Columbia Machine, Inc. - Flexible and High Speed Floor Level Palletizer

The latest innovation from Columbia Machine is changing the future of floor level palletizers. The FL3000-R is a high speed, floor level hybrid palletizer featuring Columbia's R-Factor technology and achieves over 80 cases per minute, based on pattern. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Columbia's new high speed, inline palletizer

Maximum performance is found 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Columbia HL7200 which accurately palletizing 72 -- 120 cases per minute (depending on pattern). The combination of standard features makes the HL7200 ideal for reliable handling of current and future package types and sizes. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - The Revolutionary New FL2000 Palletizer

Professionals in the packaging industry are always looking for a palletizer that can do it all. They want a machine that’s modular, energy-efficient and loaded with standard safety features. But they also want something that’s easy: easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to adjust and easy to upgrade for tomorrow's unknown packaging challenges. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - New HL7200 High Speed, Inline Palletizer

Columbia Machine is redefining the “High Speed Palletizing” market with the launch of the NEW HL7200 High Speed, Inline Palletizer. This is the first in a family of high-level, high speed palletizers that Columbia Machine will introduce this year. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Please Stop By Our Booth to Say HELLO!

We Love Meeting Our Customers In Person!

Columbia Machine will be demonstrating an LTS-C pallet transfer machine at the upcoming :Modex 2014 Show
March 17 - 20, 2014
Atlanta, GA
Booth #9327

The LTS-C transfers a full pallet load of product from one pallet type onto another for shipping and receiving applications. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Download Our Free Pallet Transfer Guide

This white paper is intended to help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers identify and understand the key features to look for when evaluating pallet-based, bulk ingredient load transfer options. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Columbia's Fully Automatic Load Transfer Station

Columbia Machine has further developed the LTS product line to include a Fully Automatic Load Transfer line to streamline operations and reduce worker injuries. Transferring up to 2 full loads per minute, it can operate as a stand alone machine or be integrated with pallet washing and stretch wrapping. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - The easiest Palletizer to operate in the industry!

There are many standard features that make this palletizer the easiest to operate in the industry: Minor Servicing, dropped case detection, Smart Squeeze technology, multi-colored light stack to show machine status at a glance and advanced diagnostics and I/O status screens quickly communicate to the operator the status of the machine (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Increase Productivity with the SP4000 Palletizer

Columbia Machine announces the SP4000 Palletizer with a Bi-Parting Stripper Apron. This is a high level, high capacity palletizer capable of forming complex patterns of product, yet with a small footprint, saving valuable floor space. Advanced Product Manager Controls ensure the palletizer will adapt to current and future palletizing needs. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Quickly adapts to changing packaging requirements

Columbia’s new hybrid palletizer combines the simplicity of conventional palletizers with the flexibility of a Motoman SIA20D robot. Using the MLX controller, Columbia was able combine basic machine control with robot motion all driven out of the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC replacing proprietary controllers (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - What is a Load Transfer Station?

Load Transfer Stations are designed to gently move a full pallet load from one pallet to another, typically utilizing hydraulic power, without disturbing the original orientation of the load. They can be stand-alone or tie into new or existing upstream and downstream equipment. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - The New FL1000-SW Palletizer + Stretch Wrapper

The FL1000-SW can simultaneously stack and stretch-wrap a variety of package types including cases, trays, totes, and display packs for industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceutical and more. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Robotic capability meets conventional palletizer

Customers will work with familiar PLC controls and will no longer be required to learn and work with the robotic arm proprietary software. This hybrid palletizer technology known as R-Factor, available only from Columbia Machine, marries this new technology - robotic capability and simple conventional palletizer designs - into a very powerful package. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - New Palletizing Solutions from Columbia

Robotic capability meets conventional palletizer simplicity (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Inline High-Level Palletizers

Our inline palletizers use a continuous motion flow divider that guides the product into the appropriate location on the layer forming area until a layer is complete and placed onto the pallet. They are ideal for medium to high speed plants and multiline applications. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Load Transfer Station Pallet Transfer Machine

Operated by the forklift driver, the Basic Load Transfer Station pallet transfer machine is made up of a frame, receiving deck and transfer plate (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Palletizer + Stretch Wrapper

Columbia's FL1000-SW combines a heavy-duty small footprint palletizer with a fully integrated Highlight Industries stretch wrapper. The FL1000-SW can simultaneously stack and stretch-wrap a variety of package types including cases, trays, totes, and display packs for industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceutical and more. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Free Science of Palletizing Book

The Science of Palletizing is an educational introduction to the basics of unit-load forming and is designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of palletizing. Since all palletizing applications are unique, having a good understanding of the information covered is an essential tool in the palletizer selection process. (read more)

Columbia Machine, Inc. - Fully integrated, easy to operate controls package

Instead of having to synchronize two independent control technologies to manage the functions of the robot arm and the basic machine control, all of that is done through the ControlLogix PLC. This not only gives increased reliability and pattern forming capability, it also allows plant personnel to easily understand and maintain the system (read more)