Colibrys - Vibration Sensing from Colibrys!

For a given acceleration range and bandwidth, the capacitive sensor offers a lower noise floor and significantly better stability performance over time and over temperature. (read more)

Colibrys -  Colibrys MEMS Accelerometer for AHRS

Colibrys has announced the release of its new MS9005, a ±5g range MEMS accelerometer, to complement its existing family of +/-2g and +/-10g products targeted primarily at AHRS applications. (read more)

Colibrys - Colibrys VS9000 Accelerometer

Colibrys VS9000 accelerometer is a new, extra small, high end product dedicated to applications in the domains of vibration sensing. The large bandwidth combined with robust and low power design and excellent bias stability guarantee the superior reliability of the VS9000 MEMS accelerometer. (read more)

Colibrys - Colibrys HS8000 Accelerometer

Colibrys HS8000 accelerometers are advanced products offering a unique solution for applications requiring inertial grade specifications combined with gun hard survivability and very good post shock stability. Thanks to a proprietary MEMS technology and advanced assembly technique, Colibrys offers a dedicated range of products for specific applications. (read more)

Colibrys - Tilt Sensor for Industrial and Aerospace Markets

Colibrys has announced today (9.7.11) the release of the MS9001.D, a MEMS based tilt sensor targeted at industrial and aerospace markets for use typically in platform stabilization applications. (read more)

Colibrys - NEW Inertial Sensing Accelerometer From Colibrys

New Inertial Sensing Accelerometer From Colibrys The RS9000.B MEMS accelerometer family is the latest generation of Colibrys open loop products. This new high stability accelerometer family is designed exclusively for high bias and scale factor stability, improved vibration rectification performances and enhanced temperature behavior. (read more)

Colibrys - New look for our Sensors!

The marking of our LCC based MEMS capacitive accelerometers (MS8000, HS8000, VS9000, MS9000) have changed (read more)

Colibrys - Gyrocompassing & AHRS based navigation system

Colibrys and iXBlue announce smallest marine and subsea gyrocompassing and AHRS based navigation systems

iXBlue, France / Colibrys, Neuchatel announced the launch of the latest generation of marine and subsea fully strapdown gyrocompassing and AHRS based navigation system called QUADRANS. (read more)