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Ambrell has promoted these products/services:

Ambrell - New EKOHEAT Systems

The new line of Ambrell induction heating systems is versatile, modular and available at up to 1200 kW. The new systems have a modular design which enables power to be added to each system later if application requirements change. (read more)

Ambrell - Induction Melting from Ambrell & ITC

Ambrell and ITC have partnered to offer clients the most effective induction melting systems for their applications. (read more)

Ambrell -  Flexible EASYCOIL...for oddly shaped parts

Large, oddly shaped parts and unique heating requirements can make using a traditional copper coil challenging. Luckily, that’s no longer a barrier thanks to Ambrell’s flexible EASYCOIL. It is perfect for slow heating and bulk heating applications. (read more)

Ambrell - Induction Heating...benefits tube /pipe mfgr's

Ambrell -Whether you are involved in hot bending, weld stress relieving, heat treating, coating or brazing, induction heating from Ambrell may be the right approach for your operation. (read more)

Ambrell - braze carbides onto steel

The EASYHEAT induction heating systems will be used to braze carbides onto steel to create pipe grippers. (read more)

Ambrell -  Induction Heating Consulting...Complimentary

Companies can have their parts tested at the nearest Ambrell Precision Induction Heating Applications Lab to prove their heating process and receive a tailored systems recommendation at no charge. (read more)

Ambrell - Benefits of induction compared to torch heating

The following article will highlight the primary reasons why you may want to consider induction if you’re currently torch brazing, or using a torch for another heating process. (read more)

Ambrell - Choosing an Induction Heating Manufacturer

Read about some key considerations when you're comparing induction heating manufacturers. (read more)

Ambrell - Using Induction for Heat Staking

Ambrell, Injection-molded plastic parts are used increasingly in industry thanks to their strength and reduced weight compared to metal. Read Dr. Dahake's informative article on using induction heating for heat staking metal inserts. (read more)

Ambrell - Video: Nanoparticle Heating Solutions from Ambrell

A new video highlights the Ambrell Nanoparticle Heating Kit and the available temperature monitoring options. (read more)

Ambrell - Ambrell Sells EKOHEAT for a Casting Application

The induction system will be used to melt heavy metals in a graphite furnace (read more)

Ambrell - Learn About Induction Heating Work Coils

Work coils are a critical component to any induction heating system. In light of this, Ambrell Precision Induction Heating has created an educational brochure. (read more)

Ambrell - Anneal Ammunition Cartridge Casings w/ Induction

There are numerous benefits to using induction instead of an oven or a gas flame. Read on for more information... (read more)

Ambrell - Using induction to heat large parts efficiently

An Ambrell EASYCOIL was used in tandem with an Ambrell EKOHEAT induction heating system at a customer facility for an oil industry preheating application (read more)

Ambrell - Ambrell Offers Solutions for Crystal Growing

Learn more by visiting Ambrell online or by visiting Ambrell at the American Conference for Crystal Growth and Epitaxy in Keystone, CO. (read more)

Ambrell - Heating Nanoparticles with Induction

Induction heating systems generate alternating magnetic fields in the laboratory to elevate and manage the temperature of a solution of nanoparticles. (read more)

Ambrell - Benefits of induction compared to oven heating

While induction heating systems may require a larger initial investment than an oven, they offer numerous benefits which can result in a lower operating cost. Read the article for a few of the most common benefits that you should consider when comparing the two options. (read more)

Ambrell - Metal-to-Plastic Insertion with Induction Heating

Induction offers fast, precise, repeatable heating, while avoiding defects such as flashing and burning. (read more)

Ambrell - Induction Heating Solutions for Aerospace

Ambrell is a key provider to aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. Induction’s fast, repeatable, controllable, non-contact heating makes it an ideal solution for the industry. (read more)

Ambrell - Ambrell Provides Heating Solutions for Forging

Ambrell has seen elevated business from companies in the forging industry thanks to a robust expanded line of induction heating systems and induction's benefits when compared to furnace heating (read more)

Ambrell - Induction Heating - Cure Brake Rotor Coatings

Ambrell - Induction heating offers many advantages over ovens for drying/curing brake rotor coatings. (read more)

Ambrell - Induction Heating for Solar Cell Assembly

Learn how induction heating from Ambrell can boost productivity, reduce energy costs and increase product quality for solar cell assembly stringing and tabbing applications. (read more)

Ambrell -  Induction Heating Preheating Drill Bits/ Brazing

Ambrell - EKOHEAT Induction Heating Systems are an ideal solution for rapidly preheating drill bits; read a full brochure for more information. (read more)

Ambrell - Induction Heating System... for Pipe Bending

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems,has sold an EKOHEAT 125 kW/10 kHz induction heating system to a manufacturer of pressure control products for the oil industry. (read more)

Ambrell - Why use induction for brazing?

Learn about the advantages of brazing with induction heating from Ambrell (read more)