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BUG-O Systems, Inc. - GO-FERĀ® IV - Portable Tractor, Cutting & Welding

It’s like having three units in one! When used for cutting, you can utilize either oxy-fuel or plasma torches. It can also carry a Plasma torch for gouging. The GO-FER® IV can be used in all positions. The system includes rack & pinion drive and the wheels are secured within the V groove in the sides of the rail. These features allow travel in any plane, even upside down. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - K-BUG 1200 Gear Driven Fillet Welding Tractor

The K-BUG 1200 is a compact, portable, straight-line tractor equipped with a rugged gear drive and an improved torch adjustment profile. The Gear drive has been incorporated to handle the strain of prolonged operation and to improve reliability. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Programmable SE-4PD, SE-2PTD and SE-4PTD Machines

The Programmable SE-4PD, SE-2PTD and SE-4PTD Machines provide dual programming capabilities. A “Pipe” program for making Saddle Cuts, Offset Cuts, Laterals and Miters. A second (selectable) program is used for cutting customized shapes in pipes. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - K-BUG 4000 Digital, Compact Fillet Welder

The K-BUG 4000 digital, compact fillet welder creates continuous or intermittent “stitch” welds at a constant travel speed producing high quality, uniform welds in a fraction of the time required for manual welding. Digital programming of travel pattern and weld control eliminates excessive weld deposition and helps reduce defects. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - K-BUG 6100 All Position Linear Weaver Hi-Flex Rail

The KBUG-6100 is a compact portable welding unit with an integrated linear weaver for all position welding. It runs on BUG-O Systems Aluminum Rigid Rail which attaches to the work surface via magnets or vacuum system in any position. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - K-BUG 6000 All Position Linear Weave Welder

The K-BUG 6000 is a compact portable welding unit with an integrated linear weaver for all position welding. It runs on BUG-O Systems Aluminum Rigid Rail which attaches to the work surface via magnets or vacuum system in any position. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Zipper Welder

The Bug-O Zipper Welder is designed to weld vertical seams on field storage tanks. The system is composed of two standard components: box rail assembly with carriage and the Modular Drive tractor. The box rail assembly with carriage hangs over the top lip of the course section. It can be rolled into position and is held there by powerful on/off magnets. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Piper-Plus Pipe Welding System

The PIPER-PLUS provides the proven durability and capabilities of the original PIPER-BUG plus several new ones. Digitally integrated with the Lincoln Electric Powerwave S-350 power source and Autodrive 4R220 wire feeder, the PIPER-PLUS is capable of STT Root, GMAW-Pulse Vertical up and Vertical down, FCAW Vertical up Fill and Cap. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Digital Compact Fillet Welder with Oscillation

The Bug-O K-BUG 3000 digital, compact, fillet welder with oscillation is designed for welding fillet joints. A lightweight, portable carriage utilizing powerful magnets and guide wheels clamps and tracks directly to the work piece. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - BUG-O Computer-Controlled Pipe-Cutting Machine

The MM1 is a computer-controlled machine that automates the cutting of profiles, holes and shapes on pipe with diameters from 4" to 16" (10-40 cm). A 4" to 24" (10-61 cm) model is available. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - MDS Programmable Shape Machine

The Modular Drive Programmable Shape Machine is an easy to use 2-axis machine which you can program to run any contour or pattern for both welding or cutting applications. A handheld terminal supplied with the machine is used to program the required shape and operation sequence. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Circle Welder for Pipe Couplings

The CW-5 (CWO-1500) Circle Welder is designed for single pass or multipass welding of couplings on sprinkler pipe, utilizing MIG or Flux Cored process, with gas shielding. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - CB-1P Plasma Circle Burner

CB-1P Plasma Circle Burner, for cutting beveled holes in lightwall pipe or vessels with wall thicknesses up to 5/16" (7 mm). (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Universal Bugomatic

The UNIVERSAL BUG-O-MATIC is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive and precision oscillator all in one housing. The unit is lightweight and can easily be handled by one operator. The machine works in all positions and can be used for vertical and overhead welds. By simply changing the carriage, the unit can work on rigid rail, semi-flex rail, hi-flex rail or complete ring... (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Beam Bug Cuts Beams, Channels & Angles

Reduce material handling and cut beams, channels and angles in place.
The BEAM BUG is a lightweight, easy to carry machine designed to cut beams, channels and angles from one rail setting. It produces smooth, square, accurate cuts and virtually eliminates grinding and touch up. Now, you can take the machine to the work and greatly reduce material handling costs. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - All-Position Overlay System

The All-Position Overlay System is designed for pulp digesters, boiler tube walls or any vessel or surface that requires overlay repair. The system will travel at a regulated, precise travel speed producing consistent uniform overlay patterns. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Stiffener Welder

The Stiffener Welder is a self contained, dual head welding travel carriage with integrated wire feeders and spool mounts. It will produce continuous or programmable imtermittent fillet welds on stiffeners with heights of 4" to 18" (102-457mm) and widths of 4" to 12" (102-305mm). (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Programmable Stitch Welds - Bug-O's Uni-bug III!

The UNI-BUG III will make continuous or intermittent stitch welds. The machine will mount and run directly on the work piece. Each carriage is designed to fit on a specific steel profile. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Trac-Bug Compact Friction Drive Cutting Machine

The Trac-Bug is a compact friction drive cutting machine that will ride on any standard 6" (152 mm) V-grooved track. A solid-state variable speed control allows the Trac-Bug to travel and carry a torch at precise speeds producing a machined quality cut or bevel. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Self-Propelled Girth Welder Reduces Welding Time

The Girth Welder is a self-propelled welding system for field storage tank welding. It can reduce field storage tank welding time up to 40%. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - CIR-O Circular Drives Machines

CIR-O machines are lightweight, heavt-duty, multiple-use circular drives. Each of three sizes of machines has a positive rack and pinion drive and infinately variable speed control which provides smooth accurate travel in all positions. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Hole-Borer, Beveler and Welder From BUG-O

The DC HOB-O is a lightweight precision Hole Borer, Beveler, and Welder that is easy to use. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - BUG-O Gantry and Side Beam Units

BUG-O Gantry and Side Beam Units are custom designed assemblies that are used in a variety of applications such as automated seam welding, beam and stiffener fabrication as well as cutting applications such as stripping and edge preparation. (read more)

BUG-O Systems, Inc. - Fixturing Equipment

Bug-O Systems offers fixturing equipment that includes freestanding torch supports (with and without automatic height control), manipulators and standalone weavers. (read more)

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