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Chromalox - Chromalox Steam SuperHeaters

Steam boilers can produce low quality steam that requires additional superheating of the steam after water vaporization. Removal of water vapor from a steam system is critical to maintaining performance. Chromalox steam superheating systems, coupled with SCR power control, can provide instantaneous drying of process steam while only using the exact amount of power needed. (read more)

Chromalox - Radiant Heaters Bake Paint on Auto Grille

Radiant Heaters Bake Paint on Auto Grille

The Challenge
The auto manufacturer needed to quickly construct a paint baking oven large enough to handle one piece automobile grilles with a minimum of capital expenditure. The design of the grille is such that star shapes in it look as if they are unsupported when the grille is painted.

The Solutio... (read more)

Chromalox - Radiant Heat Satisfies Sweet-Tooth

Radiant Heat Satisfies Sweet-Tooth

The Challenge
The former method used by this food processor was to soften the candy by heating it with a gas burner prior to and during cutting and shaping. This burner was mounted above the working area and enclosed in a sheet metal case which acted as a reflector. The reflector absorbed a lot of the heat and passed it u... (read more)

Chromalox - Explosion Proof Convection Heaters by Chromalox

Chromalox Explosion Proof Convection Heaters are similar to unit heaters except for the fact that they do not use built in fans to circulate air. They have several advantages, including silent operation and mounting versatility. Like Explosion Proof Unit Heaters, they are design for use in hazardous locations and carry multiple 3rd party certifications.


(read more)
Chromalox - Freeze Protection Ambient Sensing Monitor Series

FPASM Series Ambient Sensing Heat Trace Panels are designed for use in industrial Freeze Protection and Snow Melt applications.

The Chromalox FPASM series offers the following standard features: NEMA 4 enclosure, Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch, Load Energized Indicator Lamp, Main Power On Lamp, Main Contactor, and Thermal Magnetic Branch Circuit Breakers with 30mA Ground Fault Equi... (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox Launches New Website

Chromalox invites you to visit our new, enhanced website specifically designed to
increase functionality and ease navigation for visitors. The new web site will still
offer the same technical content, literature, product catalog, and ecommerce, but
has now been enhanced with more robust features and navigation.
When you visit, you’ll enjoy:

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Chromalox - Food Equipment Flanged Immersion Heater

Flanged immersion heaters are one of the most widely used methods for commercial heating of gases and liquids, such as water, oil, heat transfer fluid, and corrosive solutions. Designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels, they are easy to install and maintain to provide heat for many processes. The direct immersion method is energy efficient and easily monitored and controlled. Fla... (read more)

Chromalox - Temperature Management Solutions by Chromalox

When you work with Chromalox, you’re putting our broad platform of products and extensive application knowledge to work for you. Our engineering, manufacturing and site service personnel stand ready to deliver a complete temperature management solution to exceed your performance specifications, meet your budget expectations and minimize risk to your overall operations.

Our c... (read more)

Chromalox - Pipe and Tank Freeze Protection

Chromalox offers complete heat trace systems including heat trace cable, connections, temperature sensing and control and monitoring equipment for all of your pipe and tank freeze protection needs. Our complete solutions are designed for Industrial Hazardous and Non Hazardous areas and Commercial applications. (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox Heat Trace Panels

Chromalox Heat Trace Panels are complete control solutions for the most demanding heat trace applications.

Our WeatherTRACE and IntelliTRACE lines provide temperature control, monitoring and power management in one package. Choose from 1 to 72 circuit systems for either ambient or line sensing applications in ordinary or hazardous locations.

The intelliTRACE line offers adv... (read more)

Chromalox - Protection for Power Turbines

Power Turbines Sustain Extreme Climates with the Help of Chromalox (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox Circulation Heaters - Steam, Air, Gas

Chromalox circulation heaters provide a cost effective means for heating air and common industrial gases such as Argon, Helium and Nitrogen as well as gaseous mixtures for a wide variety of industrial processes. INCOLOY® elements and a Stainless steel vessel enhance safe operation to nearly 1400°F outlet gas temperature in air, gas, or steam superheating applications. They can al... (read more)

Chromalox - UESL End Seal Signal Light Kit

Chromalox Unveils U Series Accessory for Energy and Commercial Building and Construction Markets (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cables

Chromalox SRL and SRM/E self-regulating heat trace cables provide the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications. Self-regulating cables are flexible, can be cut-to-length in the field and can be single overlapped without fear of burnout in areas where complex piping and equipment require additional heat trace cable.

Chromalox manufactures self-regulating heating cabl... (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox CXH-XD Explosion Proof Unit Heater

Chromalox model CXH-XD is a modified version of the extremely successful CXH-A/B models. Features of the CXH-XD include a corrosion resistant coated heat exchanger, optional 316SST and epoxy coated frames, epoxy coated IP66 control enclosure, epoxy coated IP66 motor and several new accessories. Like standard CXH-A/B models, the CXH-XD is offered with power ratings from 3 to 35 kW. It is... (read more)

Chromalox - Energy Efficient Freeze Protection

Economical and Energy Efficient Freeze Protection, Monitoring and Control (read more)

Chromalox - New DirectConnectâ„¢ medium voltage systems

Chromalox DirectConnect medium voltage electric systems slash installation and lifecycle costs while providing pollution-free operation for process heating. Chromalox sees process industries moving to medium voltage heating for applications greater than 879 kW (3 MMBtu/hr). Aside from lower costs and clean operation, medium voltage electric heating offers advantages such as:

(read more)
Chromalox - Protection from Global Climate Changes

Palm oil processing is being jeopardized by sudden temperature changes due to the increasing unpredictability of extremes in weather conditions around the globe. (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox Extends Heat Transfer Product Line

Chromalox extends heat transfer product line with enhanced features and available kilowatt options (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox to Unveil New Brand Positioning

Chromalox’s POWER--‐GEN International agenda includes a new branding reveal, Thought Leadership presentations and DirectConnect™and XtremeDuty™product technology platforms (read more)

Chromalox - New XtremeDuty Heating Technology by Chromalox

Rugged and reliable engineering that improves safety and lowers maintenance costs. (read more)

Chromalox - Warmth at >800 Feet Below Sea Level

When submarines were first developed, steam was used for vessel heating requirements. Though steam heating systems worked quite well on submarines, they required too much space for piping in a place where space is at a premium. Additionally, if the piping became damaged, it caused substantial heat and power loss, and potential bodily injury to military personnel. System maintenance was a... (read more)

Chromalox - Chromalox Helps Protect Air Quality

Chromalox Helps Protect Air Quality by Maintaining Diesel Exhaust Fluid (read more)

Chromalox - Aircraft Fuselage and Instrument Heating Solutions

For our commercial and military aircraft customers, Chromalox specializes in engineering custom heating, temperature controlling and sensing components to provide passenger comfort, safety, and aid with logistics. Count on our application engineers to help design everything from high temperature convective radiant heaters used in Super Plastic Forming/Diffusion Bonding for aircraft fusel... (read more)