Product Announcements



BOXCO Inc. has promoted these products:

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic enclosure IP66/67

-BOXCO IP66/67 Molded hinge type & latch type Plastic enclosure (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Terminal box with 20pin

1. There are 20P, 20P-T, 20P-A, 20P-2 models.
2. Terminal block can be separable so it is easy to work. (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic Enclosure (Screw Bolt Type)

BOXCO S-type Plastic Enclosure< S series > - Lift off screw cover type (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - SMPS CASE(screw lid type)

It has hole for installing vent in front (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - SMPS CASE(control box for wiring)

There are each three knockouts of 21mm in top and bottom and two U holes for drop wire. (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - PBT terminal box

1. This terminal block box is made of PBT with excellent heat resistance.
2. There are 3P, 4P, 6P models.
3. It is integrated type of cable glands and terminal block and easy to work. (read more)