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ASTM International - New Standard Will Boost Sustainable Manufacturing

A new ASTM standard will help manufacturers incorporate more sustainable practices into production. The new standard, developed by ASTM International Committee E60 on Sustainability, will ultimately help companies reduce costs, improve quality, incorporate best practices, and more. (read more)

ASTM International - One Standard Can Help Define Your Business

How an ASTM standard was critical to the growth of an important market served by metal producer Applied Process

BY Kathy Hayrynen

Since 1984, the Applied Process Companies have promoted the use of austempered ductile iron – a heat treated cast iron with exceptional strength, toughness and wear resistance. In the early days of the company, it was challenging to sell a... (read more)

ASTM International - ASTM and the Benefits of Collaboration

Small Is BigSmall and Medium Sized Enterprises, ASTM and the Benefits of Collaboration

By Cicely Enright

At ASTM, small is big.

Small and medium sized enterprises, which make major contributions to economic growth and job creation around the world, also contribute to their industries through the standards they help develop. The ASTM–SME synergy benefits its par... (read more)

ASTM International - Compliance with Standards Aids Marketing

How standards impact testing equipment manufactured by global SME Elcometer.

By John Fletcher

Most of the equipment in Elcometer’s product line complies with standards, so ASTM test methods, guides and practices are important to both our customers and the usability of our products. Customers need to be confident that they can use Elcometer inspection and test equipmen... (read more)

ASTM International - Ethanol as a Cooking Fuel

A first-of-its-kind standard from ASTM International aims to support the introduction of ethanol as a cooking fuel, a step that will help people in developing countries access and use a safer alternative to wood, charcoal and other traditional fuels.

Each year, millions of people get sick or die due to household air pollution from cooking with traditional fuels such as wood or cha... (read more)

ASTM International - Fuel Contaminant Testing

A new ASTM International standard will help to more quickly and accurately detect for contaminants called asphaltenes in a variety of petroleum products. The new standard (soon to be published as D7996, Test Method for Measuring Visible Spectrum of Asphaltenes in Heavy Fuel Oils and Crude Oils by Spectroscopy in a Microfluidic Platform) will thus improve efficiency in producing crude and... (read more)

ASTM International - New ASTM standard on general aviation

Technology, Design and Safety for Small Airplanes

Anyone who routinely flies will benefit from a new ASTM standard on general aviation. The new standard (F3114, Specification for Structures) addresses the structural airworthiness requirements of small airplanes, from lightweight propeller-driven planes to light business jets. (read more)