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BTECH, Inc. - Battery Ground Monitor

The BTECH Ground fault monitor detects dangerous Battery to ground faults. Whether the fault is from a leaking battery or inadvertent bus connection to the battery Rack, the BGM-500 Detects the Fault and reports an alarm. (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - What's in the Box?

If you have generators, you want them to start reliably. Monitor your GenSet batteries with the new CellQ1 Battery Monitoring System. (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - BTECH’s newest release

BTECH’s newest release of its industry leading Battery Validation Management Software (BVM) includes powerful new battery management features and capabilities that bring valuable benefits to end users. (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - Why Invest In Predictive Battery Monitoring?

Because You Are Eliminating A Major Vulnerability

Your Contingency Plan is in place but screens just went black and vital applications are down. You planned carefully and invested capital to secure reliable power backup systems but your network stopped running for no apparent reason. You scramble for answers… the clock is ticking… (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - A Day in the Life of a Battery in New York City

Are you monitoring your battery impedance based on initial or average measurements? If your answer is the latter, you may be putting your battery performance at risk when it's needed the most - during a power failure. This presentation explores a case where a company was using average impedance values to determine when to service their batteries - and what went wrong! (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - Are you rolling the dice ?
  • Are you rolling the dice with your critical power backup systems?
  • Are you concerned about risk due to battery failure, or lost revenue due to downtime?
  • Would you like to extend the life of your expensive battery strings?
  • Did you know that 85% of UPS and power backup failures are due to the batteries or their improper man...
(read more)
BTECH, Inc. - BTECH Monitors Key Battery Parameters in Real Time

BTECH's benchmark product designed for a wide variety of applications (UPS/Telco/Switchgear), the S5 can collect date from any battery type including cells with the highest amp hour rating (4000+), and the S5 systems will record all battery parameters. (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - Monitoring Systems for Telecom Applications

Customers looking to collect battery data from Central Office and Remote Telecommunications sites rely on BTECH’s S5 Battery Monitoring and Validation Systems to provide the Real-Time data and analysis required to support these mission critical systems. The S5 system is designed to collect reliable data on even the largest Amp hour cells (read more)

BTECH, Inc. - Battery Validation Manager Software

BTECH’s software is unparalleled in the industry. With comprehensive trend analysis, graphing and report functions, the Battery Validation Manager (BVM) software is a powerful tool for analyzing voltage, impedance and temperature measurement that allows the predictability of battery performance. (read more)