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Cobham Antennas Systems

Cobham Antennas Systems has promoted these products:

Cobham Antennas Systems - Ultra-Wideband Gooseneck Antennas

Cobham Introduces Two Ultra-Wideband Gooseneck Antennas'.

The OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-ST/9625 and OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626 are the latest additions range of spring and gooseneck mount antenna range. These ultra-wideband antennas cover the frequency range 2.00 – 6.00GHz and offer almost 5dBi gain in the higher frequencies.

These antennas have been primarily... (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - The First in a Range of High Power Spiral Antennas

Cobham Antenna Systems is pleased to announce the FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319 which is the first in a new range of high power directional spiral antennas. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Dual-Polar MIMO C-Band Antenna Range

Customisable C-Band antennas covering 4.40 - 5.00GHz (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Ground to Air Control Multi-Sector Antennas

Multi-sector antennas for ground control stations gain can provide gain everywhere, including overhead. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - C-Band Omni Antennas - Circular Polarised

Vehicle-to-vehicle, high data rate mesh tactical communications (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - 2-18GHz UWB Sinuous Spiral Dual Polar Antenna

This sinuous, spiral antenna is suitable for security, surveillance and Electronic Warfare (EW) applications. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Body Worn Antennas 2.28 - 2.55GHz

Directional body worn antenna for security, telemetry and live video. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - MIMO Multi-Beam Hub Base Station Antenna

Model HBSA-3.5DS/1955 (3.4-3.6GHz) equates to six conventional antennas thereby reducing installation costs. Dual slant-polarised Multi-Beam Hub Base Station Antenna projects six (15 degree) beams of each polarity over a 90 degree arc permitting substantially increased data throughput. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Dual-Polar Base Station MIMO Sector Antenna Range

A range of dual-polar MIMO sector antennas covering the UHF, 2GHz, 3GHz, 4GHz and 5GHz bands. (read more)