Baldor Electric Company - Baldor Shaft Grounding Brush

Baldor introduces a line of Super-E Motors with Baldor Shaft Ground Brush (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Water/Wastewater Industry Team

Baldor's Industry Solutions team for the Water/WasteWater industry can help you find the solutions to lower your total cost of ownership at your Water/Wastewater facility. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Expanded Motorized Torque-Arm II Family

Baldor Electric Company introduces an expanded line of heavy- duty right-angle beltless Baldor-Dodge Motorized Torque-Arm (MTA) reducers in a full range of 7 sizes from 3 to 100 HP and torque ratings up to 130,000 inch/lbs (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Expanded Line of Super-E Motors with AEGIS Ring

Baldor Electric Company announces the addition of 28 new ratings to its portfolio of Baldor•Reliance Super-E motors with internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring. These new ratings consist of 1 to 40 HP Open Drip Proof motors, 200 volt and 575 volt, as well as 5 to 15 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled designs for 200 volt. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Complimentary Virtual Event

Optimizing technology for the changing face of industry: This new digital conference, sponsored by ABB Automation & Power World, brings the latest industry insights straight to your desk or wherever you are, free of charge and with no travel required! (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Sustainable Plant Webinar - On Demand!

This webinar features an overview of the IBE process and provide examples of actual case studies that illustrate the value of the IBE. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Solutions Magazine Number 10 is Now On-line

The latest edition of Baldor’s Solutions Magazine is now available. The current issue includes five customer success stories featuring a variety of products and services, including: (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Serving the Mining Industry

Baldor offers the mining industry a full portfolio of both electrical and mechanical products that are proven to perform in harsh and demanding environments. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Submersible Motor Construction

One of the most basic rules of electrical safety is that water and electricity don’t mix. Yet every day, AC induction motors are required to operate in or under water on pumps, mixers and aerators in industrial water and wastewater applications. For this reason, submersible motors are specially designed to ensure that water is prevented from contacting any part of the electrical ci... (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - High Inertia Motors for Large Fan Applications

With an increase in the demand for larger horsepower motors capable of starting loads with inertias that exceed NEMA standard values, Baldor is glad to introduce availability of the new ABB high inertia motors for large fan applications (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - ER Series Ball Bearings

Baldor is pleased to introduce a full line of ER-style ball bearings. These high-quality Dodge-manufactured products employ snap-ring retention to securely fit the cylindrical outer-diameter style ball bearing into the user equipment. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Dodge D-LAG Conveyor Pulley

Baldor Electric Company is pleased to introduce Dodge D-LAG conveyor pulleys, the only line of stock conveyor pulleys than can lower total cost of ownership. D-LAG conveyor pulleys utilize a cutting edge natural rubber compound that is 73% more resistant to wear than standard SBR rubber. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Super White Washdown Duty Motor

Baldor's Super White Washdown Duty motor is specially designed for environments where motors receive sanitary washdowns on a regular basis. Ideal for food and beverage processing plants, the Super White Washdown Duty motors offers enhanced protection in the washdown environments. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Dodge® Disc Coupling

Baldor Electric Company introduces the new Dodge Disc coupling, an ideal solution for pumping applications in the oil and gas industry. The product meets the American Petroleum Institute (API) 610 specification and offers users a maintenance‐free, high torque, precision balanced design. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Super Energy Effecient Motors

Industrial electric motors represent the single largest end use of electricity in the United States. The Department of Energy estimates that 25 percent of the electricity sold in the US is consumed by industrial electric motors. In addition, 64 percent of the energy used in industry is consumed by motorized equipment. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Stainless Steel Premium-Efficiency Washdown Motors

New Stainless Steel Premium-Efficiency Washdown Super-E® Motors are now available from Baldor, Fort Smith, Arkansas-based manufacturer of motors, drives and generators. The new SSE™ Stainless Super-E motors are available from 1/2 HP through 2 HP today and through 10 HP by year's end. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Baldor•Dodge® Type E-Xtra Bearing

Baldor Electric Company now offers the American-made Baldor•Dodge Type E-Xtra bearing with the highest load ratings and most advanced sealing system in the industry. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - RPM AC Permanent Magnet Product Expansion

Baldor Electric Company, Fort Smith, Arkansas-based manufacturer of energy efficient industrial electric motors, drives, mechanical power transmission products and generators, has recently expanded the RPM AC® permanent magnet (PM) product offering up to 1200 HP. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Custom electric motors - in days!

