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ASTM International has promoted these products/services:

ASTM International - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Gets Smart

ASTM standards help drug manufacturers improve production processes. (read more)

ASTM International - Medical Device Cleanup - proposed Standard

A proposed ASTM International standard will help develop “test soils” that validate cleaning methods for reusable medical devices. This will help companies that make endoscopes, clamps, suction tubes, arthroscopic shavers and other devices, as well as companies that provide cleaning systems for those products.

Reusable medical devices are often exposed to biological ma... (read more)

ASTM International - Airplane Load Determination

A new ASTM standard addresses airworthiness requirements for design loads and conditions of small aircraft. The goals of the standard (soon to be published as F3116/F3116M, Specification for Design Loads and Conditions) will help increase safety, lower certification costs and support innovation. (read more)

ASTM International - Stronger Roads

A new ASTM test method will support geogrids, which are a geosynthetic formed of a regular network of integrally connected elements with openings, referred to as apertures, that ensure strong and resilient roads by stabilizing surrounding soil and rock. The test described in the standard (D7864/D7864M, Test Method for Determining the Aperture Stability Modulus of Geogrids) will help ensu... (read more)

ASTM International - What’s in a Word?

Terminology is an essential part of ASTM standards and the Terminology Dictionary aids this work.

ASTM’s Blue Book, Form and Style for ASTM Standards, requires that all technical standards include a terminology section. The requirement advises you to “Keep it simple” and use a dictionary definition when possible, but putting a small glossary... (read more)

ASTM International - Standards Ensure Fence Performance

Ameristar relies on ASTM standards as an integral part of its business model.

For over 30 years, Ameristar has prided itself on manufacturing products of high quality and unmatched performance. ASTM standards play an important role in many aspects of Ameristar’s business; our daily activities require the use of numerous ASTM standards.

Early on, Amerista... (read more)

ASTM International - New Online Aviation Jet Fuel Training

ASTM's new Petroleum Lab Technician Series enables lab technicians to improve their skills through industry leading, self-guided, online training. The training modules are a key tool to supplement existing internal lab QA/QC programs.

Each series includes:

  • Self-guided training complete with video demonstrations, checklists, concept presentations, data sheets and.../li>
(read more)