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ABB Electrification Products

ABB Electrification Products has promoted these products:

ABB Electrification Products - Circuit breakers with built-in sync-check function

One device - multiple functions - lear how selecting breakers that include the features of synchronizing relays can save installation time, space and overall cost of your control panels. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - Quick-Kon, High speed, automatic wire crimping

The new Quick-KonTM automated crimping system employs a patented feeding method for electronic feeding prior to termination. Find out how the speed and flexibility enables increased productivity, while reducing labor costs and change-out time (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - PSTX Softstarters Improve Installation Efficiency

The latest softstarter technology from ABB has already been proven capable of reducing panel size by 20%. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - Stop overloads & short circuits with MCBs

Miniature circuit breakers protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. Uncompromising safety and comfort, in a compact protection solution. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - Engineer out the hazard - Arc Guard TVOC-2

The TVOC-2 is an optical detection system that together with an external breaker can limit the damage done to personnel and equipment in case of an arc accident happening. A Functional Safety SIL-2 classification makes the TVOC-2 Arc Guard System one of the most reliable arc mitigation products available on the market. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - A complete motor protection concept

Manual motor starters are electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit that can be used to switch motors manually ON/OFF and to provide fuse-less protection against short-circuit, overload and phase failures. Fuse-less protection saves costs, space and ensures a quick reaction under short-circuit condition by switching off the motor within milliseconds. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - Safety w/ Service Continuity & Easy Fault Location

Selectivity is the solution - Combine safety with service continuity and easy fault location. Learn about the benefits of selectivity. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - High Breaking Capacity - Compact Dimensions

The latest Tmax XT circuit breakers offer high breaking capacity in up to 37% smaller size. Find out how the smaller footprint and extended amperages enable panel builders and manufacturers to save costs while maintaining high performance. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - Components for utility-scale PV solar applications

Advanced low-voltage components for next-generation 1,500 V DC utility-scale PV solar applications. (read more)

ABB Electrification Products - Increase Equipment Lifespan - Surge Protectors

OVR range of Surge Protectors is designed to protect electrical systems and equipment against transitory surges and impulses caused by lightning and operations on the electrical grid. (read more)