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Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Mission-Critical Ceramics

Advanced Technical Ceramics is the leading U.S. manufacturer of co-fired ceramic electronic packages and injection molded ceramics.

We specialize in mission-critical ceramics for challenging environments. Delivering on complex challenges that other manufacturers avoid, we engineer the finest quality ceramics in any industry – then make them strong, durable, and precise.

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Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Microelectronic Packaging of a Ceramic SMTO-8


  • AdTech Ceramics understands the needs of the microwave industry
  • AdTech Ceramics can supply SMTO-8 Standard package foot prints with our custom multilayer high temperature co-fired ceramic printed circuits
  • Our extensive experience with metal machining combined with our multilayer high temperature co-fire ceramics and brazing technol...
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Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Hermetic High Frequency Ceramic Feedthrough

AdTech Ceramics is a leader in supplying feedthroughs for the microelectronic industries that need DC to Ka Band and other Radio Frequencies
AdTech Ceramics' patented split via technology is used for reliable edge metallization (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Chemically Milled Materials for Ceramic Packages

AdTech Ceramics specializes in chemically milled products including Kovar, Alloy 42, Stainless, and Spring Steel for our hermetic ceramic packages. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Metalized Injection Molded Ceramics

AdTech Ceramics offers injection molded ceramics with complex shapes using our proven alumina material with co-fire metallization. Application include Medical, Military, and Aerospace. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Hermetic Ceramic Feedthroughs

• Multilayer Co-Fired Technology
• Patented Split-Via Design For Maximum Reliability
• High Temperature Braze Technology
• Vertical and/or Horizontal Wirebond & Seal Surfaces
• High Frequency Applications up to 30 GHz
• Patented Processes that Maximize Metal/Ceramic (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Hermetic Ceramic to Metal Packaging

High Temperature Co-fired ceramics provide high frequency performance and I/O capability, along with the electrical functionally and mechanical reliability of brazed ceramic metal joints compared to other hermetic technologies. AdTech's extensive experience with multilayer co-fire combined with metal machining and brazing technology provides an avenue for new solutions in packaging techn... (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Optoelectronic Ceramic Packaging Solutions

AdTech Ceramics provides custom ceramic printed circuit boards for optoelectronics applications, including in-house design capabilities and excellent relationships with outside design service firms for custom design needs. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - High Density HTCC Alumina for Thin Film

AdTech has Thirty Plus years of multilayer high temperature ceramic manufacturing and fifteen plus years of AlN multilayer technology experience. AdTech also offers microwave modeling & design and developmental partnerships. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Hermetic Ceramic HTCC Packages

AdTech Ceramics offers custom hermetic feedthroughs for high reliability applications including microwave, spectrometry, high power and high frequency applications up to 30GHz using multi-layer co-fire technology. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Ceramic Packages for Photonics

AdTech Ceramics has an experienced employee base with a manufacturing capability for multilayer co-fired electronic packages. Our available products include custom Optical ceramic PCB Packages. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - High Density Ceramic Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

The production of Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) packages includes four distinct steps; these are material preparation, green processing, sintering, and post-fire processing. Material preparation consists of milling raw materials into a dielectric "green tape" as well as conductive inks. Green processing consists of punching cavities, via punch, via fill, screen-printing, and lamination. Once t... (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - High Density (HD) Alumina for RF Applications

Thin film substrate qualities matched with Multilayer High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) structures for use with flip chip, copper metallization and cavities. (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - Custom Ceramic Package Solutions

With over 30 years of MLC manufacturing experience and 15+ years of AlN multilayer technology Adtech Ceramics also offers Microwave Modeling and design. Applications include Military, Medical, Optoelectronic, High Frequency, High reliability and High Temperature Electronics (read more)

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company - AdTech Ceramics - Custom Ceramic Packages

AdTech Ceramics manufactures custom hermetic packaging solutions for high reliability microelectronic applications. AdTech Ceramics offers high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC), multi layer aluminum nitride (AlN), metal housings with ceramic feedthroughs, step lids and ceramic injection molded products. (read more)

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