a host of enhanced features and multiple approvals into a slim 6 mm profile. 787-28xx converters are ideal when only one power supply will be installed in the control cabinet.


New mounting carriers provide a secure fit for 221 LEVER-NUTS® compact splicing connectors on DIN-rail. 221-500 mounting carriers simplify access to and assignment of connected conductors.


WAGO announces the availability of new Add-On Instructions (AOIs) for multiple I/O modules, expanding upon its current AOI library.


WAGO’s configurable Industrial Managed Switches reliably network Ethernet devices ensuring reliable access to system data. Ring redundancy technologies with 300ms or 50ms recovery times and dual power supply connections help ensure system reliability.


WAGO announces the appointment of Aaron Cochran to the role of Product Training Manager based in WAGO’s North American headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin.


With increasingly hectic work schedules, it’s sometimes a challenge to find time to attend industry trade shows. So let our 2016 Innovation in Automation Tour (IIAT) instead bring the trade show to you.


WAGO is introducing a newly updated brochure for its XTR extreme environment I/O.


WAGO’s universal surface mount PCB solution – the 2059, is now approved for 20 AWG/0.5 mm² conductors. 2059 terminal blocks create compact connections providing the perfect tool to minimize the size of LED modules.


Select specialty modules in WAGO’s compact, modular 750 Series are now ANSI/ISA12.12.01 and Canadian CSA C22.2 certified for operation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations.


WAGO introduces an alternate 1 to 3 jumper solution for continuous commoning. 2002 Series adjacent and alternate endless jumpers are uniquely designed so that the jumper leg contact of two adjacent jumpers can be inserted into one jumper slot.


WAGO is extending its line of analog input I/O to include compact, highly accurate modules with an excellent price/performance ratio. At just 12 mm wide these controllers offer advanced capabilities in a very small profile.


New additions to WAGO’s XTR line of harsh environment (-40 °C to 70 °C extreme temperature and 5g vibration resistance) I/O, provide added functionality, delivering Performance Class PLCs, Smart Grid technology and energy monitoring.


New additions to 787-16XX line expands the functionality of WAGO’s Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs).


WAGO’s compact, performance class PLC the PFC200 750-82xx is now ANSI/ISA12.12.01 certified for operation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations.


Install one part and you’re done: with WAGO’s wiring interface module. Unlike standard terminal blocks WAGO’s power distribution modules are preconfigured eliminating the need to order and inventory multiple terminal blocks and jumpers.


WAGO’s new software development environment e!COCKPIT supports every automation task from hardware configuration, programming, networking and simulation to visualization – in one easy-to-use, intuitive package.


WAGO introduces the next generation of its proven 222 LEVER-NUTS® splicing connectors. The 221 Series saves 40% more space in the junction box providing simple, safer installation of solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires.


WAGO introduces a new addition to its power supply line designed for isolation amplifiers and signal conditioners. The EPSITRON® 787-2852 shares a common profile with JUMPFLEX® 857 and 2857 Series eliminating the need for additional wiring.


EPSITRON® CLASSIC power supplies and electronic circuit breakers now carry GL marine and on-and-offshore approval.


WAGO’s 790 Shield Clamping Saddles now come with a patented latching mechanism offering unparalleled usability. Force-free installation is guaranteed via a spring that can be easily latched open while positioned over the conductor and the busbar.


WAGO’s universal surface mount PCB solution – the 2060, is now available with a higher nominal voltage rating and brighter white housing.


WAGO’s economical EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies now offer more flexibility with the addition of 2- and 3-phase models. Robust 1-, 2- and 3-phase CLASSIC Power Supplies feature a slim design requiring minimal cabinet space.


WAGO’s new BACnet controller utilizes easy-to-install twisted-pair lines to economically control complex building automation tasks and simplify I/O integration.


WAGO is now expanding its Smart Grid offering to now include controllers that communicate in Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3). Widely used for communication between various types of data acquisition and control equipment.


WAGO’s new DIN-rail mount charging module provides convenient portable power for engineers on the go. With a wide input voltage range of 10 VDC to 30 VDC the USB charger can be used for industrial applications as well as in vehicles.


WAGO introduces the industry’s only pivot style fuse terminal blocks in a 3-conductor variant. The newest addition to the TOPJOB®S family allows a second conductor to be connected on the field side.


