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Cambridge Technology, Inc.

Cambridge Technology, Inc. has promoted these products:

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - New 24-Bit Scan Controller and User Interface

With the introduction of 24-Bit ScanMasterTM Controller, Cambridge Technology (CTI) provides the most integrated set of scanning technologies available in the market today. (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - 3-Axis Scan Heads

Cambridge Technology's General Scanning Solutions group announces,3-axis scan heads to provide system designers with a cost effective solution for large field scanning requirements or applications that requires a large scan aperture to achieve a small focused spot size. (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - Lightning Digital Servo for Laser Scanners

Cambridge Technology's Lightning Digital Servo platform is a new concept in scanner technology. Not just a scanner and driver, the Lightning Digital platform includes our second generation digital driver electronics, plus the TuneMaster™ software toolkit bringing you a new level of performance. (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - Dynamic Focusing Module for 3-Axis Laser Scanning

Cambridge Technology's field-proven Dynamic Focusing Module is the ultimate in flexibility. Whether you require a large scan field, or a dynamically changing focal plane, the modularity of CTI's DFM enables you to choose lens type, positioning relative to the fixed objective, field size and focal distance; all synchronous with XY galvo motion and orchestrated by our EC1000 controller. (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - Galvanometer #6250H & Scanning Mirrors

Cambridge Technology, Inc. Announces The Model 6250H Galvanometer and High Performance Scanning Mirrors: A High-Performance Galvo for Large Apertures is a price/performance breakthrough (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - Why 3-Axis Scanning?

As the number of large area, web feed and remote applications that use laser processing is growing exponentially, Cambridge Technology's 3-Axis Scanning Systems are gaining more and more popularity in the marketplace due to their:

  • large field of view
  • small spot size
  • ability to scan pre-defined 3D surfaces
  • ability to use high power lasers
(read more)
Cambridge Technology, Inc. - FlexScan-3DTM – Variable 3-Axis Scanning


Cambridge Technology Introduces FlexScan-3DTM – a new generation of Variable Field Size 3-Axis Scanning Systems for the Laser Material Processing Industry (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - 6200H Family of High Speed Galvanometers

The 6200H series combines their new moving magnet actuator technology and their innovative patented advanced optical position detector design to provide the highest speed galvanometers available in the market. (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - New Family of Scan Heads

General Scanning Solutions, a Cambridge Technology business, has recently been formed to leverage the world's best optical scanning components into application-specific scan heads and optical scanning solutions. (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - CRS Resonant Scanner Family

Compact, high frequency resonant scanners operate at frequencies from 2kHz to 12kHz, clear apertures of 10mm or 4mm, and an optical scanning range of ±10°. The counter-rotation torsion bar design provides "endless" life and low power consumption (read more)

Cambridge Technology, Inc. - EC1000 Scan Head Controller

This compact, fully integrated dual system-on-a-chip (SoC) control system is ideal for deployment into modern factory environments with distributed automation. (read more)