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AMETEK Brookfield - Practical Course on Texture Testing and Analysis

Educational Programs . . . the perfect complement to the CT3 Textrue Analyzer / Tester.

Consistency is vital in the success of any product and understanding texture measurements is a key part to maintaining that quality control. We offer our Practical Course on Texture Testing and Analysis course to help comprehend the functionality of your instrument and create methods that work. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - The Guide to More Solutions

It explains the process of making rheological measurements and suggests Brookfield instrumentation for specific applications. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Rheometers RST-STT Touch and DV3T

Recommended instrument choices for Construction Materials

Construction industry manufactures a wide range of materials with to medium to high viscosity. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Viscometer Equipped with Magnetic Spindle Coupling
  • NEW KU-3 Viscometer which is ideal for measurement of paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and pastes, revolutionizes ease of use. Special magnetic spindle coupling enables rapid spindle attachment before the viscosity test and quick release afterward for cleanup.
(read more)
AMETEK Brookfield - Educational Programs

. . . the perfect complement to any AMETEK Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer

Get a solid understanding of proper test method procedures, types of fluid behavior, and proper instrument use for your Brookfield viscometer or rheometer at the following upcoming training event. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - FAST101/MXTS

The FAST101/MXTS is a simple solution to viscosity control when special features or elaborate operator interfaces are not required. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - New DVE Digital Viscometer Features More Options

The DVE Viscometer featuring a brand new user interface and keypad. The updated DVE now has a contemporary design, adopting the look & feel of the DV1, DV2T and DV3T family! (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - PVS Pressurized Rheometer/TT100 InLine Viscometer

AMETEK Brookfield, global leader in lab and process viscometers, has successfully provided its PVS pressurized rheometer and TT-100 inline viscometer to pressure pumping operations at oil/gas well sites for determining the rheological properties of drilling and fracturing fluids. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Precision Temperature Control

The Ametek Brookfield DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer provides customers with integrated temperature control right from the screen. The DV3T was engineered to allow the user to control the temperature of Brookfield TC Series Baths or the Brookfield Thermosel System without a PC. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Viscosity Standards

Newtonian Fluids for verifying calibration of your viscometer (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Process Viscometer for Investment Casting Slurries

The AST-100IPRI Viscometer is inserted into the slurry and outputs continuous measurement of viscosity and temperature. The instrument enables automatic viscosity control and improved quality assurance over cup method. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Measuring Cheese Stringiness Great Results

Brookfield Engineering offers the new TA-CEF Cheese Extensibility Fixture for use with the CT3 Texture Analyzer. This fixture is specifically designed to measure the stringiness of molten cheese. The TA-CEF is a valuable tool for manufacturers who produce cheese related products and also for academic institutions researching cheese products. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Noodle Tensile Fixture for Perfect Pasta!

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories offers the TA-NTF Noodle Tensile Fixture for their CT3 Texture Analyzer. The Noodle Tensile Fixture is designed to test the extensibility and tensile breaking strength of noodles, pasta, and other similar food items. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Chocolate Testing System for the Perfect Flow!

Measuring chocolate viscosity and determining the Plastic Viscosity and Casson Yield Value are critical steps to optimizing chocolate flow properties. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Solution to Hot & Humid Powder Flow Problems

It’s well known that powder flow problems can cost manufacturers substantial down time and expense. Blockages in lines, feeders and hoppers can shut down production and result in unsatisfactory products. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - for In-Line System Applications

The TT-100® In-Line Viscometer is designed to provide years of trouble-free service in closed loop systems which require constant monitoring and associated control of product viscosity. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - UNO Program for Ink Systems

Brookfield’s UNO Ink System is a complete package for control and correction for all printing applications. The AST100-Ink will be the perfect press assistant and will maintain your inks, varnishes and coatings to their optimal printing condition. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - New DV1 Viscometer with Continuous Sensing

. . . new look, new feel and new features!

Brookfield Engineeriing introduces the new DV1 Viscometer - the lowest-cost, continuous sensing digital viscometer in the Brookfield family of instruments. Almost every part of the instrument sports a fresh new appearance from top to bottom. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Adhesion Testing Keeps You in the QC Loop

Brookfield Engineering offers the new TA-LTT Loop Tack Tester for use with the CT3 Tester. The TA-LTT Loop Tack Tester is designed for testing the adhesive strength of materials per ASTM D2979. The sample is adhered to a slide that is placed in the bottom fixture. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - New DV2T Viscometer Touch Screen Technology

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has taken the ease of touch-screen technology and applied it to the DV-II Series, their best-selling viscometer. By merging the DV-II and touch screen technology into the New DV2T, Brookfield has created the most advanced user experience in viscosity testing and measurement. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - General Peeling Jig for Right Lid Strength

Brookfield Engineering introduces the TA-GPJ – General Peeling Jig was developed to measure the force required to peel the lid off a sealed container. A strong adhesive bond is critical to preventing contamination and spoilage, but ease and consistency when opening is important to consumers. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - Steady Actuation Pressure More Accurate Dosage!