WAGO’s new Modbus Couplers enable Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII communications within a distributed I/O architecture. The fieldbus couplers serve as a gateway between the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and higher level devices including PLCs and PCs.


WAGO’s Modbus-based PLCs offer complete controller functionality and serial Modbus connectivity in one compact module. 750-815/300 and 750-816/300 Series Modbus PLCs use the latest version of WAGO-I/O-PRO software for programming control applications.


2061 surface mount terminal blocks with push-button actuation offer trouble-free installation and easy module replacement. Stranded conductors ranging in size from AWG 20 – AWG can now easily be connected and removed via push-button.


Virtually eliminate on-board LED shadowing with WAGO’s extremely compact 2059 Series PCB terminal blocks. With a 2.7 mm high, bright white profile the 2059 is the ideal connector for compact, miniaturized LED modules and bulbs.


WAGO introduces a new variant in the 2060 Series. Stronger housing material and increased wall thickness make it very robust. This housing is also 1mm longer, giving the new variant mechanical stability when the integrated push-buttons are actuated.


WAGO’s PFC200 Series of performance-class PLC’s is now ATEX certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The PFC200 offers advanced compact, computing power in an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization.


New additions to the WAGO I/O system expands the functionality of the 750 series. 750-450 4-Channel and 750-451 8-channel RTD Analog Input Modules directly connect to Pt and Ni resistance sensors, providing highly accurate reading of sensor data.


WAGO announces the availability of a new brochure for the next generation of its LEVER-NUTS® splicing connectors.


WAGO expands its growing portfolio of power supplies with three new three-phase variants. These new additions offer a wide input range and output range in a compact robust metal housing for quick and easy DIN-rail mounting.


WAGO Corporation announces a free three-day Automation Technology & IEC Programing Customer training program. 2016 dates include: March 8 – 10, May 3 – 5, August 2 – 4, September 13 -15 and October 25 – 27.


GERMANTOWN, WI – January, 2015 – Newly redesigned EPSITRON®CLASSIC Power Supply units offer a slimmer profile enabling added space savings in the control cabinet. Additional benefits include: protection with standard circuit breakers


WAGO’s 857 Series Timer Relays are just 6 mm wide and feature a ?exible in-line jumper system, eliminating the need for discrete wiring. All 857 Series JUMPFLEX® modules share a common profile for easy jumpering across the product line.


WAGO is now offering Add-On-Instructions for Rockwell Automation® RS-Logix™ 5000 allowing Rockwell Automation PLC users to easily control and monitor WAGO’s EPSITRON® 787 Series Electronic Circuit Breakers directly from a Rockwell PLC.


WAGO offers you freedom of choice with the flexible, modular 2857 series empty housing. Configurable connections with pluggable picoMAX® connectors and economical marking offers a low cost option for customization or low volume projects.


WAGO introduces a MODBUS configurator tool for WAGO-I/O-PRO programming and visualization software. The configurator automatically sets up Master Slave connections between WAGO's 750 series MODBUS based I/O and PLCs as well as with third party devices.


GERMANTOWN, WI – November, 2014 – The 750 XTR Series is now C-UL-US certified for Class 1, Div.2 hazardous locations in Canadian and North American markets. These certifications are in addition to existing UL508, C22.2 No.42 and marine GL certification.


GERMANTOWN, WI – November, 2014 – The 750 XTR Series is now C-UL-US certified for Class 1, Div.2 hazardous locations in Canadian and North American markets. These certifications are in addition to existing UL508, C22.2 No.42 and marine GL certification.


WAGO’s 2857 Series signal conditioners provide conversion, isolation and transmission of many different signal types for factory automation and process control applications.


WAGO’s 285-1185 terminal block is the only spring pressure terminal block on the market capable of terminating large conductors ranging from 1/0 to 350 kcmil. Featuring a lock-open function it offers, vibration/thermal resistant, gas tight connections.


The PFC200 offers advanced compact, computing power in an easy-to-use environment for PLC programming. Featuring multiple fieldbus ports, and a high speed processor the PFC200 helps create compact, modular systems, for the most demanding applications.


WAGO 750 XTR series I/O system has earned the United States Standard UL508, the Canadian National Standard C22.2 No. 42, and the Germanischer Lloyd marine GL certification.


WAGO Corporation’s 2014 Innovation in Automation Tour (IIAT) is off to rolling start. Vehicles 1 and 2 have successfully departed from the Wisconsin headquarters and are making their way across the country, beginning in Southern California.


