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AEM-LLC has promoted these products/services:

AEM-LLC - Electronic Connectors

AEM provides design, assembly and testing of a wide range of connectors, using top-quality materials and plating, along with machining and die-cast capabilities. (read more)

AEM-LLC - DisplayPort-HDMI Adapter

DisplayPort 20 Pin to HDMI 19 Pin Adapter with Cable Link Status LED Indicator (read more)

AEM-LLC - SMART Battery Pack Technology

When using rechargeable battery pack technology to run equipment that needs to be monitored for safety or other concerns... When your application needs highly accurate tracking of available charge and total battery life, Advanced Electronic Manufacturing (AEM) has the solution. Custom design is our specialty (read more)

AEM-LLC - Power Supplies, Power Adapters, Battery Chargers

AEM produces linear/switching power adapters, open frame power supplies and battery chargers. All of our switching power adapters and battery chargers meet the California Energy Commission 2006 standards for 2007 and 2008, as well as all required safety approvals including medical grade. (read more)

AEM-LLC - Battery Packs

AEM provides a wide range of battery packs. (read more)

AEM-LLC - Connectors: HDMI Male to HDMI Male

HDMI Cable Assembly, Connectors: HDMI Male to HDMI Male (read more)

AEM-LLC - Micro USB Cable

Micro-A to Micro-B Plug Micro USB Cable with USB 2.0 Micro USB A/M to Micro USB B/M (read more)

AEM-LLC - HDMI Converter

DVI Audio to HDMI Converter, Supports HDCP (read more)

AEM-LLC - HDMI Switches

HDMI Switches with 2/3/4/5 Ports (read more)

AEM-LLC - HDMI to DVI Digital HDTV Velocity Series

Connectors: HDMI Male to DVI (24+1) Male, Nitrogen-injected Dielectric and Meticulous Construction (read more)

AEM-LLC - HDMI Cable Assemblies

Connectors: Type C HDMI Male to Type C HDMI Male, Provides Complete Immunity to Environmental EMI (read more)

AEM-LLC - HDMI Repeater

HDMI Repeater; Extends the Length of HDMI Cables (read more)

AEM-LLC - DisplayPort-DVI Adapter

DisplayPort 20 to DVI 24 Pin Adapter with Standby Mode Current of 64uA (read more)

AEM-LLC - Mini HDMI/M - HDMI/F Gender Adapter

Miniature HDMI/Male to HDMI/Female Gender Adapters with Gold-plated Connector (read more)

AEM-LLC - Molded Electronic Cable Assemblies

AEM offers full assembly and testing of molded electronic cable assemblies with the required safety approvals, specializing in computer, audio/video, telephone, fiber optic, and power cord assemblies. (read more)

AEM-LLC - AC/DC Power Adapters

AEM produces linear and switching power adapters that meet the California Energy Commission 2006 standards for 2007 and 2008, as well as all required safety approvals. (read more)