AAPS Show Chicago, IL Stop by our Booth #1739 Brookfield Engineering Laboratories offers the TA-MDI Meter Dose Inhaler Fixture for the CT3 Analyzer. The Meter Dose Inhaler Fixture measures the push-button force required to actuate an inhaler. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - CAP 1000+ & CAP 2000+ Cone Plate Viscometers

Brookfield, the world leader in measurement and control of viscosity, recently introduced the new and improved CAP1000+ & CAP 2000+ Cone/Plate Viscometer, a flexible R&D instrument with excellent material performance testing capabilities. (read more)


Automate testing in your paint lab with the KU-2 Viscometer, a simple and direct measurement of Krebs Units. (read more)

AMETEK Brookfield - AST-100® In-Line Process Viscosity Controller

The AST-100 In-Line Viscosity Controller with advanced sensor technology is simple in design, rugged and reliable. It has no moving parts and its clean-in-place design make it a low maintenance device. (read more)

News articles and press releases for AMETEK Brookfield:


AMETEK Brookfield, a global leader in lab and process viscometers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph Plante as Division Vice President/Business Unit Manager.


AMETEK announced on Feb. 8, 2016 that it has completed the acquisition of Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, an international manufacturer of viscometers and rheometers.


Brookfield Engineering has donated a PFT Powder Flow Tester to the new Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center.


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Frank Jiang to the position of Brookfield General Manager in China.


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is pleased to announce the appointment of Nilay Shah to the new position of International Sales and Marketing Manager for laboratory products and services.


In 2014 Brookfield Engineering is celebrating 80 years of innovation and customer service. It began in 1933 when Donald Brookfield, Sr. envisioned a new, unconventional approach to measuring viscosity.


Brookfield is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerhard Baumann as the new Managing Director for Brookfield GmbH headquartered in Lorch, Baden-Wuerttemberg.


Brookfield's special AST-100 Process Viscometer with single station controller are the essential components of our new UNO System for the printing industry.


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Chiang to the position of Product Manager - Texture Analyzers. Eric will be serving in the place of Len Thibodeau who has recently announced his retirement.


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, has updated the look and added new content to their website. is easy-to-navigate and full of valuable information for both the novice and seasoned professional.


Brookfield’s Powder Flow Tester has been selected for inclusion in the 49th Annual R&D 100 Awards. The R&D 100 Awards recognize the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.


Viscometers, Rheometers, Texture Analyzers and Powder Flow Testers


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc, the world leader in viscosity measurement and control, has helped a well know German artisan cheese manufacturer automate hot cheese measurement and production control, leading to greater process efficiencies.


Now Brookfield Customers Can Have Both.


When it comes to viscosity testing and characterization, the numerous formulations and complex structures of automotive paints and coatings pose a real challenge.


Brookfield's on-site service engineers, Jerry Carroll and Andrew Crawford, are providing a valuable service to Brookfield customers.


Brookfield Engineering celebrates its 75th Anniversary with the introduction of the New RS Portable Rheometer.


In celebrating Brookfield's 75th Anniversary has recently been updated with a fresh new face and some valuable new features.


Brookfield Engineering celebrates it’s 75th anniversary in 2009 by holding prices at their current level.


BrookfieldEngineering introduces TexturePro CT Software for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It is designed specifically for use with Brookfield’s new CT3 Texture Analyzer which connects directly to any USB port on your computer.


Maximize Your Brookfield Viscosity and Texture Measurements! Brookfield, the world standard for viscosity measurement and control, offers three courses that provide users of Brookfield instrumentation with


Brookfield Engineering introduces the New CT3 Texture Analyzer, the most powerful, lowest cost, stand-alone Texture Analyzer ever produced.


Brookfield Engineering introduces the newly redesigned DV-II+Pro Viscometer. The shape, color scheme and keypad layout have all been updated with a contemporary new look.


Brookfield Engineering hosts, a free informational website and resource dedicated to professionals in the viscosity and texture analysis marketplace.


Brookfield Engineering introduces Rheo3000 Software for use with their R/S Rheometers. This new software features an updated fresh appearance and 21 CFR Compliance.


Brookfield Engineering introduces protective Keypad Covers for many Brookfield instruments.


Brookfield Engineering introduces the New R/S Plus Rheometer, complete with all the features Brookfield customers are familiar with, plus a brand new look.


Brookfield Sales Engineer and Rheology Lab Supervisor, David Moonay, Ph.D., has been awarded a U.S. patent for an algorithm he developed that provides “multi-decade viscometric or rheologic measurements of a material undergoing state change.”


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is pleased to announce the appointment of Vincent Hebert to the position of Senior Sales Engineer. Vincent is a graduate of Roger Williams University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Chiang to the position of Senior Sales Engineer.