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Aerotech, Inc. - HEX RC Multi-Axis Robotic Controller

4U high, rack-mount, six-axis controller for brush, brushless, and stepper motors

Ideal for controlling six-axis robotic systems like hexapods

Real-time A3200 distributed control architecture allows synchronized motion on up to 32 axes

FireWire® or ASCII command interface via TCP/IP

Program in native RS-274 G-c... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - ThermoComp–Mechatronic Solution to Thermal Errors

ThermoComp – The Complete Mechatronic Solution to Thermal Errors

Up to 90% of thermal-related errors in linear positioning stages can be eliminated

Easy-to-use, software-driven compensation

Eliminate both environmental and internal heating effects

Applicable for both linear motor and ball-screw linear stages

Temp... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - New Hexapod Targets Medium-Load, Ultra-Precision

Six-degree-of-freedom positioning with linear travels to 60 mm, angular travels to 30°, and payloads up to 45 kg

Ultra-precision design with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications

Minimum incremental motion to 20 nm in XYZ and 0.02 μrad in θxθyθz

Powerful controls and software wi... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Integrated Motion & Machine Control Solutions

Aerotech's new Integrated Motion and Machine Control Solutions brochure presents our latest machine automation products. Contents of the brochure include descriptions and specifications of all Aerotech controls and software, setup and configuration, advanced diagnostic and tuning capabilities, the integrated development environment, operator interface, software architecture, a rev... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - High-Speed, Direct-Drive Rotary Stage
  • Optimized system design for maximum acceleration
  • High-speed operation (up to 3000 rpm)
  • Integral captive pneumatic collet-chuck for minimal part motion during clamping
  • Type-D collet accepts 0.1 mm to 2 mm O.D. tubing
  • Clear aperture and guide system for product feed-through
  • Direct-drive brushless motor with optio...
(read more)
Aerotech, Inc. - Nmark GCL High-Performance Galvo Control

High-Performance Galvo Scanner Control

Closed-loop, two-axis servo drive for Aerotech's AGV series scanners

Infinite Field of View (IFOV) seamlessly combines scanner and servo motion to expand the scanner working area

Full servo state control with "zero-tracking error" eliminates speed-related part distortion such as necking on... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - QNP2 Series XY Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

QNP2 Series XY Piezo Nanopositioning Stages with 50 mm x 50 mm Aperture

Patent-pending design provides unmatched geometric performance

Superior multi-axis accuracy via parallel-kinematic design

Custom materials and vacuum versions

Travels to 120 μm x 120 μm

50 x 50 mm clear square aperture

Ae... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Redesigned Linear Stages Improve Process up to 98%

Up to 98% improvement in positioning resolution
Up to 46% improvement in positioning repeatability
Up to 40% improvement in geometric error motions
Up to 33% improvement in positioning accuracy

Aerotech’s PRO series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are now available in new sizes and with new fea... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - QFOCUS™ QF-46 piezo nanopositioning stages

Microscope-Objective Piezo Nanopositioner with
High-Dynamics and Resolution to 0.15 nm

  • Travels from 100 μm to 300 μm
  • High-stiffness and dynamics resulting in outstanding step-and-settle and scanning performance
  • Mounting flexibility with a variety of threaded adapters or mounting holes for custom mounting...
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Aerotech, Inc. - New Precision Motion Control Brochure

Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics features Aerotech's latest precision mechanics, state-of-the-art controls, customized motion subsystems, and intuitive software for fiber-optic alignment, bonding and laser welding, pick-and-place assembly, waveguide and fiber Bragg grating manufacture, and more. Products include the FiberMaxHP three-to-six... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - High-Dynamic Linear Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

High-Dynamic Linear Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

Aerotech’s QNPHD linear piezo nanopositioning stages provide the benefits of both a stage and actuator in one compact, high-stiffness package. With a direct-metrology, capacitive sensor feedback option, high resonant frequencies, and high load capacity, the QNPHD is ideal for a wide range of high-s... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech Training Sessions

Aerotech offers training to help you increase your understanding of our motion control products. Customers requiring technical training on any of our products should download the classroom Training Request form. Fill out all of the information and email it to

We can address any specific training requirements when the request for training is first made to ensu... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech Software Downloads

What's New in the Latest Version?