WAGO Corporation’s 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules, part of the new power measurement family, provide energy consumption and power quality analysis in an I/O module form-factor, eliminating stand-alone power measurement equipment.


WAGO expands its power supplies with three new three-phase variants. These new additions offer a wide input range of 325V to 800V and an output range of 22VDC to 28VDC, in a compact robust metal housing for quick and easy DIN-rail mounting.


To support users that leverage Ethernet-based industrial networking, WAGO’s new PROFINET IO Fieldbus Couplers 750 Series operate as I/O devices in the PROFINET network.


WAGO’s Triggered Timer Relay supports E-stop circuitry. Upon E-Stop activation, the falling edge of a trigger signal initiates the 859-477’s off-delay timer for sequential shutdown. Four time delay ranges enable a PLC to log position of components.


WAGO 222 Series LEVER-NUTS® lever-actuated splices celebrate 10 years of reducing wiring time by up to 50%. A versatile, labor-saving alternative to twist-style splices, LEVER-NUTS® orange lever eliminates twisting, taping and crimping.


WAGO’s online eBooks are compatible with E-Book Systems’ free iFlipViewer Application for iPad® and Android™ Tablets. Patterned after the fieldbus-independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, the platform-independent iFlipViewer supports WAGO’s smart device brochures.


WAGO Corporation’s 2012 Innovation in Automation Tour (IIAT) commences in March with Van 1 in Mississippi and Van 2 in Southern California.


WAGO has added four new sets of code to its free Add-On-Instruction software suite (AOI). Created to extend Allen-Bradley® RS-Logix™ 5000 functionality, WAGO’s AOI offloads Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix®, CompactLogix® and DriveLogix® controllers.


WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series SMD-Terminal Block line gains 1- and 3-pole variants, bringing exclusive push-button actuation to additional PCB-based LED lighting and electronics.


WAGO Corporation’s DIN-rail mount 859-940 High-Speed Optocoupler features a frequency input range of up to 1.5MHz. Engineered by WAGO’s Custom Products Division, 859-940 provides jumper-selectable, industry-standard input voltages of 5–10VDC or 10–24VDC.


WAGO’s 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module (3PMM) now carries UL 508. 750-493 eliminates stand-alone monitoring components, cost-effectively supplying UL 508A industrial control panels with energy consumption and machine health data.


WAGO adds six Dedicated Signal Conditioners to its JUMPFLEX® 857 Series Signal Conditioner and Relay family. The value-oriented Dedicated Signal Conditioners (DSC) support applications requiring conversion, isolation and amplification of one signal type.


WAGO EPSITRON® 787 Series PRO Power Supplies gain nine Single Phase Units. Developed for max. efficiency, PRO Single Phase units feature highest-in-class PowerBoost and TopBoost.


WAGO’s EPSITRON® COMPACT Power Supply family has earned Germanischer Lloyd (GL) approvals and has passed Environmental Category C and EMC2 testing. GL approval brings the power supplies aboard ships and demanding on/offshore applications worldwide.


WAGO 0–10VDC Voltage-Frequency Converters provide output frequencies of 0–1.5KHz or 0–25KHz for pulse generation. The DIN-rail mount Voltage-Frequency Converters (VFCs) replace standalone frequency generators, rotating equipment and associated cabling.


Nearly 30 couplers, controllers and I/O modules from WAGO Corporation’s WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM now carry ATEX and IEC Ex Certifications for operating in temperatures up to +60°C.


Two new eight-channel, configurable Digital Input/Output (DIO) Modules have joined WAGO’s IP67 SPEEDWAY 767 I/O-SYSTEM. Configurable channel-by-channel, 767-5801 & 767-5802 modules (24V DC, 0.5A) run in direct input (DI), direct output (DO) or DIO modes.


WAGO’s 2060 Series 2-pole SMD-Terminal Block provides class-exclusive, push-button termination/re-terminations for the broadest range of solid/stranded conductors AWG 24–18.


WAGO’s 859 Series Timer Relay Module offers On-/Off-Delay modes and multiple time ranges for diverse applications, e.g., switch and package “de-bounce” sensors. 859 Series has a top-mount pot for fine-tuning delay time without removal from DIN-rail.


