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Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Want Safe & Reliable Products?

People count on your products to be safe and reliable. CSZ test chambers can aid your reliability testing by subjecting your products to environmental extremes such as temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration and more. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Temperature/Humidity Stability Test Chambers

Cincinnati Sub‐Zero’s (CSZ) new StableClimate® II Stability Chambers are ideal for ICH Q1A stability testing, shelf life, package testing, and accelerated aging for a variety of applications including Pharmaceutical Products/Packaging; Medical Products/Packaging; Personal Care Products; Consumer Products and Research. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Benchtop Vibration Table

CSZ's TCB-1.3 benchtop vibration table is ideal for reliability testing of compact products and electronics. The dual-purpose system may be used for vibration testing or placed inside of an environmental chamber for combined vibration & temperature testing offering customers’ flexibility and greater return on their investment. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Compact Test Chambers now include Touch Controller

Chambers may now be operated like a Smart Phone or Tablet

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) has exciting news for those testing & small products in specific temperature & humidity conditions. The MicroClimate® product line, which includes a 1.2 cu. ft. benchtop model and a 3 cu. ft. compact test chamber, is now equipped with the new EZT-430i Touch screen Controller. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - New Mild Temperature Range Benchtop Model

A new single stage benchtop model has been added to the MicroClimate product line. Prior to this release, the product line only included a benchtop model with a temperature range from -73°C to +190°C. Due to the multiple requests of customers, CSZ designed a model with a more mild temperature range from -30°C to +190°C. All models are available with or without humidity. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - HALT & HASS Chambers for Reliability Testing

CSZ's HALT & HASS test chambers are used to shorten product development time, decrease warranty costs and improve product reliability. HALT and HASS chambers provide extreme temperature ramp rates up to 100ºC/min and random vibration capabilities from 1 to 90 GRMS with 6dof used during the product design and manufacturing to identify design and process weaknesses. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Environmental Chambers for Battery Safety Testing

CSZ offers a large selection of environmental test chambers for testing small battery cells to large lithium ion battery packs including temperature, humidity, altitude, and combined temperature/humidity/vibration chambers. Chamber sizes range from small benchtop to full walk in chambers. Chambers are used for R&D and safety testing combined with battery cyclers for charge/discharge... (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Altitude Chambers

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's (CSZ) Altitude Test Chambers combine temperature and altitude simulation with optional humidity to test basic components or subassemblies designed for use in a variety of industries.

Customized altitude chambers may be designed to meet the test requirements for RTCA DO-160E rapid decompression. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Walk-In Rooms for Stability Testing

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's (CSZ) Walk-In stability rooms are used to test and store a wide range of products in specific temperature and/or humidity conditions. Applications include, but are not limited to, shelf life testing, stability testing, pharmaceutical, packaging, life science, biomedical storage, research, and more. (read more)


Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) chambers are available to accommodate small solar cells to multiple large solar panels along with solar panel racks & fixtures to hold panels of various sizes. These chambers includes CSZ proven & patented Tundra system providing documented energy savings from 47-66%. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - CSZ Test Chambers Include More

CSZ's Z-Plus environmental test chambers are ideal for basic temperature cycling to accelerated stress testing. Z-Plus test chambers include more user-friendly functions and features at no extra cost with a variety of performance packages and over 80 different models in which to choose. Temperature chambers and/or humidity chambers are available. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - CSZ Environmental Chambers Save Energy

Use Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) environmental chambers with the Tundra® refrigeration system to test your product and save. CSZ test chambers with the patented, Tundra and Tundra II refrigeration system can test product down to -45°C or -54°C. The unique system is less expensive, offers greater capacity, and reduces operating cost up to 54% (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Compact Thermal Shock Chamber from CSZ

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's (CSZ) VTS-1 Compact Thermal Shock Chamber offers 1ft3 of interior workspace volume, superior performance, and small footprint coupled with many standard features to provide exceptional value. The lower chamber also contains both heating/cooling and may be programmed and operated as a separate temperature cycling chamber for greater return on investment. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Compact Test Chamber for Rapid Cycling

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's (CSZ) MicroClimate® 3 test chambers are designed for rapid heating & cooling rates all in a small footprint with a cooling transition rate of 5°C/min. Ideal for testing small electronics, components & assemblies, this product line is designed to meet basic to accelerated temperature cycling requirements and six different models to choose from. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - CSZ StableClimate Stability Test Chambers

CSZ's StableClimate stability chambers are ideal for shelf life, package and stability testing. These chambers are designed to expose product to a variety of temperature and/or humidity conditions for product testing or storage. These chambers are available in temperature only or with temperature and humidity and meet the pharmaceutical stability testing requirements of ICH Q1A. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - CSZ EZT 570i Chamber Controller

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's (CSZ) EZT-570i controller offers the latest in test chamber programming. Flexible configurations along with a full range of user-friendly features combine to simplify programming and save valuable time for greater return on your investment. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - AV-Series AGREE Vibration Chambers

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) AV-Series AGREE Vibration Chambers are designed specifically for AGREE, Mission Profile, and Certification testing.

Each model is manufactured to standard designs, but may be custom engineered to meet a wide range of stringent military and commercial test requirements. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - High Performance Large Capacity Test Chambers

CSZ has expanded their standard product line of temperature/humidity test chambers for customers that require larger capacity, high performance testing. The new Z-Plus test chambers meet all thermal cycling testing needs from basic testing to accelerated stress testing. (read more)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero - Benchtop Temperature/Humidity Chamber

Cincinnati Sub-Zero's (CSZ) MicroClimate benchtop chambers are available in temperature and or humidity with a volume of 1.2 ft3. Temperatures range from -73°C to 190°C and humidity from 10% to 98% RH. This unit is stackable, has a small footprint, and runs on std. 115V power. (read more)