Read a summary of the new features for the latest releases of Aerotech software on the What's New? page of our blog.

Aerotech offers a range of software packages readily available for download. For licensed software and to access the complete software Release Notes you must have a valid software key. Free software, like Aerotech's Motor Siz... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech Custom Motion Control Solutions

Bring Your Machine to Life

Your design is unique. Shouldn’t your control system be, too? Aerotech’s control systems are tailored for your machine, to your specifications. Let our Control Systems Group experts bring global experience to your machine.

Please go HERE to see our mechanical wasp in action.

Adaptation: Rethinking existing stock

Ae... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - FiberMaxHP Multi-Axis Photonics Alignment System
  • From 3-6 axes of precision motion
  • Proven reliability for 24/7 manufacturing
  • Noncontact, direct-drive for all axes enabling high-throughput alignment
  • 2 nm linear and 0.05 μrad rotary minimum incremental motion
  • Powerful controls with standard scanning algorithms and virtual pivot-p...
(read more)
Aerotech, Inc. - Hexapod Guarantees Position Accuracy Specification
  • Six-degree-of-freedom positioning with linear travels to 110 mm and angular travels to 40°
  • Precision design with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications
  • Minimum incremental motion to 20 nm in XYZ and 0.02 μrad in θxθyθz
  • Flexible configurations and customization
  • Vacuum preparation available
(read more)
Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s QFOCUS™ QF1 piezo nanopositioning stage

Microscope Objective and Optics Positioning Piezo Stage with Nanometer Precision at High Speeds

100 μm closed-loop and 120 μm open-loop travels with custom travels available

High-stiffness and dynamics resulting in outstanding step-and-settle and scanning performance

Variety of threaded adapters for quick and easy attachment to... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech's CCS Series Rotary Stages

Aerotech's CCS series rotary stages (patent pending) with integrated captured collet chucks provide automated material handling capability for a wide range of materials and applications. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - A3200 Motion Controller

Aerotech's ground-breaking motion, vision, PLC, robotics and I/O platform, the A3200 (or Automation 3200), is used in many applications in semiconductor, data storage, medical laser processing, automotive and machine tool industries. The system features a high-performance, software-only motion controller (Nmotion® SMC) that offers 32 axes of synchronized motion control. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Easy Laboratory Automation with Ensemble LAB

Ensemble® Lab is designed for applications where ease of operation is desired without sacrificing overall system capability. The front-panel interface allows an operator to quickly execute simple operations such as jogging, homing, and moving to fixed positions. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s PlanarDL Series Stages

Aerotech's PlanarDL-series stages offer excellent geometric and dynamic performance in a compact, low-profile package. A variety of travel and performance options make this stage ideal for applications ranging from surface profilometry to LED wafer scribing. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech's A3200 Automation Motion Server

Family of Industrial PCs Preconfigured with Aerotech's A3200 Motion Controller

Intel i5 and i7 processors

Rack or panel-mount versions

DVI and HDMI video outputs

Optional EtherCAT™ or PROFINET interface

Real time, high-speed TCP stack ideal for smart cameras and Ethernet-based I/O

Solid-state... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Ensemble QL/QLe Networked Panel-Mount Piezo Drive

Design Features

  • Networkable with any Ensemble drive to control up to ten axes of piezo and/or servomotor stages
  • Single or multi-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO) for real-time triggering of events
  • Available with high-precision (to 20-bit) sensor resolution for capacitive sensor feedback
  • Thermally-stable feedback circuit design option<.../li>
(read more)
Aerotech, Inc. - RCP-DELTA Delta Robot and Controller