Carrying IECEx-i certs., WAGO’s 750-606 24VDC Supply Module provides 1A (max) for WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM Ex-i modules. 750-606 permits a WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM node to serve hazardous and non-hazardous loc. by separating intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe sect.


WAGO installed a Renewegy VP-20 Wind Turbine at its WI HQ. Generating 20kW for WAGO’s engineering, manufacturing and sales hub, VP-20 employs WAGO 787 Series Power Supplies, 756 Series Cables/Connectors, 288 Series Fuse Blocks & Back-Up Capacitor Module.


WAGO’s ETHERNET 2.0 Control platform has received ABS-Type Approval as well as KR, GL and DNV Marine Certifications. This brings ETHERNET 2.0 capabilities to demanding onshore/offshore, marine controls and shipbuilding applications worldwide.


WAGO’s Interface Adapter provides JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners & Relays with a tool-free interface to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM or other PLC interfaces. Interface Adapters capture analog/digital signals for eight combined JUMPFLEX modules.


Twenty accessories, including exclusive models, have joined WAGO’s TOPJOB®S Terminal Block line. The Modular Connectors, Vertical Jumpers, Colored Jumpers and Component Plugs conveniently enable users to extend TOPJOB®S functionality.


Control Engineering readers selected WAGO’s 750-881 “ETHERNET 2.0” Programmable Fieldbus Controller as a recipient of the 2011 Engineers’ Choice Award. Readers did so on technological advancement, service to industry and market impact.


WAGO Corporation’s 753 Series Pluggable I/O Modules and High-Density 16-Point I/O Modules have earned GL Marine Approval. This enables WAGO to offer more than 150 marine and offshore products with multiple marine ratings including ABS, BV and DNV.


WAGO JUGO-NUTS provide are portable containers with job-site quantities of WALL-NUTS, LEVER-NUTS or LUMI-NUTS connectors. Jugs feature a screw-top lid for on-the-job convenience in new construction, remodels, retrofits or specialty projects.


WAGO Corporation’s free Solar Positioning Function Block (SPFB) increases concentrated solar arrangement efficacy. SPFB achieves this by enabling dynamic solar mirrors to track the sun’s arc within +0.02o via WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.


UL/cUL Certification is complete for 27 models within WAGO’s EPSITRON power supply family. Certification applies to select models in the EPSITRON Electronic Circuit Breaker, PRO-Power Supply, Uninterruptible Power Supply and Redundancy module lines.


WAGO 750-881 “ETHERNET 2.0” Programmable Fieldbus Controller processes 1000 instructions/235 µS. 750-881 provides significant memory for PLC programs and Web applications, as well as integrated dual-port Ethernet Switch. Independent ports respond in 1ms.


WAGO’s CPO Series DIN-rail Mount Outlet Boxes provide control cabinets with power for common tools including laptops and testing equipment. Designed by WAGO’s Custom Products Group, the CPO Series utilizes a UL 498 Receptacle — ideal for UL 508 panels.


WAGO’s 828 Series feedthrough terminal block is UL Certified for 600V/40A. The 828 Series provides tool- and maintenance-free, through-panel terminations for apps such as motor control centers, UPS systems and electric vehicle charging stations.


WAGO 758 Series IPCs are managing solar energy for Tûranor PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered boat. Tûranor is solar power research vessel and will embark on a 2011 global tour – the first solar-powered circumnavigation by any means of transport.


WAGO has issued a new WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM brochure. The brochure includes a removable four-panel reference poster outlining WAGO’s range of bus couplers, PLCs and more than 300 digital input/output, analog input/output and specialty modules.


WAGO’s 2716 Series high-current PCB-mount terminal block has an exclusive lever-actuated termination design for tool-free termination of conductors 24–6 AWG. The integrated lever minimizes strain and wiring times while reducing torque exerted on PCBs.


WAGO Corporation announces the release of version 5.2 of its popular ProServe product development software suite.


An exclusive 3.5mm-wide terminal block rated for 600 volts leads the 2000 Series from WAGO’s TOPJOB®S family. The 2000 Series terminal blocks provide fast, vibration-proof terminations to space-restricted applications requiring conductors 16–24 AWG.


WAGO Corporation appointed Darrick Rejret, former WAGO IT systems analyst, as ProServe product manager. Rejret’s role will be overseeing growth and support for the ProServe product development software suite.


