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Canon USA Motion Control

Canon USA Motion Control has promoted these products:

Canon USA Motion Control - Environmental Conservation

Canon Precision is meeting the challenge to maximize resource efficiency. If we are to be committed to manufacturing high-quality goods with minimal resources, sorting, recycling, and waste reduction are not sufficient. (read more)

Canon USA Motion Control - Brushless Motors

Canon Precision's brushless motors feature high output in a compact design. We offer two types: the outer rotor type provides high rotational stability, while the inner rotor type features quick response. (read more)

Canon USA Motion Control - Actuator Units

Canon Precision's modules and actuator units have been developed through the use of simulation technology developed for motors incorporating our core technologies. The custom designs and specifications of our products serve a multitude of needs, including household equipment, ATMs, medical devices and industrial equipment. (read more)

Canon USA Motion Control - Iron Core Motors

Canon Precision's iron core motors come in a wide variety of sizes, with outside diameters ranging from 12 mm to 54 mm. They have been adapted to a wide variety of applications, including consumer products, office machines, ATMs, and industrial equipment. (read more)

Canon USA Motion Control - Coreless Motors

Canon Precision's coreless motors generate high power output with superior responsiveness in a small package. Highly efficient thanks to their low moment of inertia, our coreless motors can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the mirror-driving functions and shutter mechanisms of digital cameras, robots, precision devices, industrial equipment, and many more. (read more)

Canon USA Motion Control - Inner Rotor Type Brushless Motor: BY54

The new inner rotor type BY54 brushless motor is designed to support a wide range of medical applications such as dialysis systems, lab automation, medical pumps, etc. The motor features high output in a compact design while offering high efficiency (max 80%, rated 75%).

The BY54 inner rotor type brushless motor is able to generate a very low noise and quick response. Integrated c... (read more)