The RCP-DELTA is available in four models that support payloads up to 3 kg, with X/Y operating ranges of 500/800/1100/1300 mm, and an optional continuous rotation about the Z axis (yaw). Extensive use of carbon fiber and light-weight aluminum results in a robot that is capable of sustaining 200 pick-and-place operations per minute with peak acceleration on the order of 15g. With absolute... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Ensemble QDe Desktop Piezo Drive

The Ensemble QDe™ is a high-performance desktop nanopositioning piezo drive designed for seamless use with the Ensemble family of drives and controllers. The QDe connects to any Ensemble controller network enabling coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at much higher rates than other controller or drive products. This power and versatility make the Ensemble QDe ide... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Integrated, Open Frame, XY Linear-Motor Stage

Aerotech’s PlanarDLA integrated, open-frame stages have high dynamics and exceptional geometric performance in a low-profile package. These stages are essential for applications ranging from two-sided LED wafer processing where high-dynamics and micrometer-level straightness are required, to quasi-static optical metrology where high-accuracy and precise geometric perform... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Z-Axis Piezo Nanopositioners

Z-Axis Piezo Nanopositioners for Extreme Precision Applications

Aerotech QNP-Z series piezo nanopositioning stages join Aerotech’s growing piezo stage family that includes the QNP-L linear and QNP-XY stages. The QNP-Z series provides the resolution, linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for the most demanding applications from microscopy to optics align... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Economical, High-Accuracy, Two-Axis Gimbal Design

The AMG-GR series of gear-driven motorized gimbals provide economical, high-accuracy elevation-over-azimuth positioning. These gimbals are built using the primary positioning elements of the robust and economical AGR-series rotary stage. The AMG-GR is available in a variety of standard travel ranges. Due to the flexibility of the design, customized travels are easily accommodated. A vari... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - PlanarHDX planar air bearing platform

Aerotech has developed the PlanarHDX, the most advanced commercially available planar air-bearing platform for semiconductor manufacturing and advanced test and inspection. The PlanarHDX was designed using an FEA-optimized silicon carbide structure and optimized air-bearing compensation techniques to provide the highest possible dynamic performance while maintaining unparalleled geometri... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech XY Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

Aerotech QNP-XY series piezo nanopositioning stages provide the resolution, linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for the most demanding applications from microscopy to optics alignment. With resolution to 0.15 nm, linearity to 0.007%, and repeatability to 2 nm, nanometer-level precision is assured. With the highest dynamics (resonant frequency and stiffness) of any other... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - High Accuracy, Open Frame Galvo Scanner

The highly repeatable and thermally stable feedback sensors used on the AGV-HPO scanner systems can be calibrated down to single-digit, micron-level accuracy over the field of view. With the extremely low thermal gain drift performance of the position transducers, complex, high-density laser machining applications will maintain consistent micron-level feature placement accuracy over the... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - QNP-L Series Linear Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

Aerotech’s QNP-L series linear piezo nanopositioning stages give nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel and feedback options make these stages ideal for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment.

High Quality in a Compact Package
The QNP-L linear piezo stages are guided by precision flexures optimized... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s MPS75SLE linear positioning stage

A compact, high-performance linear positioning stage, Aerotech’s MPS75SLE features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25 nm. Ideal applications include optics positioning, z-axis positioning of sensors in surface metrology, and in general purpose high-precision alignment. Quick and straightforward m... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - PlanarSL Two Axis Ball-Screw Stages

Aerotech’s PlanarSL mechanical bearing, ball-screw-driven XY stages offer exceptional performance in a cost-effective, low-profile package. Combining two axes of motion in a compact package, the PlanarSL is the perfect solution for applications ranging from surface metrology to general high-precision automation.Robust, High-Precision DesignThe... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s Npaq® 6U High-Power Drive Rack

Aerotech’s Npaq® 6U is a high-power drive rack that uses plug-in amplifiers supporting both linear and PWM topologies to control brushless, DC brush or stepper motors. PWM amps offer up to 320 VDC operating voltage and 30 A peak current capability. Linear amplifiers provide up to 80 V and 20 A peak current for high power, low-noise applications.