WAGO subjected 773 Series WALL-NUTS PUSH WIRE connectors to shock and vibration sequence testing. Testing adhered to IEC standards and verified contact continuity (no current interruptions during testing) and housing integrity (no physical damage).


WAGO offers Basic Product Training, Distributor I/O Training and Industrial Control seminars for 2009. Enrollment is free; WAGO provides course materials, meals and coordinates ground transport. Attendees are responsible for lodging/travel.


WAGO’s eBooks online tool contains online versions of its five full-line product catalogs. eBooks provide convenient online access to nearly 17,000 products from WAGO’s Interconnect, Electrical Interface and Automation product lines.


For 2009, WAGO Corporation’s Innovation in Automation Tour (IIAT) will spend 40 weeks touring the U.S. and Canada presenting WAGO’s Automation, Interconnect and Electrical Interface product lines.


WAGO’s 873-902 LUMI-NUTS luminaire disconnect has exclusive 20A/600V line-side rating and daisy chaining (two conductors/pole). LUMI-NUTS can loop power from one disconnect to another for quick wiring of multiple ballasts/multiple fluorescent fixtures.


WAGO’s 750-645 2-Channel Vibration and Roller Bearing Monitoring Module tracks machine vibration conditions. Based on the ISO 10816-3 standard, the 750-645 monitors/analyzes vibration severity and shock pulse feedback via Tandem-Piezo sensor.


WAGO’s Custom Products Division launches 26-pin D-sub interface modules (prod. # 51013375) for motion control apps. High-density, male interface modules are paired with Triple-Deck Terminal Strips for electromechanical control-level connections.


Wire more in less time. WAGO’s pluggable connector for modular wiring systems, the 890 Series WINSTA® MINI, brings PUSH WIRE® terminations to modular electrical wiring. WINSTA MINI consists of 2- and 3-pole variants; 5-pole variant will launch in 2009.


WAGO adds the 873-903 three-pole model to the LUMI-NUTS™ luminaire disconnect line. The 873-903 is a safe electrical disconnect for high-feature linear fluorescent fixtures using dimming circuit or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol.


Three modules have joined WAGO’s online E-learning suite. Professionals can select from nine free E-learning modules to keep current on industrial technologies/products. WAGO Training Manager Marc Immordino has developed and leads all E-learning modules.


WAGO’s 750-871 ETHERNET TCP/IP 2-Port PFC has an integrated Ethernet switch. The 750-871 links the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM to ETHERNET fieldbus, and dual RJ-45 Fieldbus ports daisychain up to 20 devices — each segment may be up to 100m long — within one series.


WAGO’s DIN-rail mount terminal blocks, ranging from the 280 Series to 285 Series POWER CAGE CLAMP®, now carry a 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) when used with appropriate fuses.


Three mounting and strain relief components have joined WAGO’s LEVER-NUTS™ connector family. The mounting carrier, strain relief plate and angled DIN-rail adapter are ideal for fixed mounting and/or strain relief.


WAGO’s new 852 Series of Ethernet switches range from simple switches to configurable, multifunction Ethernet communication switches, all have an temp range of 0°C to 60°C, vibration resistance (IEC 60068-2-6) and shock resistance (IEC 60068-2-27).


WAGO has extended the pole configurations for the insulated comb-style jumpers used with the 231 Series MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) MIDI. The 3-, 5-, 7- and 10-pole versions are the only Spring Pressure-compatible jumpers available.


WAGO’s 285-150 (2/0) and 285-135 (2 AWG) for the POWER CAGE CLAMP line complete the only spring-type terminal block for conductors from 2 AWG to 4/0. POWER CAGE CLAMP terminates conductors with one simple turn of a hex wrench or a screwdriver.


Cory Thiel joins WAGO as Interconnect Product Manager to lead: PCB-mount terminal blocks/connectors, Multi Connection System (pluggable PCB connectors), 773 Series WALL-NUTS, 222 Series LEVER-NUTS and 770 Series WINSTA plug-in connectors.


WAGO Corporation has completed the expansion of its North American headquarters. The expansion has significantly increased WAGO’s product manufacturing and storage capacity from 60,000 sq. ft. to 75,000 sq. ft., complete with 36,000 product locations.


WAGO's 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module integrates comprehensive power supply network monitoring with I/O connectivity. At 12 mm wide, the high-density, 6-channel 750-493 is a cost- and space-effective solution to power system supply management.