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ASTM International - Better Biothreat Screening

Over a decade after the post-Sept. 11 anthrax mail scares, rapidly screening and identifying potential biological agents in suspicious powders remains a challenge. A proposed ASTM International standard, WK46895, Specification for Hand Portable Biodetection Instruments for Homeland Security Applications, will prove to be helpful in this area.

“It is important that testing re... (read more)

ASTM International - The Greening of Civil Infrastructure

Across many industries, manufacturers turn out the countless products we rely on in our daily lives. These processes also create something else: waste — lots of it. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, industrial facilities in the United States generate 7.6 billion tons of nonhazardous waste annually.

To help keep this waste from ending up in landfills, man... (read more)

ASTM International - A Creative Escape from Landfills

Keeping used materials out of landfills is a central goal of any industry that is attempting to become more sustainable. Finding creative ways to repurpose these materials is an added challenge, but one that ASTM Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing has begun to tackle with a proposed new standard, WK46625, Guide for Establishing a Recycle Program for Roof Covers.

“Wit... (read more)

ASTM International - Standards Aid in RoHS Compliance

RoHS, the seminal European sustainability directive, and others like it challenge manufacturers to eliminate hazardous substances in their products. With RoHS compliance deadlines ongoing through at least the next five years, and more to come from other regions and nations, ASTM Committee F40 is helping companies with testing standards and other resources. (read more)

ASTM International - ASTM International Reveals New Brand Identity

ASTM International introduced its new brand identity today at the fall meetings of the ASTM board of directors in Seoul, South Korea. The new branding better reflects the expanding mission and global reach of ASTM and informs our stakeholders who we are and how we help to facilitate global trade, ensure public safety and maximize business growth.
For more than a century, ASTM is wel... (read more)

ASTM International - Moisture Surveying for Roofing Systems

Excess moisture trapped in roofing or waterproofing systems can adversely affect performance, as well as lead to premature failure of a system and its components. Using an electrical impedance scanner is a fast and relatively easy way to conduct moisture surveys of roofing and waterproofing systems.

A new ASTM International standard covers the use of electrical impedance scanners... (read more)

ASTM International - An Upward Spiral

Former Intern Encounters ASTM Standards along Career Path

It’s always nice to know when you have helped someone else succeed. We here at ASTM International’s Corporate Communications department recently experienced this when a former intern contacted us to say hello.

Reece O’Neill, marketing manager, Salter Spiral Stair, spent the summer of 2010 in ASTM

... (read more)
ASTM International - AASHTO and ASTM Partner for Transportation Portal

Resources Combine in One Platform with One Access Point

A vehicle moves along an interconnected transportation system. It’s the bridge over the local creek, a tunnel through the mountain, the road to the horizon.

Underpinning this infrastructure is guidance from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and ASTM International in the form o... (read more)

ASTM International - Testing Polished Floor Safety

ASTM Committee D21 Marks 50th Anniversary of Standard D2047 (read more)

ASTM International - Natural Ester Insulating Fluids

Differential scanning calorimetry instrument

Natural esters, also known as vegetable oils, can be used as an alternative to mineral oil as an insulating liquid in power transformers and other electrical equipment. A proposed new ASTM International standard will provide the electrical power industry with a relatively straightforward test for oxidation stability of natural esters.

... (read more)
ASTM International - Practices for Parasailing Operations

Although it is a relatively young ASTM subcommittee, F24.65, part of ASTM International Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices, has already had a positive influence on the parasailing industry.

The subcommittee is currently working on a comprehensive proposed new standard, WK46657, Practices for Parasailing, that will provide best practices for owners and operators of parasa... (read more)

ASTM International - Waterproof Membrane Leakage

A proposed new ASTM standard will be used to ensure that the waterproofing of building and civil structures is performing as intended. Once approved, the practice will be used by architects, specifiers, membrane manufacturers, roofing contractors and warranty providers, as well as building owners, to test, verify and monitor the integrity of waterproof membranes.

WK27666, Practice... (read more)

ASTM International - Creating Versatile Responses to Industry Needs

Partnerships between ASTM International and other organizations are leading to new solutions across multiple sectors. (read more)

ASTM International - Ready-Mixed Concrete

A New Edition of Manual 49 Covers the ASTM Spec (read more)

ASTM International - Replacing Mercury Thermometers

A New ASTM Interlaboratory Study Contributes to Research on Alternatives to Mercury. (read more)

ASTM International - ASTM International Committee Addresses AGVs

ASTM Committee F45 on Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles organizes to consider standards for AGV performance and capabilities.

A roll clamp-equipped forklift stores and retrieves large newsprint rolls.

A unique mobile platform moves a massive 12-m-long, 18,000-kg vehicle through the production process at an automotive manufacturing facility.

A specialize... (read more)

ASTM International - ASTM Bedside Sleeper Standard Federal Rule

16 CFR 1222 Ruling Becomes Effective July 15

Beginning July 15, 2014, bedside sleepers must comply with ASTM F2906, Consumer Safety Specification for Bedside Sleepers, in response to its recent incorporation in 16 CFR 1222, Safety Standard for Bedside Sleepers. This rule, approved for publication in the January Federal Register by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, was i... (read more)

ASTM International - Manual 72 - Flash Point Determination

Compare commonly used flash point apparatus and procedures and gain guidance in the use and interpretation of standard ASTM flash point methods. (read more)