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Clark Solutions has promoted these products:

Clark Solutions - Vortex Flow Sensor Available w/Optional RTD Sensor

Available in Models for ¼” to 1” pipe sizes, 200 and 210 Series Liquid Vortex Flow Sensors feature optional temperature measurement capability and accuracy to 1% fs in liquid media up to 185°F. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Totalizing Water Meters Meet ANSI/NSF Standards

Designed for a broad range of sub-metering applications, Clark Solutions’ new CLXC-P and MJ-SDC Water Meters are certified to meet ANSI/NSF 61 for materials safety and ANSI/NSF 372 for lead free compliance.° (read more)

Clark Solutions - Rotary Gear Pumps Feature No-Gasket Design

700 Series Rotary Gear Pumps feature a gasket-free design, anti-friction bearings, and precision ground joints to deliver consistent performance and long service life. An innovative lip seal provides an ample safeguard against liquid leakage and the entrance of air. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Solenoid Valves Ideal for Aggressive Media

Molded 3-way solenoid driven isolation valves designed for demanding low flow applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Filter/Fan Monitor Differential Pressure Switch

Series 604 Differential Pressure Switch also an excellent choice for protecting heating coils from overheating and for monitoring laboratory and clean room pressures. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Intermittent or Continuous Cycle Peristaltic Pump

Lightweight, compact, and featuring flow rates to 700 ml/min., the M500 Peristaltic Pump is designed for an extensive range of applications including laboratory, chemical dosing, and biotechnology. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Gear Pump Features Optional Pressure Control

The Series UP6 Gear Pump, designed for small scale water and process systems, is available with an optional microchip-based control circuit which acts as an “electronic brain” to control flow rate and prevent dry running. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Stainless Steel Rotary Vane Pumps

Ideal for Vending Machines, Dispensers, Cooling and Filtration Systems (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Stainless Steel Turbine Flow Meter/Sensor

SS Turbine Flow Meter / Flow Sensor utilizes IR Reflected Digital Output Technology which accurately follows the fluctuation of flow in low flow and high pressure flow monitoring and totalizing applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Boxer 5100 High Performance Diaphragm Pumps

Boxer 5100 Diaphragm Pumps, available with single or dual pump heads, weigh less than 120 grams and provide up to 10.0 LPM at pressures up to 600 mbar (8.7 PSI). These high performance OEM pumps are available with motor options for either continuous or intermittent duty. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Specialty 2-way and 3-way Inert Isolation Valves

Clark Solutions MTV Solenoid Valve Series incorporate a unique FPM or Perfluor® soft seal design which resists damage to valve seals from aggressive media and particulates in the media stream. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Easily Operated Hand-Held Data Logger

New ALMEMO 2590-A Series Professional Measuring Instrument with Data Logger Function provides an easy to understand menu system, 2 or 4 measuring inputs for 100,000 measured values, internal memory or external memory options, and support for the patented ALMEMO sensor connection system that allows any sensor to be easily connected to any ALMEMO Measuring Instrument. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Mini Dry Rotary Vane Pumps for OEM Instrument Apps

Model Series 15000 Rotary Vane Pumps, which mount in any position, operate oil-free, and are easy to service, are ideal for laboratory and OEM instrument applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Series 692 Differential Pressure Transmitters

Series 692 Differential Pressure Transmitters, ideal for pump control and monitoring applications, feature high resistance to extreme temperatures, no mechanical aging or “creepage,” compatibility with broad range of liquids and gases, and great pricing. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Magnetic Drive Gear Pump for Medical Device Apps

MG200 Gear Pumps from Clark Solutions feature totally sealed pump chambers and noiseless, pulsation-free operation, making them ideal for laboratory instrument, medical device, cooling system, and other applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Clark Introduces Multi-Jet Totalizing Water Meter

MJ-SDC Water Meters are an ideal choice for a range of municipal, private and industrial water metering applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New CU15 Miniature Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Designed for applications having high humidity or potentially explosive atmospheres and feature maximum flow rate of 17 LPM (4.49 GPM) for pressures up to 70 M (99.7 PSI). (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Ball Valves Provide Smaller Footprint

Clark Solutions 8P Series of Direct Mount Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves feature a unique stem seal design and technologically advanced “O” ring back TFE seats which dramatically reduce operating torque. These exclusive design features enable engineers to use smaller actuators, reducing footprint and power requirements in many applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Drill Driven Impeller Pump for Fluid Transfer Apps

Series N2001 and U2001 Pumps rated to flows of 60LPM (15.9GPM), pressures to 4 BAR (58 PSI), designed for oils, acids, bases, and water based solutions. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Electric Actuated Ball Valves

New Series 8E Ball Valves are available in 9 models with a wide range of available options. All 8E ball valves feature small package size, NEMA 4X enclosures, and low power consumption. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Differential Pressure Switch Series 605

Clark Series 605 Differential Pressure Switches feature a unique diaphragm design and self-cleaning contacts for more accurate switching points. The Series 605 differential pressure switches are ideal for room pressure monitoring, interlock pressure systems, and controlling pressures in gas fired heating systems. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Magnetic Drive Gear Pump: DC/Chemically Resistant

Hudson, MA – Clark Solutions introduces its FG Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps. These high-performance gear pumps incorporate a 24V brushless DC drive motor in a rotor-less configuration and high precision magnetic drive to provide precise transfer of aggressive fluids.

FG gear pumps feature AISI 316L or PPS pump housings, PEEK/PTFE gears and bushings, and provide flow rate... (read more)

Clark Solutions - 2&3-Way Isolation Valve: Automated Chemistry Apps

RVA Series Manifold Mount Inert Isolation Valves feature small footprint, reduced energy consumption, and low heat generation. Can be used in continuous duty applications. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Diaphragm Gas Pump with Unique Mounting Bracket

Boxer Series S Diaphragm Pump “push/pull” mounting bracket allows tool-free pump removal/replacement. (read more)

Clark Solutions - New Exchangeable, Low Flow Turbine Flow Sensors

Clark Solutions’ PFAD Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor is designed for applications with flow rates of .06 lpm to 20 lpm, accuracy 1% of reading. PFAD Flow Sensors feature an easy-to-replace, ultra-lightweight turbine assembly. (read more)

Clark Solutions - Mini Air Pump - Medical, Environmental, Industrial

Model 8018GT Miniature Diaphragm Air Pumps are an excellent choice where chemical resistance and quiet, reliable performance is required. (read more)