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CONTEC Co., Ltd. has promoted these products:

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Rack-Mount/Desk-Top PanelLink FLAT PANEL DISPLAY

IPC-DT/L440(PC)TA is the wall tapestry and table (option) type 12.1 inch TFT color liquid crystal display machine of Panel Link specification. It is connectable with CONTEC box computer and a single board computer (SBC) with a Panel Link interface. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - NEW Catalog : Industrial PCs

Our latest industrial PCs catalog is finally started distributing for FREE! This is the full-color catalog and it shows you all of our industrial computers. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Wireless LAN Access points for Embedded and Office

CONTEC CO., LTD. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6639) today introduced our newly developed IEEE802.11n-compliant wireless LAN access points, FXA2000-G and FXE2000-G, in the "FLEXLAN" series for corporate wireless LAN solution, and we ship them beginning July of 2013. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - High performance thin embedded PC - BX956 series

The BX956 series is a power-saving industrial PC for embedded. This product features a dust-proof construction (slitless), and small body that allows it to be installed in narrow gaps.
The BX956 series is based on Intel Atom D510. So, it is possible for simultaneous processing of four threads to improve simultaneous of multi-processes. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Solutions - Medical - Solution by Market

Medical solutions

CONTEC, a longtime leader in mission-critical automation products, offers a variety of solutions for embedded applications, including components for advanced medical instruments and test equipment. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - BOX-Computer The S series

The New Standard Series
CONTEC has provided high-level embedded computers which feature high-reliable and durable in the Japanese market under the "BOX COMPUTER" brand name. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - A Focus on Quality. A Comment to Our Environment.

All New BX Series Small Form Factor PCs Designed for Performance and Usability Perfect Choice for Embedded Systems (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Solutions - Digital Signage Solutions

CONTEC industrial grade digital signage players install easily in tight spacesand provide high reliability performance year after year. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - BOX COMPUTER BX200 Series

The BX200 is the Smallest and Lightest in the BOX COMPUTER series in an A-format paperback sized chassis which weighs 800g, so free from the constraints of install location, and it keeps expression of the design. This product has desirable interfaces, and works in various situations. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - New Standard Panel PC for HMI - PT955

New Standard Panel PC for HMI - Panel Computer PT955 (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - High Speed Analog w/Simultaneous Sampling

CONTEC's AI-1204Z-PCI is a high-speed, analog input board with a 10ms/sec (100nsec) conversion speed with simultaneous sampling over four channels. The large (32M) buffer memory and bus master transfer function provide continuous, high-speed, long-term data acquisition.

Sampling cycles can be set via software, conversion data comparison, external trigger or event controller. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - The PC-HELPER USB Series

You can choose from 4 types
For notebook PC & mobile measurement systems, replacement of desktop PC systems and embedded remote I/O systems. Downsize and Improve Efficiency of your inspection system and research equipment. "The PC-HELPER USB-series" is the BEST USB peripheral device for electronic measurement, analysis, testing and communication system. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Isolated 16-bit Analog PCI Express Input Board

This product is a PCI Express bus-compliant interface board used to provide an analog signal input function on a PC. It features bus isolated 16-bit analog input 16 channels. Equipped with digital I/O and counter, this product is multifunction and bus isolated type that provides isolation between PC and external analog I/O circuit. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - FlexNetViewer LAN Based HD Video Distribution Unit

The compact FlexNetViewer HD unit lets you send and receive video over LAN without a PC. With support for MPEG-4, FlexNetViewer HD lets you transfer high-quality HD video at a low cost and offers excellent system extensibility. (read more)


These products are two inputs (LVDS or DVI-D sign) compatible, panel-mounted, TFT LCD display unit for use with host computers such as the CONTEC IPC series and SBCs (single board computers). (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - StarFabric conformity PCI Bus Expansion Chassis

ECH(PCI)SF-H13A is an expansion chassis that adds PCI bus expansion slots to a PC by being connected to the PC via an optional expansion adapter EAD-SF-LPE, EAD(LPCI)SF or EAD(CB)SF. The expansion adapter can connect the expansion chassis to the PC over a distance of up to 12m. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - High-Speed 3 Axis Stepping Motor Control

This board is 3 axis stepping motor control board for PC/AT and its compatible machines. Drive control of a stepping motor is performed through the stepping motor drive unit (motor driver) connected to this interface board. This board is used inserting in the expansion slot or I/O expansion unit of the main part of a personal computer. (read more)


These products are two inputs (LVDS or DVI-D sign) compatible, embedded type (open-framed), TFT LCD display unit for use with host computers such as the CONTEC IPC series and SBCs (single board computers). (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Ethernet-based Remote I/O with Fail Safe Function

CONTEC's F&eIT "N" Series offers isolated digital input / output modules that can remotely monitor and control equipment using existing network infrastructure. These modules can be easily installed using a standard LAN cable. The "N" Series modules are compact (188.0(w) ×78.0(d) ×30.5(h)) and can be installed in areas with limited space - on the floor, wall or ceiling. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Ultra-Slim, Fanless Box PC

Contec's IPC-BX900 series of fanless Box-PCs feature the Intel® Core Duo CPU and are almost half as thick as CONTEC's previous models. Due to their unique design, these ultra-thin (25mm) Box PCs can be installed inside a wall or mounted on the rear of a flat panel display. They are ideal for a variety of embedded applications. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Fanless, Expandable Box PC

CONTEC's IPC-BX900P2-AC5 is designed for industrial applications. This naturally air-cooled fanless system features the Low Voltage Intel® Core ™ Duo Processor L2400 (1.66GHz), 945GME chipset, 1GB DDR2 memory and 2 expansion slots (one PCI Express 1x / one PCI). A choice of storage devices (HDD, SSD , CF) and pre-installed Windows operating systems are offered. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - New Bus Expansion Capabilities

CONTEC is pleased to announce the addition of two new expansion chassis and two new expansion adapters to their extensive line of Bus Expansion Systems. These products provide additional PCI or PCI Express slots.The first new chassis, ECH-PCI-CE-H2B, provides x2 additional PCI slots while the ECH-PE-CE-H2B provides x2 PCI Express slots. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - High Speed Multi-function – PCI Express

CONTEC's AIO-161601UE3-PE is a high-speed, multi-function board with a maximum conversion speed of 1ms/sec (1µsec). 16M data buffer memory allows background analog input independent of the operation status of the Host PC or its software. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - RS-232C / RS422A / 485 Serial Communication Boards

CONTEC provides a full range of serial communication devices, from PC standard RS-232C to RS-422A and RS-485, from multi-channel type to insulated/surge protected boards for PCI, PCI Express, USB and CardBus. (read more)

CONTEC Co., Ltd. - Smallest in Class Switching HUB For Embedded Use

CONTEC's 10/100/1000 BASE-T AUTO-MDIX, the GSH-9008-FIT, is an 8-port, DIN-rail-mountable, industrial switching HUB.

The GSH-9008-FIT auto-recognizes both communication rates (10/100/1000Mbps) and communication methods (half/full duplex) and is based on IEEE-802.3 (Ethernet) /IEEE-802.3u (Fast Ethernet) / IEEE-802.3ab (Gigabit Ethernet). (read more)