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Advance Lifts, Inc. - Four Choices for Mezzanine Access

Advance Lifts Inc. has a new white paper on Mezzanine access lifts. This white paper explores the pros and cons of the 4 four types of lifts commonly used to move goods between grade and mezzanines. No matter your mezzanine access needs, Advance Lifts has a solution for you. (read more)


All of the controllers are Underwriter Laboratory listed assemblies.

  • These units are fully primed and finished with a baked enamel finish.
  • The cylinders are machine grade.
  • All pressure hoses are double wire braid with JIC fittings.
  • The reservoirs are mild steel.
  • These units conform to all ap...
(read more)

A new “Four lift Synchro-System” is offered by Advance Lifts, Inc. This system allows movement of any one lift independently, or pair “A” or pair “B” as subsets, or all four lifts simultaneously. Synchronization amongst the selected lifts is typically + or – 1/8” or better, regardless of direction of movement or the relative loading of the... (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Case Study: Convert 2nd Story to Usable Space

CASE Study:Advance Lifts solves Spring Manufacturer wasted space issue. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Rider Mezzanine Access Lift White Paper

How to get personnel and material from ground level to mezzanine level quickly, safely and efficiently. (read more)


Advance Lifts has posted a new 3-minute video demonstrating an application that services a second floor with roll up door access. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Dock Lifts w/Hot Dip Galvanized Base Frames

These are by far the most popular size Disappearing Dock lifts sold. They are sized to handle pallet jacks, four-wheel carts and dolly trucks. They are also used for dock to ground access. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Rail Transfer Bridges

Rail transfer bridges are used to span from floor to floor or dock to dock over railroad tracks. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - 3 new lift tables for palletizing operations

Advance Lifts offers 3 new lift tables for palletizing operations. The SL-S with mechanical spring operation, the SL-P with pneumatic spring operation, and the PL with electric hydraulic operation. All three of these lifts feature more rugged construction than other offerings at extremely competitive pricing. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - VRC Package Lifts

These Package LIfts, from Advance Lifts are small free standing devices designed for light loads and relatively fast movement from ground level to mezzanine level. They are rugged four (4) post construction that is fully assembled at the factory and can be shipped as 1 piece tilt up installation or as two (2) or three (3) piece stackable sections for quick and easy installation. The door... (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Entry Level Stretch Wrap Equipment

These are our most economical and basic models that are suitable for low volume stretch wrapping operations. These units offer a giant step up in safety and productivity from simply walking around a load with a roll of film in hand. The cost/benefit ratio of these basic machines is very attractive. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Top Of Ground Dock Lifts - 6000 Series

The 6000 Series are Instant Docks with no pit work required -- just lag into position, plug in and go to work. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - New Series of 12,000 Lbs. Recessed Dock Lifts

These are our medium to heavy sized disappearing dock lifts. They are sized to handle pallet jacks, powered pallet jacks, straddle stackers and fork trucks. They are also used for dock to ground access. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Product Tools - Lifts, Table and More

Advance Lifts provides offers production tools including: Lift Tables, Turntables, Tilters, Upenders & Container Dumpers, Palletizers & Self leveling Lifts, and Roll & Coil Handling Equipment. They also have lift accessories and options such as casters, controls, power units, and special decks. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Work Access Platform Lift Options

Custom work access lift that contains several features that may be of interest to work access lift designers. This is a self propelled unit with a "U" shaped platform, two types of stairways and powered curved platform extension that cradle a curved work surface. This is the third in a series of videos to help stimulate the imagination of work access lift specifiers (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Complete Line Lift Tables, Dock and Scissor Lifts

Advance Lifts is a leading lift manufacturer providing a complete line of dock lifts, lift tables, scissor lifts, turntables, dumpers and stretchers. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Free White Paper:Work Access Platform Lifts

Safety is the prime purpose of all work access lifts. They are designed to move production personnel, their tools and materials to ergonomically sound work positions to enhance both worker safety and efficiency. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Palletiizing and Self-Leveling Lifts

Advance Lifts, Inc. of St. Charles, Illinois Lifts is proud to introduce a new line of palletizing lifts. The line includes both mechanical spring and air spring self-leveling models as well as an electric hydraulic unit for more exact positioning. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Free White Paper on Mezzanine Lifts

Advance Lifts, Inc. of St Charles, Illinois is proud to announce their new white paper on rider and non-rider mezzanine lifts. This paper is designed to address the many misconceptions regarding high travel lifts servicing mezzanines. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - Select a Proper Dock Lift for your Operation

There is no vehicle size that dock lifts can not service. Once you realize the benefits of level loading with dock lifts, the next question is which type and model of dock lift best fits your application and what options should you consider. This paper offers some guidelines for your decision making process. (read more)

Advance Lifts, Inc. - New Four Lift Synchro-System

A new "Four lift Synchro-System" is offered by Advance Lifts, Inc. This system allows movement of any one lift independently, or pair "A" or pair "B" as subsets, or all four lifts simultaneously. (read more)