Featuring... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - High Volume Manufacturing: Aerotech

Aerotech is a key supplier to major automation programs for end-users, system integrators and OEMs worldwide. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s MPS-SV Series Lift Stages

Aerotech’s MPS-SV series lift stages provide high-performance elevation motion in a compact, cost-effective design. These lift stages are engineered for applications ranging from laboratory research to high-reliability production processes and are offered in two sizes – the MPS50SV and MPS75SV. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - WaferMax T Rotary Stage

Aerotech's WaferMax T rotary stage is an excellent choice for applications that require high performance in a low-height package. Originally designed for the demands of precision wafer inspection, the WaferMax T has been applied to a multitude of applications. A standard 25 mm aperture allows for easy pass-through of vacuum lines where limited rotation is required. If continuous rotation... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - ACT115DL Linear Actuator by AEROTECH

The ACT115DL is a high performance, cost-effective, linear-servomotor-driven actuator that is faster and more accurate than a ball screw or belt-drive without the costly, time-consuming maintenance required. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s Sensor Fusion

Aerotech’s Sensor FusionTM is a 3U data acquisition device integrated with our Automation 3200 (A3200) motion controller to provide precise time alignment of motion and data acquisition functions. Integrating the data acquisition into the motion control platform allows for a cost-effective data acquisition solution with quick and easy configuration and setup for shorter... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Additive Manufacturing Systems & Components

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are set to revolutionize multiple areas of technology and manufacturing. The dispensing of compounds and coatings requires a 3D motion system to move either the printing head or the substrate with up to six degrees of freedom. Overall system accuracy and throughput are vitally important to creating complex structures with a commercially viable proce... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s Nmark AGV-HP Advanced Galvanometers

Aerotech’s Nmark AGV-HP advanced galvanometers use innovative optical feedback technology to increase resolution to greater than 24 bits. Both the standard AGV and higher performance AGV-HP series scanners may be directly driven by Aerotech’s Nmark CLS galvo controller. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Direct-Drive Z-Axis Nanopositioners by Aerotech

Direct-Drive Z-Axis Nanopositioners Meet the Requirements of Your Most Demanding Positioning Applications (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - AGR Mechanical-Bearing Gear-Drive Rotary Stage

AGR series motorized rotary stages provide significant improvements in speed, load capacity, and long-term positioning performance over previous generations of worm-gear-drive stages. AGR series stages address a wide range of applications for general purpose positioning in laboratory and industrial uses.

Design Features

  • Enhanced speed and load capacity
  • L
(read more)
Aerotech, Inc. - Generate Motion Programs from Your CAD Drawing

CADFusion bridges the gap between part drawings and motion control. Users need only import a vector-based DXF drawing into this easy-to-use environment to see the resulting tool path graphically on CADFusion’s canvas. (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - EtherCAT interface for I/O

Aerotech announces the addition of EtherCAT to the A3200 Integrated Automation platform that offers motion control, PLC, and I/O in a single, integrated environment. The EtherCAT interface provides users with the ability to seamlessly incorporate additional high- and low-power digital and analog I/O into a system.

Users import the EtherCAT I/O configuration file into the A3200 Mot... (read more)

Aerotech, Inc. - Aerotech’s MPS-GR Series Rotary Stages

MPS-GR Miniature, Gear-Drive Rotary Stages for Tight Spaces. Aerotech's MPS-GR series rotary stages provide accurate, repeatable positioning in a miniature, low profile and economical package. Available in two sizes - the MPS50GR and MPS75GR - they are engineered for the confines and requirements of a laboratory or research and development setting. (read more)