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Florida International Marketing to deliver the "Wright" tools for the job to Sunshine State's construction market.


Wright Tool sponsors Brad Farris' Game Plan on the Sportsman Channel.


Wright Tool Launches Newest Line of Fracking Tools 14 straight-handle striking-face box wrenches now available in numerous


Wright Tool Announces Hire of Adam Sloat as Business Development Specialist


WrightGrip™ - More torque, longer life, higher strength. WrightGrip™ is the unique innovation featured on Wright's open-end and combination wrenches. New sizes available: 1/4" to 4" SAE and 7mm to 80mm Metric. Made in the U.S.A.


Wright Tool's Cougar Pro™ line of competitively priced, professional-grade hand tools has expanded. The additions to the line include combination wrench and reversible-ratcheting combination wrench sets.


Wright Tool offers WrightGrip™, an innovative, high-strength, anti-slip design on the manufacturer’s open-end style wrenches. The design is now available on Wright Tool open-end and combination wrenches in a range of metric sizes from 7 mm to 24 mm.


A new line of extra-wide opening adjustable wrenches has been introduced by Wright Tool Company, a leading manufacturer of professional-quality sockets and wrenches.


Wright Tool's new striking wrench adaptor saves money, time and tool storage space. The 11 1/2-inch long adaptor allows for a single striking wrench to be used on a variety of fasteners by attaching to any size 1-inch drive impact socket.


Wright Tool's new strike-free wrenches are used on heavy-duty applications where striking-face box wrenches cannot be used and where cheater bars should not be used. The wrenches are specifically designed for use where false blows are not permitted.


Wright Tool introduces its new tool test program that challenges contractors to test Wright Tool’s U.S.A.-made tools for superior safety, professional quality, and the highest value for the price.


Wright Tool introduces the WrightGrip™ SB ratchet (#4488) for safer installation of scaffolding. Manufactured in the U.S., the 10 1/2-inch WrightGrip SB ratchet is an all-inclusive tool.


Wright Tool has announced the opening of new warehouses in Ontario and British Columbia in Canada, and Los Angeles and Dallas in the U.S., providing customers with even faster, more cost-effective shipments.


Wright Source Manufacturing offers a complete manufacturing resource for high-quality forged and machined products.


A line of electronic torque wrenches for measuring torque values on fastening applications is available from Wright Tool.


Wright Tool offers specialized hand tools for the utility market. It also has capabilities to custom-design hand tools to meet end users’ demanding needs that are common to the utility market.


Wright Tool recently launched a new online training program, Wright Tool University, for employees, distributors, sales representatives and tool users. Wright Tool University is set up like any university.


Wright Tool has expanded its product line with 73 new items including impact sockets, adaptors, punches, bars and chisels.


For secure and precise fastening applications Wright Tool Company offers micro-adjustable, “click type” torque wrenches in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch drive sizes.


Wright Tool Company offers a complete line of torque multipliers, which includes three styles: universal tube, plate reaction and foot reaction. These tools range in output capacity from 750 foot-pounds to 8,000 foot-pounds.


Wright Tool Company offers large-sized, heavy-duty, flat stem, 12-point combination wrenches, ranging from 1-5/16 inches to 4 inches, and 36 millimeters to 80 millimeters.


Wright Tool Company offers WrightGrip™, an innovative, high-strength, anti-slip design on the manufacturer’s open-end style wrenches. The design is standard on all Wright Tool open-end and combination wrenches in sizes up to 1-1/4".


Wright Tool offers its Wright Safety Program, which promotes hand tool safety training for employees. The comprehensive program covers the do’s and don’ts of using hand tools – specifically, wrenches, sockets, ratchets and attachments.


Wright Tool Company offers a complete line of professional-grade ratchets, available in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch drives.


New impact hex bit sockets are available from Wright Tool in 3/8" drive and 1/2" drive, ranging from 1/8" to 5/8" sizes, and in metric sizes ranging from 2mm to 17mm.


Wright Tool offers custom tool building capabilities for customers that are unable to find a specific hand tool that they need. Customers can complete a “Special Tool Request” form for more information.