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BakerCorp - Liquid containment, pumping, and filtration

BakerCorp works closely with your environmental engineers to develop turnkey remediation solutions for challenging contaminated sites. Our emphasis—as always—is on safe, reliable and efficient systems that help you achieve your site’s cleanup goals. (read more)

BakerCorp - We've got it covered!

Baker bypass systems feature quiet, sound-attenuated pumps and custom-fused HDPE piping systems, backed by in-depth knowledge and experience with integrated, efficient bypass pumping solutions. (read more)


Our full line of tanks, pumps, filtration and shoring equipment, means you've got a one-call partner on your next municipal project. From sewer bypasses, rapid response service, environmentally-sensitive sound attenuated pumps or odor control systems, we've got it covered. (read more)

BakerCorp - Mix Tank Systems

Ideal Usage

Refineries, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, tank cleaning and heating thick materials.


Top-mounted injection ports and over-sized hatches provide for easy addition of materials to be mixed. Dual mixing blades and heating coils are standard. (read more)

BakerCorp - Electric Submersible

Ideal Usage

Construction and industrial applications of all types where diesel engines are not allowed or are impractical.


Clean and quiet operation. Refueling is not required. (read more)

BakerCorp - High Pressure Pumps

Ideal Usage

Industrial water blasting, pipeline pigging, irrigation, standby fire protection, environmental cleanups.


Produces enough pressure to eliminate multiple pumps. Operates in flooded conditions. Unattended operation (read more)

BakerCorp - Integrated Water Management Solutions for Oil/Gas

From drilling mud management to produced water filtration, a call to Baker means much more than a rental tank, pump or filtration unit. It means experienced Oil & Gas professionals focused on one thing—your project success. (read more)

BakerCorp - Upright Cone-Bottom Tank

BakerCorp’s Upright Cone-Bottom Tank is designed to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and safety in mud and gel-related, drilling operations. The 420 BBL Upright Cone-Bottom Tank (CBT) provides a built-in manifold system that makes circulating, mixing, reconditioning and shipping your mud easy - all with a maximum volume and minimum footprint. (Patent Pending) (read more)

BakerCorp - Electrocoagulation Water Treatment System

Filtering, recycling, & managing waste-water from Municipal, Oil & Gas Hydraulic Fracturing, Remediation, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Petrochemical and other industrial operations. BakerCorp’s patented, state-of-the-art electrocoagulation technology delivers unparalleled mobile water treatment when and where you need it. (read more)

BakerCorp - Baker Tank™EZ Access TANKS

Ideal UsageExcess water in construction and environmental runoff projects. Spent acids, caustics, viscous or turbid liquids. (read more)

BakerCorp - BakerCorp's Priming Assisted Pumps

BakerCorp's priming assisted pumps range in suction size from 4" to 12" and are ideal for construction site dewatering, sewer bypass, tank cleaning, flood management and municipal projects. (read more)

BakerCorp - Aluminum Modular Shields

The modular system allows for tremendous flexibility in possible configurations. (read more)

BakerCorp - Slide Rail Systems

System is pushed into the ground as digging process continues, so side-walls are always supported. Obstructions can be removed as you dig without exposure of your employees to hazardous ground movement. (read more)

BakerCorp - Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

Portable, easily deployed safety system when crossing utilities are present or where large equipment cannot operate. All vertical shores are installed and removed from above-ground, avoiding dangerous exposure to unshored trenches. (read more)

BakerCorp - BakerCorp Roll Off Boxes

BakerCorp roll-off boxes provide the perfect solution for any solids containment requirement. From dewatering boxes to separators, any application that requires the maintenance or transportation of hazardous waste can rely on these boxes. With the widest variety of boxes and separators in the industry, BakerCorp is the company to call for your short and long-term box rental needs. (read more)

BakerCorp - Baker Steel Tank™Open/CloseD/Safe Top

Ideal UsageConstruction, runoff and environmental groundwater projects.BenefitProvides for quickest access and viewing of tank contents when vapor containment is not required. Available with customized weirs. (read more)

BakerCorp - Baker Tank™Safety Vapor

Ideal UsageRefineries, chemical facilities and wastewater treatment plants. Volatile organic liquids, spent acids and caustics. (read more)

BakerCorp - BakerCorp 10K Speciality Media Filtration System

BakerCorp's 10K Specialty Media Filtration System features dual pressure vessels with capacities of 10,000 to 20,000 lbs of media per vessel. The system is able to perform in series or in parallel running at a flow rate up to 1200 GPM and does not require special permits for transport and delivery. (read more)

BakerCorp - Fixed Axle Tanks

Ideal UsageProcess plant, industrial, construction, commercial and oil field applications, pipeline projects, sewage plant outages, drilling chemical storage. (read more)

BakerCorp - Double Wall Steel Tank

Ideal UsageEnvironmentally sensitive liquid and vapor containment. Containment near rivers, lakes, bays and urban areas.BenefitBuilt-in secondary containment for maximum environmental protection. Large top vapor proof hatches for easy access. (read more)

BakerCorp - Self-Priming Pumps

Self-Priming Pumps from BakerCorp are ideally used for refineries, chemical facilities, waste water treatment plants, construction site dewatering. (read more)

BakerCorp - Filtration Systems

High and low-pressure carbon and specialty media vessels. Odor control systems. Sand filters. Duplex cartridges. Bag filters and auxiliary equipment. No other company offers a more comprehensive lineup of filtration equipment than BakerCorp. (read more)

BakerCorp - BakerCorp Steel Tanks

Steel tanks from BakerCorp provide flexible liquid containment capacity for large and small projects. With the largest and most diverse selection of steel tanks available in the industry, Baker's application experts know how to match the right steel tank for your specific job requirements. (read more)

BakerCorp - BakerCorp Sound Attenuated Pumps

BakerCorp Sound Attenuated Pumps can be utilized in various industries where noise is a factor such as residential construction, sewer bypass projects and commercial zones. BakerCorp Sound Attenuated Pumps run up to 2,000 rpm with a flow range between 200 and 6200 GPM while running at a quiet 67dBA - 70dBA (depending on model). (read more)