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Boker's, Inc.

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Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s Inc., Stamping and Washer Specialists

Boker's, Inc., has expanded their stamping and washer production capabilities to ensure quick turnaround on long runs. With high-volume production runs of over one million washers, and 95 years of experience in precision metal stamping production, Boker’s can meet standard or custom design requirements while ensuring fast delivery.

Boker’s expansion of stamping and was... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s 2017 Washers Catalog is Now Available

Boker’s, Inc., announces that its 2017 Washers Catalog is now available. The 64-page manual offers an all-inclusive reference guide for flat washer selection. This catalog offers detailed information on the company’s more than 31,000 non-standard flat washer tools. Washers are available in a wide range of materials and sizes along with secondary operations from deburring, tap... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Interactive Washer & Stamping Tool

Boker's, Inc. announces its new website which features two interactive specification tools. Designed to enhance product specification and quote efficiency, the new tools are now available on the new

The Search Washer Widget allows users to identify optimal washer tools best suited for their specific application from over 29,000 available flat washer tools. With the abi... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Expands Mfg. Capabilities for Finishing Washers

Boker’s has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to produce custom finishing washers, giving assembly applications a more precise, high-quality look and complete finish. Finishing washers, also referred to as countersunk washers, provide a flush surface and are custom manufactured in several common styles including: 90 degree, angle, flanged, un-flanged and rolled flange.

In (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Manufacturing for Metallic and Non-metallic Disks

Boker’s Offers Manufacturing Capabilities for Metallic and Non-metallic Disks

Boker's is pleased to announce its extensive manufacturing capabilities for metallic and non-metallic disks for spacing and specialized assembly applications.

The widest range of disks to satisfy multiple job requirements

Most commonly known as discs, circles, plates and/or slu... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Custom Shim Stacks for Diverse Applications

Boker's Inc. valve shim stacks offer superior finishing capabilities to accommodate a wide range of recreational, automotive and industrial applications. Boker's precise, smooth finishing design ensures the shim stacks work together effectively and efficiently to dampen suspension movement. With over 95 years of experience-tested and made-to-order manufacturing capabilities, Boker's Inc.... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s Scheduling Calendar for 2017 Now Available

Boker’s, Inc., is pleased to announce its 2017 Calendar with Metric Conversion Chart is now available. This easy-to-navigate 15-month complimentary calendar provides a comprehensive at-a-glance view of the 65-week scheduling guide including boldly identified Sundays and holidays in red.

Boker’s is committed to offering convenient tools for industry professionals’... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s Expands Washer Offering

Boker’s, Inc. has added 737 new flat washer sizes to its offering to further accommodate a large range of applications and industries. This addition significantly enhances Boker’s customization capabilities, offering an expansive line of over 28,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes. (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Stampings and Washers in Medical Applications

Boker’s Expands Capabilities for Stampings and Washers in Medical Applications

With ongoing investments in manufacturing equipment, technology and process improvement, Boker’s offering of made-to-order stampings and washers for medical applications continues to grow. From medical beds and furniture to IV components and pacemakers, Boker’s stampings and was... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s 2015 Sample Pack & Total Service Brochure

Boker’s Inc. announces its signature sample pack and Total Service Brochure are now available. This complimentary guide details the company’s qualifications along with a sampling of its comprehensive washer options.

Boker’s sample pack includes a variety of washer sizes and styles, including a D washer, tab washer, special shaped washer, dome shaped washer and no... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker's Delivers Extraordinary Satisfaction!

To succeed in business for 95 years, you must be doing many things right. One of the keys to success at Boker’s is listening to our customers. We asked 135 customers who ordered new stamping parts in 2013 how their experience was in the areas of ordering, product quality, service and delivery; we were astonished at the levels of customer satisfaction we received

The results... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s Adds 745 New Sizes to Washer Offering

Boker’s, Inc. has added 745 new flat washer sizes to its extensive offering. These additions expand its production capacity for a wide range of applications and industries. With the addition of new sizes, Boker’s now offers an expansive line of over 28,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes with no tooling charge.

“Boker’s prides itself on providing the u... (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Washers for Cabinet and Furniture Manufacturers

Over the past year, Boker’s has continued to invest in manufacturing equipment, technology and process improvement for increasing effectiveness for cabinet and furniture component production. With new finishing and production equipment, and enhanced tool room capabilities, Boker’s can accommodate a wide range of application specifications with fast delivery turnarounds.

T (read more)

Boker's, Inc. - Boker’s Wide Selection Square/Rectangular Washers

Boker’s, Inc. announces that its vast manufacturing capabilities include non-standard square and rectangular washers that can be custom made with a variety of materials and sizes to suit multiple application requirements. These non-standard square and rectangle flat washers cover a range up to 12” x 12” with thicknesses from .005” to .135”.

The square... (read more)