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Cablevey Conveyors - Tubular Cable Conveyors for Frozen Food

Enclosed tubular drag and cable conveyors gently move friable (delicate) materials through a tube without the use of air. Frozen Food can be handled with ease.

Numerous layouts are available using multiple inlets and outlets. Product separation and degradation are practically eliminated. Cablevey Conveyors replace Chain Conveyors, Augers, Bucket Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Pneumat... (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Tubular Cable Conveyors for Snack Food

Product damage caused by the transport of friable materials during processing is a huge, and costly concern for manufacturers of many kinds of food, industrial and consumer products. For more than 40 years, Cablevey Conveyors has answered the call with its versatile line of enclosed cable & disc conveyor systems.

Proven to gently convey more than 900 different types of product... (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Brewery Conveyors

Malt Processors ** Regional Brewers ** Brew Pub

New or Existing Brewers: Replace bucket elevators, chain-disc conveyors, pneumatic systems and screw augers.

A series of systems used to convey malted barley from a mill above, in a barley reciving room, to mash tuns below on the ground floor.

Although sometimes the orientation of the system is the opposite - mov... (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Conveying Plastic Pigment Powder

With over 40 Years of cable and disc technology conveying experience, Cablevey Conveyors is a leader in enclosed tubular drag conveying and with over 30,000 Conveyors installed we have more experience than anyone in the world!

Proven to gently convey more Plastic Pigment Powder, Plastic Flakes, Plastic Prills and Plastic Regrind. (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Gentle Way to Convey Bulk Foods

Enclosed tubular drag and cable conveyors gently move friable (delicate) materials through a tube without the use of air. Cablevey Conveyors can transport up to 1240 ft³ (35 m³) / 49,420 lbs (22,464 Kgs) per hour. Powders, chunks, flakes, pellets, prills, parts, shavings, crumbles, granules, fluff, regrind, and dust can all be handled with ease.

Numerous layouts are avai... (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Conveyor Comparison

Because material transfer is an integral part of the operation, selecting the right conveyor can mean the difference between an efficient and an inefficient operation.

To help you determine the most efficient and economical method to move your materials, we have provided some comparisons between Cablevey Conveyors and other conveying systems. (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Challenges in Breakfast Cereal Production

Tubular Drag Conveyor Systems Streamline Breakfast Cereal Processing (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - A Drag That’s Not a Drag

A first-hand account on how cable conveyors are changing the nature of tea processing. (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Company Nuts About New Tubular Drag Conveyor

“The wiper discs constantly keep the tube clean by eliminating any residual material and any change of material buildup” (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Tubular Cable Conveyor 4000 Series

Conveys 21,000 lbs per hour/9,525 Kgs per hour. All Cablevey Systems are Customized. (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - How Clean is Sanitary? How Clean is Your Process?

There are many different ways to get your equipment clean. But will it pass a swab test when there is food being conveyed? This is a question we've answered for a variety of foods we convey - from beans to nuts to snack foods different levels of clean are required. (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - The #1 Solution to Move Friable Material

Is breakage of your materials an issue? Is the current percentage of breakage unacceptable? Whether you are a food processor, pharmaceutical company or industrial material processing business, Cablevey Conveyors can provide a customized conveying system for your product needs and plant configuration. We are "The Gentle Way to Convey." (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Clean Conveying

Cablevey Conveyors has developed both dry and wet processes for cleaning our systems. (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Tubular Drag Conveyors used by Tea Processors

How to Convey Tea: A Drag That's Not a Drag

A first-hand account on how tubular drag conveyors are changing the nature of tea processing. (by Karl Seidel)

This article appeared in the June 2008 issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal - The International voice of the tea and coffee industries since 1901 (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Gentle Conveying of Animal & Pet Foods

Tubular Drag Cable Conveyors - changing the way friable dry pet & animal food is moved - to avoid compromising your materials (read more)

Cablevey Conveyors - Almondco Installs Cablevey conveyors

Almondco Australia of Renmark in South Australia, as part of an upgrade of its processing facilities, has installed five Cablevey conveyor systems. AF Systems is US-based Cablevey Conveyors' local partner for the distribution of the "soft and gentle" tubular drag conveyor. (read more)