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Baumer Ltd.

Baumer Ltd. has promoted these products:

Baumer Ltd. - Detection of transparent objects without compromises

SmartReflect® – light barriers without reflectors

The most reliable and most comfortable means of object identification. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Triangulation and Light Barriers—The Basics

Photoelectric sensors are used to detect objects by using light. Depending on the application, available space and specific requirements, a variety of sensors can be used. Detection is typically based on the light reflected off of the object. However, the source of the reflection can also be items in the background behind the object, surfaces outside of the object that reflect light and... (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Short Length Inductive Proximity Sensors for Detection in Tight Spaces

When working with applications in spindles, grippers, and robotics, space is typically very tight. Unfortunately, that fact does not eliminate the need for automation. If anything, it increases it. In response to these needs, Baumer has created the new IFRM 03 Short, an addition to the 3mm inductive proximity sensor family. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Advantages of laser line distance measurements

Laser Line vs. Traditional Spot Laser Distance Measurement

Laser sensors perform a variety of measurement feats, including detection, counting, guiding and triggering of far, near, moving and stationary objects. They’ve grown up substantially from previous generations (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Harsh duty rotary encoders, precision included

Harsh duty magnetic rotary encoders, made without sacrificing the precision of optical models. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - PosCon HM for Calibrated Height Measurement

Measurement of object height is often critical in quality control applications. Baumer's PosCon HM provides reliable measurements even on shiny and very dark surfaces. It can check for proper car door shape, for example, by measuring at numerous test points. And it provides results millimeters, allowing immediate OK/Not OK checks. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Speed up CIP processes with Conductivity sensors

Time vs. Conductivity as a Basis for Clean-in-Place Control Systems

The ability to clean the equipment used to manufacture food and beverages is an automatic and reliable process whereby cleaning solutions and water are used to clean the entire manufacturing system, without taking apart systems as often as several times per day (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Measure distances accurate to a micrometer

AlphaProx Inductive Sensors

Measure distances accurate to a micrometer

AlphaProx by Baumer is a flexible platform for distance-measuring inductive sensors, with integrated evaluation electronics and a very good price-performance ratio. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - New conductivity sensor from Baumer

New conductivity sensor CombiLyz® AFI4/AFI5

Sensitivity and precision at their best

The CombiLyz® AFI4/AFI5 is an inductive conductivity transmitter for media analysis, differentiation and separation. It is designed to meet industrial and hygienic requirements in applications with medium to high range conductivity (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Reduce Inventory Liability/Downtime w/HS35 Encoder

Why keep dozens of motor feedback encoders in stock or wait days for a replacement? Baumer's HS35P encoder can help you drastically reduce local inventory and response time during a vector duty motor feedback failure. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Small Size, Big Performance Industrial Cameras

The new CX series industrial cameras from Baumer are specifically designed to easily handle tough quality and error-proofing challenges in the Assembly industry. The broad range of sensor models includes both GigE and USB 3.0 cameras with resolutions from VGA to 5 Megapixel. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Award-winning VisualApplets Industrial Cameras

Baumer’s award-winning LX series cameras which are an excellent solution for quality inspection and error-proofing in Pharmaceutical and Assembly industries. (read more)