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Badger Meter introduces RCT1000 Coriolis Mass
Flow Meters, the latest addition to an extensive line of flow instrumentation
products. The RCT1000 provides the ability to simultaneously measure mass,
volume, density, and temperature, providing control options to synchronize
precision processes.
"More than simply a flow meter, the RCT1000 Coriolis Flow System is
(read more)

Badger Meter - RCVcalc Makes Valve Sizing Easy

Badger Meter is thrilled to introduce its new sizing software for Research Control® Valves (RCV). This software will adapt to the unique process requirements of a plant and guides specifiers through selecting the right control valve for any project. With more than 2000 different media available and the ability to create customized media, plus automatic phase identification... (read more)

Badger Meter - M-Series® Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Our electromagnetic flow meters are designed to achieve ± 0.25 percent accuracy. In addition, the non-intrusive, completely open flow tube design virtually eliminates pressure loss. And with no moving parts to impede the flow stream, maintenance is kept to a minimum – even in less than ideal fluid conditions. (read more)

Badger Meter - Badger Meter Impeller Products

Badger Meter impeller products and water flow sensors are used to measure liquids in a variety of industrial and commercial markets. These insertion and inline impeller meters serve a wide range of markets including irrigation, HVAC, energy management, water treatment, fire fighting apparatus and general industrial. (read more)

Badger Meter - Economical and Full Featured Flow Monitor

An economical, compact digital monitor displays flow rate and flow total on alphanumeric display. Calibration, selection of measurement units and output programming is menu driven using keypad.

Model 3000/3100
Compact Digital Flow Monitor

The Badger Meter Models 3000 and 3100 are economical, full featured and digital flow monitors. Model 3100 is dual channel. (read more)

Badger Meter - Sanitary Valve

The type SCV85 and SCV89 sanitary flow control valves are well suited to automated control systems found in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food processes. Common control valve uses are pressure, temperature and flow control in fermentation reactors; control of gas blankets in closed vessels; and catalyst, defoamer, and additive initiation. (read more)

Badger Meter - E-Series Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter
  • Available in six sizes: 5/8” through 2”, with maximum flow rates between 25…160 GPM.
  • Simplified one-piece electronic meter and register are integral to meter body
  • Delivers long-term sustained accuracy within ± 1.5%
  • Complies with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • NSF/ANSI standards 61 and 372....
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Badger Meter - Industrial Handheld Meter

The Badger Meter Industrial handheld meter is designed to function in applications that require an accurate volume dispense measurement in water solutions or any other liquid substance.

Applications: Petroleum, chemical, fuel management, lubrication, solvents and food products. (read more)

Badger Meter - Industrial Turbo Meters

With its rugged design, the Industrial Turbo Meter can withstand the toughest flow conditions. This meter is ideally suited where continuous service and minimal maintenance are required. It is available in various materials and pressure ratings, and can be combined with Badger's large selection of accessories to suit numerous applications. (read more)

Badger Meter - Badger Meter Water And Gas Solutions

first Advanced Metering Analytics system created specifically for utilities (read more)

Badger Meter - Recordall® Turbo Series Meters

The Recordall Turbo Series Meter is ideally suited for any water application, performing with great accuracy over a wide flow range. It also has very low pressure loss, increasing system efficiency. Sizes available are 1-1/2" to 20" (DN 40 to DN 500).Turbo Meter Applications: Industrial water, water treatment and conditioning. (read more)

Badger Meter - Model 345WT Wireless Network Transceiver

The Model 345WT offers reduced installation costs by removing the need for installing signal wires for each output device. The self-healing network demonstrates its signal strength and routing back to the Model 3700 so low signal paths can be seen and then corrected by adding additional transceivers. (read more)

Badger Meter - Inventory & process control of cold & hot water

The Badger Meter Recordall (RCDL) positive displacement meters are one of the most cost effective methods in metering industrial fluids. The RCDL meter has a simple, efficient design for high accuracy and repeatability over the entire meter flow range. (read more)

Badger Meter - NEW ModMAG® M1000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Badger Meter - Badger Meter Industrial Oval Gear Meters

The Badger Meter Industrial Oval Gear meters are designed to function in applications that require an accurate volume dispense measurement in water solutions or any other liquid substance. The handheld's rugged, shock-resistant plastic cover is similar to that used for power tools. It protects the meter from harsh and demanding environments. (read more)

Badger Meter - BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics

BEACON AMA combines the power of the intuitive BEACON AMA software suite with proven ORION® AMI technology to provide utility management with greater visibility and control. (read more)

Badger Meter - New Vision Turbine Flow Meters

Compact meters comply with lead-free provision of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (read more)

Badger Meter - ER-500 Compact & Easy-to-Use Flow Monitor

ER-500 Series Provides Rugged and Versatile Display Platform for Industrial Oval Gear Flow Meters (read more)



Badger Meter Model CB-30 features larger display and expanded measurement options (read more)

Badger Meter - Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The DXN is simply the best option for your next portable application, with true hybrid transit time and Doppler operation, an expandable 1GB data logger that takes readings over 100 times a second, and the ability to store site-specifi c parameters using plain English site descriptions. Take control of your toughest applications, add the DXN Portable to your flow measurement toolkit today. (read more)

Badger Meter - Wireless Flow Sensor System

This wireless flow sensor system includes the flow sensor, RF transmitter and RF receiver. Installation no longer requires expensive trenching, drilling, or digging to install power or I/O wiring. The self powered flow sensor / transmitter unit performs flow measurement and scaling. The unit transmits a total flow value via an RF transmitter. (read more)

Badger Meter - Solutions for Gas Utilities

Originally designed for water meter reading and deployed by utilities across the United States, our proven ORION AMR/AMI/AMA systems are now delivering benefits to diverse gas utilities across the country. (read more)



Updates to the B2800 offer improved communication in rugged outdoor environments (read more)

Badger Meter - SDI Sensor - 1 1/2

The Data Industrial SDI Series flow sensor offers unparalleled performance for liquid flow measurement in closed pipe systems in an easy to install economical package. Impeller sensors offer a quick response to changes in flow rate and are well suited to flow control and batch type applications in addition to flow monitoring. (read more)

Badger Meter - 340 BN/MB Btu Energy Transmitter

The 340 BN/MB Btu Energy Transmitter calculates thermal energy using the signal from a flow sensor installed in a hydronic heating or chilled water system, and the signals from two 10k Ω temperature thermistors, 100 Ω RTDs, or 1000 Ω RTDs installed in the system's inlet and outlet points. (read more)

Badger Meter - Model 3700 Data Acquisition Server

The Badger Meter Model 3700 is a powerful data acquisition system that allows users to log data easily and efficiently. No special software is required to set up the 3700 as most standard web browsers will communicate with it. Meter connections can be made to one of the eight inputs or via the standard modbus input. (read more)

Badger Meter - Exacting Measurement at Wide Flow Ranges

Badger Meter announces the latest additions to its Industrial Oval Gear (Model IOG) series of flow meters, which provide economical and versatile solutions for industries such as automotive, chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, metals, printing and rotating machinery. (read more)