Air Products PRISM Membranes has promoted these products:

Air Products PRISM Membranes - New N3 Nitrogen Separators Save Energy and Space

Air Products Prism Membranes introduces new high-performance fiber to make nitrogen from compressed air. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - Membrane Air Dryer -- PE6040

Air Products’ PRISM® PE membrane dryers are a cost-effective way to manufacture a continuous stream of dry air on-site. These robust dryers use selective permeation, a passive technology, to separate water vapor from the air stream. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - Nitrogen Membrane Separator Module

Whether you’re separating air for a high purity nitrogen stream, or converting biogas into usable methane, Air Products PRISM membranes team can work with you to determine if an existing commercial membrane can satisfy your application or if a custom design can be provided. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Benefits of PRISM Membranes

• Field-proven in a wide variety of applications
• Significant savings available vs. other technologies
• Easily expandable systems
• Lightweight and compact
• Minimal maintenance on membranes and systems
• No moving parts
• Convenient for remote locations (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - Hydrogen Upgrading with Prism Membranes

PRISM Membrane separators generate gas onsite in the following industries: aerospace, oil and gas, food and beverage, marine, and many others. Primary applications include nitrogen generation, air dehydration, hydrogen recovery, biogas upgrading, and the generation of oxygen enriched air. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - Hydrogen Gas Upgrading with Membranes

Air Products Prism Membranes are on the job purifying hydrogen gas streams in refineries and petrochemical plants. Take a look inside this unique technology. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - PRISM® Separators Oil Refinery Applications

With PRISM® SEPARATORS, purge gas streams from hydro-processors can be upgraded to hydrogen purities of 92% to 98% at recoveries of 85% to 95%. The PRISM® SEPARATORS in this system recover high purity hydrogen from an off-gas stream for use as make-up hydrogen. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - Biogas Upgrading Membrane Separators

Air Products' PRISM Membranes offers six different membrane separators for biogas purification. More than any membrane manufacturer. (read more)

Air Products PRISM Membranes - Pro-Line GEN 1 Nitrogen Generator for Offshore

The Pro-Line GEN1 Nitrogen generator meets or exceeds engineering requirements for offshore applications. Leverage 20 years of engineering and execution excellence to deliver a nitrogen system to your offshore or shipboard application on time and on budget. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Air Products PRISM Membranes:


Coral Floating LNG platform requires lots of nitrogen to keep operations safe offshore. Air Products PRISM Membranes wins the contract to supply two PA Membrane nitrogen systems for this massive project.


Air Products’ California Fueling Stations Offering Hydrogen Below $10 Per Kilogram


First farm-waste to hydrogen-fuel plant commissioned in Japan using Air Product's PB Membrane and Smart Fuel technology.

Pipeline Pigout App 11/30/2016

Use the Air Products Pipe Pigout app to calculate the nitrogen volume, flow rate and pressure suitable to push your pig and complete the purge or displacement.


Air Products Selected for Hydrogen Fueling Station in Torrance, California


Air Products was a finalist selected for the prestigious ONS Innovation Award, recognized for CO2 Capture by Membrane Technology


Air Products start-up of the membrane nitrogen generator for the Shell Prelude FLNG


We now offer six different PRISM® Membrane Separators for biogas upgrading. The two new membrane separators are designed for lower biogas processing capacity, which constitutes the largest number of digesters globally.


Air Products PRISM Membranes is a leading manufacturer of gas separation membranes, and this certification confirms that our biogas separation product meets the European standards for design, manufacture and safe operation.


Air Products has reached new levels of success in the maritime industry. This interview with Tom Cantero describes how his team has leveraged their experience in securing the top maritime projects by providing engineering expertise.

We have a new CEO! 06/18/2014

Air Products’ Board of Directors announced that Seifi Ghasemi has been named its new chairman, president and chief executive officer, effective July 1.


The Air Products Norway Team received its single largest order of shipboard nitrogen systems in the last 30 years. The order involves retrofitting 25 LNG vessels and uses Air Products’ proprietary PRISM® membrane technology.


Air Products fabricated and sold 500 PRISM® Membrane Process Gas Systems to customers all around the world.


Air Products has been selected by Harvey Gulf International Marine to supply Nitrogen Membrane Generators for the six newly ordered LNG fueled Platform Supply Vessels.


Air Products AS is delivering Nitrogen Generator Packages to the Ichtyhs LNG Offshore project outside Australia.


Air Products’ (NYSE:APD) PRISM® Membrane technology is enabling vehicles to run on methane at quasar energy group’s biomethane refueling facility in Columbus, Ohio.


Charles Page delivered a retrospective synopsis of the evolution of the commercialization of membrane technology into the industrial sector in his address at the 22nd Annual North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Convention.