Baldor will create the optimal motor for your application. From special windings to custom paint jobs, the possibilities are huge. Best of all, our unique line means we can usually produce them in 10 days. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Linear motors and stages

Linear motors provide unique speed and positioning performance advantages. Baldor offers industry the widest range of linear motors, linear stages and controls. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Power Generation Industry Solutions

Baldor is dedicated to meeting our customers' needs for proven industry expertise, problem-solving products, and strong sales support. Our engineering, technical, and field support personnel are trained and experienced in their focus industry of Power Generation. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Brushless Adjustable Speed Controls and Motors

Baldor is proud to announce a new series of Brushless Adjustable Speed Controls and Motors, designed to provide customers the advantages and benefits of brushless technology for adjustable speed applications, ie less maintenance, quieter operation, more efficient and higher torques in smaller packages. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - TIGEAR 2 - Speed Reducer

The TIGEAR-2 family of speed reducers is the only complete line of single-reduction, right angle worm speed reducers specifically engineered with new sealing and bushing system technology that can actually lower your total cost of ownership. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Dodge E-Z Kleen and Ultra Kleen Ball Bearings

The DODGE E-Z KLEEN and ULTRA KLEEN bearings for the food and beverage industry offer an array of features that provide extended life in these challenging conditions. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Above NEMA Frame AC Induction Motors

Baldor•Reliance Duty Master motors provide industry leading value largely because of their 100+ year heritage of exceeding customer expectations. This includes providing Above NEMA Motors to customers for more than 50 years and in doing so, gaining a deep understanding of a broad range of industries and critical applications. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Dodge on Demand

A 24 Hour Shipment Program that includes 95% of the products offered in the Dodge Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings and Tigear-2 speed reducer product lines. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - GRIP TIGHT™ Adapter Ball Bearings

Normal and medium duty adapter ball bearing with fully concentric 360° inner ring, patent pending pull/push adapter system, decreased labor during bearing removal. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Quantis Gold Gear Motor Delivers Energy Savings

QUANTIS gearmotors are available with clamp-collar input from 1/2 to 10 Hp. Utilizing Baldor-Reliance Super-E Premium Efficient motors, total system efficiency has now been raised to the "Gold" standard. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Hydraulic ISAF Bearing

Baldor's Dodge Hydraulic ISAF Bearing won the Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2008 Gold Award in the Power Transmission category.

The Hydraulic ISAF Pillow Block Bearing is designed to reduce total cost of ownership, and is factory assembled, sealed and lubricated with replaceable inner units. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - HD Heavy Duty Roller Bearings

The DODGE steel-housed HD line of roller bearings offers versatility and quality synonymous with the most recognized brand in mounted bearings. Choose between the exclusive time & shaft saving IMPERIAL adapter mounting system or the economical S-2000 set screw mount when selecting a roller bearing designed for harsh applications. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - New PARA-FLEX GT & GTL Couplings

These unique new couplings combine all the advantages of our standard PARA-FLEX coupling – dependable performance, fast installation, and less maintenance – with the benefits of a smaller, cost-effective coupling that provides superior technology including the patent pending GRIP TIGHT® bushings and industry-proven "problem solver" elements. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - MagnaGear XTR

The new MagnaGear XTRTM is manufactured to provide rugged performance in tough applications and to improve your total cost of ownership. The innovative design incorporates state of the art techniques to meet the high standards expected of DODGE reducers. MagnaGear XTR provides the perfect solution for your high torque application needs. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - TIGEAR-2 or QUANTIS Gearmotors

The TIGEAR-2 or QUANTIS Gearmotors provide an easy-to-order single part number for a DODGE Reducer and Baldor-Reliance Motor. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Torque-Arm™II Shaft Mount Reducer

The Torque-Arm™II Shaft Mount Reducer is a shaft mount helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft with a number of accessories available to produce versatility, cost savings and long life. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - 841XL Premium Efficient AC Motors

Three phase low voltage motors that meet all the requirements of the IEEE standard for Petroleum and Chemical Industry – Severe Duty Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled Induction Motors. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Extra Tough XT AC Motor

Three phase low voltage motors with all cast iron construction and corrosion resistant paint and hardware for use in harsh atmospheres. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - RPM AC Inverter and Vector Duty motors

RPM AC Inverter and Vector Duty motors have been developed specifically for use in variable speed PWM controller applications where fast response to speed commands and high speed torque are required. They virtually eliminate motor damaging reflective wave problems that plague many motors marketed as variable speed. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Variable Speed Motor High Torque to Inertia Ratio

New Reliance™ Finned Laminated Frame RPM™ AC Motor Offers Greater Power Density in a Smaller Frame Size. Engineered to provide increased torque density and more power, the new totally enclosed inverter duty motor features a patent pending finned laminated frame design that optimizes heat dissipation,enabling the motor to deliver more horsepower in less space. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - API 547

The Reliance API 547 motor is the first motor of any kind to receive the API Monogram. The API 547 also meets Specification 547 created by The American Petroleum Institute for motors that operate in severe duty applications. (read more)

Baldor Electric Company - Premium-efficiency motors: Baldor's Super-E range

Super-E® electric motors offer outstanding efficiencies that are better than many industry and country standards, meeting or exceeding the efficiency levels defined by NEMA Premium®, EPAct in the USA, NRC in Canada, CEMEP EFF1 in Europe and the new IEC IE3 class. (read more)